Chapter One – The End

DISCLAIMER: Call this a prologue to… well, pretty much any story out there with a solid Yami and Bakura. While there aren't any great action or adventure scenes, this story kinda helps me, at least, justify writing post-canon stories where Yami and Bakura are still around and doing stuff. Hopefully. Maybe. We'll see.

Egypt had turned dark and cold with the night, and their hotel looked out on the unlit desert, leaving the window pitch black with shades of blue. Yuugi gazed out at it for a moment, then sighed, turning to meet Anzu's gaze. "We shouldn't be here. We should be on the Nile already."

She rolled her eyes, folding her arms over her chest with an understanding smile. "Egypt will still be here tomorrow. There's no hurry, y'know."

He shrugged, looking down at his boots, and Anzu flinched, suddenly realising that she could be wrong. She wanted the other Yuugi (Atemu, his name was Atemu) to stay as long as possible, but really, when you thought about it, he had been waiting for this for three thousand years…

She hesitated, then ducked her head to look at Yuugi from under her hair. "Um… Ishizu-san said that we'll be going to the king's final resting place, tomorrow. Dos that – Do you think that means he's going to –"

He narrowed his eyes, keeping his gaze locked on the carpet. "The dead are dead," he said quietly. "They need their rest and don't belong here."

"Yuugi," she breathed, staring at him, but he just shook his head.

"The dead can only move on if we let them, Anzu," He pushed away from the window, slowly walking over to the bedroom he had been allocated in their suite, but paused at the open door to almost look back at her. "If they think they're needed… if they don't want to leave… The alive honour the dead by helping them rest. You know that."

She closed her eyes, clutching at her chest, but Yuugi just shut the door behind him with a heavy sigh. He didn't bother to turn on the light, just collapsed spread-eagled on the bed, burying his face in the covers.

The original plan had never been to stay in Cairo overnight. When he had organised it with Malik, he had been going to just visit the tablet the hour he arrived, then as soon as that was done, go onto the Valley of the Kings. But then they returned from the memory world, and he was just so tired that he fell asleep as soon as the jeep had started. The others had decided to check into a hotel and rest a night, and he hadn't been awake to complain until it was too late.

The light, tingling touch of a hand that wasn't there fell to his shoulder, shaking him away from the sleep he almost found. "Come on, aibou. You can't sleep like that."

"Beg to differ," he mumbled wearily, but Atemu just shook him again and he groaned, pushing himself to his knees. He blinked at space for a few moments, then turned around to unzip his boots, letting the silence reign until he had thrown the first one off the end of the bed. "Sorry."

"Hm?" Atemu prompted, sitting back against the pillows. "What for?"

"We should be crossing the Nile by now," he said quietly, focussed on his feet. "If I wasn't so pathetic…"

"Aibou, I was in control of your body for a grand total of five minutes and I almost fell asleep," he replied calmly. "You can't blame yourself for your body being exhausted. With all the dark magic that's been running through it since we reached Egypt, I would be more worried if you were fine. Not to mention that you in particular are not built for dark games, which just makes it harder on your mind."

Yuugi rolled his eyes in self-disgust, shrugging out of his jacket with more force than was really necessary. "I should have given the puzzle to Jounouch-kun, then."

Atemu opened one of the eyes he had just closed, smiling in half-jest. "Are you that eager to be rid of me? I should be insulted!"

"The other –" He cut himself off, then slowly looked around, fiddling with the clasp of his wristband. "Atemu… I…"

They looked at each other for a long moment, but Atemu's gaze quickly dropped to focus on the blankets of the bed, and Yuugi turned back to taking off his jewellery. He pulled off his shirt, but he could feel Atemu's eyes rise back to him and had to stop, fighting down his emotion.

"Aibou –"

"Could you go back in the puzzle now?" he asked quickly. Atemu's brow furrowed, and Yuugi hesitated before turning around with a smile. "I'm kinda looking to go to sleep quickly, and if I talk to anyone my head's gonna keep buzzing and I'll be up just thinking for hours."

Atemu just gazed back at him silently for a long moment, then looked away. "Good night, aibou."

"Night," he whispered, turning around again so he wouldn't have to watch as Atemu slid back into the puzzle.

Atemu frowned as he rematerialised in his soul room. It was no longer a maze, but a large, heavily bricked room, with beautiful artefacts and bright paintings covering the walls. But there were still dozens of doors in each side of the room.

For all their time together, Atemu had yet to fully understand his aibou. He was so strong, but modest to the point of being self-depreciating. Infuriatingly stubborn, but more compassionate than anyone Atemu had ever met. Quiet, but so incredibly kind that it was just intriguing.

This was their last night together. And they were both too hurt by that very idea to acknowledge it.

Atemu took a deep, shuddering breath as he leaned back against a pillar behind him. He didn't want it to be this way. He had never wanted any of it to be the way it was.

His original plan for getting his memory back and moving on had gone something along the lines of it being just him and Yuugi in front of the stone tablet. Yuugi would have broken down in tears, and he would have comforted him, and gave him just one long, lingering hug before holding the cards up to the tablet and disappearing.

