Authoress' Note: Yay! ((giggles))… I like this one. It was inspired by my constant urges for chocolate.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kyou Kara Maou. BUT, I do own… Well… Um… my pet cat.

Warnings: Shounen-ai, Out of character-ness.

There were two things in the world that Yuuri loved the most. One was chocolate. He ate it constantly. He also happened to be able to eat a lot of it, without gaining weight. So, no one really worried about that part… Although it was bad for his health.

Currently, he was questing for chocolate. The special kind that one of the maids had promised him. He made his way to the kitchen.

"Hello, Yuuri Heika!" The maid smiled at him.

"Hey!" Yuuri smiled back. "So..?"

She handed him the chocolate bar. "Made fresh, just for you."

"Thank you!" He exclaimed, taking the sweet from her hands.

He began to nibble as he ran out of the door. He was in chocolate heaven! It was rich and creamy… Just the right balance of everything! He found himself almost done as he sat down on his bed, in his pajamas. A certain someone in a pink nightie made their way in.

This was Yuuri's second favorite thing in the world. Wolfram.

"Yuuri, if you keep eating all of that chocolate, it will come back to get you one day." Wolfram sighed, sitting on the bed.

"Don't you like chocolate?" Yuuri asked. "It's really good…"

"Well…" Wolfram couldn't continue, for the remaining chocolate in Yuuri's hand had been stuffed into his mouth.

Yuuri had been right. Chocolate was really good.

"See?" Yuuri grinned.

And as the black-haired boy leaned in so he could share the remaining chocolate with his fiancé, he decided something.

There were three things Yuuri loved the most in the world. Chocolate, Wolfram… And chocolate Wolframs.