Of course, he appreciated what had happened. He really did care about his friends, and he was thankful for every second he had spent with them. But there were some times he just wished he had never been partnered with Yuugi. It made leaving so much harder.


He could remember two different versions of his life. In one, he had sealed himself, the thief and Zorc away before it could revive. In the other, Yuugi had been there, supporting him, and found his name in time to save everything.

But neither one felt real.

The pharaoh Atemu had died three thousand years ago, never knowing his name and never caring. So what could that possibly make him, who had searched so hard and learnt so much?

"If they think they're needed… if they don't want to leave…"

Atemu scratched his nails over the puzzle around his neck, his eyes narrowed. Yuugi occasionally made 'random comments' that everyone, himself included, brushed off as paranoia but somehow turned out to be meaningful.

He frowned, shifting uncomfortably at his own thoughts, and closed his eyes to fade into the nothingness of the puzzle.

The ceremonial hall was still and silent, musty from years of waiting for its combatants. They all crowded in front of the stage, shivering despite the warmth from the torches as Yuugi waited for Ishizu to finish her prayer.

"This place is creepy," whispered Mokuba, and Ryou, closest to him beyond Kaiba, nodded emphatically.

The others all watched in nervous silence as Yuugi placed each Millennium Item onto the tablet, but Jounouchi found himself eyeing the others, gauging their reactions. Ryou seemed firmly apathetic, as he always was about the Millennium Items, but Malik was almost triumphant. With the end of the Millennium war came the end of his suffering. Anzu was struggling against her tears, and Honda still looked confused. Even after everything that had happened to them, he still had trouble believing it all.

Kaiba stood tall and firm, his eyes slightly narrowed, and beside him, Mokuba was holding his breath. Sugoroku and Rishid were both stern and patient. Otogi was nervous.

He found himself staring at Ishizu. He had never seen her look so uncomfortable. She kept looking around, glancing over Yuugi and then the tablet, before looking around again.

"Do you feel that?" whispered Ryou, and they all looked around at him. He frowned at Malik, who had shifted and was closest to him. "It feels like the air is crackling."

He raised an eyebrow, but slowly nodded. "Now you mention it…"

"And is it getting colder in here?" asked Otogi, frowning at a slight breeze that had suddenly ruffled his vest.

"It's the tension of the room," murmured Honda. "The tension from the Millennium Items."

"No," breathed Malik. "No, this is different."

Yuugi finally raised his Millennium Puzzle over his head, gazing at it for a long, heart-breaking moment. He whispered something, then slid it into place.

There was a beat of silence as he stepped back, looking up at the wall mural expectantly. This was it. This was the end.

A loud crack echoed above them, and they all flinched, even Kaiba ducking down over his knees as he stared up at the ceiling.

"What the hell was that?" demanded Malik, still crouching.

"I take it that's not supposed to happen?" asked Honda, before the ground suddenly lurched beneath them, sending them all to their knees.

"Big sister? Rishid?"

Ishizu looked around to answer, but another loud bang cut her off, and the torches suddenly went out, sending them all into darkness at the same time as her scream echoed around the chamber.

"BIG SISTER!" Malik shouted automatically, but something large and heavy barrelled into him before he could move, and he slid back several metres, automatically clutching whatever had been thrown into him. He struggled to sit up, and cried out when he realised what he was holding. "Big sister! Are you alright? Big sister!"

Even in the dim light, it was clear Ishizu had been somehow knocked unconscious. Her head lolled back against his shoulder, and her cheeks were dusty with bruises. Malik pulled her upright, but didn't have to time call out again before something above them cracked, and he hunched over her protectively.

"Yuugi! Honda! Guys! Everyone okay?" shouted Jounouchi, despite his head being down near the ground with his arms over it. "Guys! Answer me!"

"Jounouchi?" called Anzu. "What's going on?"

"Bakura!" Honda yelled. "Guys, Bakura's hurt!"

"Yuugi! Anzu! Grandfather!" called Jounouchi, before something else cracked overhead, showering them with another load of dust and he was forced to hunch over again. "Everyone, get out of here!"

"Big brother!" shouted Mokuba.

"Let's go, Mokuba!" ordered Kaiba, before he barked out at the others, "We need to get out now! The roof's caving in!"

"Yuugi!" croaked Sugoroku's voice. "Yuugi, answer me!"

"I have him!" called Rishid's hoarse voice. "He is unconscious, but I do have him!"

"Honda, have you—" Jounouchi cried out as yet another crack echoed above them, followed by a terrifying groan of sandstone. "—have you got Bakura?"

"I've got him, let's go!"

Jounouchi spun around to where he'd last seen Anzu and threw out his arm, randomly clutching the first wrist he found. A manicured hand grabbed back, and together they ran for the dim light of the exit, yelping as rocks and sand rained down around them. They sprinted up the stairs, using both feet and hands, and dove for the opening, crashing out onto the sand to grip each other's shoulders at the sound of a sickening crash as the chamber finally collapsed.

It took a few minutes for everyone to stop shaking, and Kaiba was the first to recover. He had slung Mokuba into his arms as he ran, but now he slowly pulled him away from his chest to check on him. "Are you alright?"

He nodded shakily, still gripping his brother's trench coat for dear life. "Wh- what was that?"

He didn't admit his confusion, instead looking around at the others. "Bonkotsu! You alive?"

Jounouchi slowly raised his head, for once not caring about the name. "Y-yeah… Anzu?"


The group peered around at each other, Jounouchi's eyes lingering on Ryou's unconscious state for a moment. He looked even paler than usual; sweating and shivering like he was sick. But Honda had got him out, so whatever was wrong could eventually be fixed. Sugoroku was sitting back on the sand, staring at the collapsed tomb in front of them. Malik was shaking his sister, trying to wake her up, until Otogi pulled him back, pointing out he was probably doing more damage than not. Those two seemed fine at least…

"Rishid-san?" asked Anzu, though she was still holding Jounouchi's shoulders as if she wouldn't stay up without them. "How's Yuugi?"

All they could see of their friend was dark hair and a torn uniform. Rishid looked up at them, his usually stoic face open in shock. "Yuugi-san…"


He didn't answer, just slowly uncurled his arms, allowing them to see for themselves. Long, muscled limbs splayed across the sand, leading onto thin, graceful fingers. The pained face was made from sharp, cold features and tanned, dusky skin. They all stared, their recovery forgotten as a small silver cartouche slipped around his neck to hit the sand.

Rishid had carried the pharaoh Atemu from his tomb.

Wherever he was, it was dark and musty. He couldn't see a hand in front of his face, and his lungs felt as if they had been filled with dust, with just enough room for half a breath. But he could sense there was a way out, and be damned if he was going to be buried alive.

Even if he had woken up to find himself covered in dust.

But really, he hadn't been expecting to wake up ever again, after joining with Zorc in the final Dark Game. But, almost like the first time Ryou had put on the ring, he had felt consciousness returning, a deep ache in his bones and the feeling of a few severely bruised organs.

Bakura coughed, thumping a hand into his chest to dislodge the dust there before he made his attempt. He could sense the Millennium Items under the heavy support beam in front of him, just like he could sense the way out. And he knew getting out would be that much easier with dark magic on his side.

It took some screaming, and about three breaks to breathe, but he finally managed to shift the beam out of the way, only to collapse against it in a fit of hacking coughs. He almost felt ready to breathe again when he choked on his own dusty saliva and fell to his knees, retching dryly.

"I feel like shit," he muttered, once he had recovered. He swallowed hard, waving his hand at the darkness around them. His ring would glow if it recognised its master. Unfortunately, instead of the welcoming glow he had been hoping for, his hand smacked against another heavy clay block and he swore again, pulling his hand back against his chest.

He clambered over that, and smiled as he recognised the feel of the pharaoh's memory tablet beneath his shoes. "Excellent…" he mumbled, and stepped forward, only to trip over something and break out in another coughing fit from the action.

Once he recovered, however, he realised tripping was a good thing. It had caused his hand to land on his favoured Millennium Item, and it glowed gentle gold as soon as his fingers curled around it.

"Millennium Ring," he purred, lifting it up around his neck. From there, it glowed brighter, until he could see a circle of light, nearly two metres in diameter around him. He sighed in relief, then turned to see where he was.

"A tomb?" he murmured. "No… a ceremonial battlefield," he realised. It had collapsed in on itself for some reason, but it was still recognisable. He could see the carefully painted eye above him. He took a deep breath, barely coughing as he let it out, then turned back to see what he had fallen over.

His eyes widened in disbelief. "Yuugi!"

The little Yuugi was sprawled before the foot of the tablet, visibly broken and bleeding, his skin pale and sickly even in the golden light of the ring. Bakura knelt down, his hand hovering in front of the barely parted lips. Blood was seeping from Yuugi's mouth, but he was still breathing, though it was short and too erratic for even Bakura's taste. He poked Yuugi's cheek for a reaction, but then hissed and pulled his hand back. He was burning up.

"Now what happened to you, then?" Bakura murmured, before turning back to the tablet. He picked out each item, pushing the eye and tauk into his pocket, and the rod and key through his belt. He fingered the puzzle as he picked out the scales, but decided to hang it around Yuugi's neck instead. It was lighter around the kid's neck, and if he was going to get everything and Yuugi out, then it would just be easier this way.

He hefted Yuugi up into his arms, deciding to ignore the part of him that was wondering why the hell he didn't just leave him, and picked his way through the rubble toward a very thin ray of light on the other side of the chamber.

"Aw, hell…"

Stairs. Almost completely blocked stairs, though he could see a path he would have considered easy under normal circumstances. But as it was, he was weak, carrying a near-dead teenager, and had no idea whether it really was a way out.

"In short, Yuugi," he told him decisively, "I'm fucked."

The sound of loud, unfamiliar voices and a near constant beep slowly brought him back to the world, and he mumbled, recognising that he had been much happier unconscious, away from the pain. His entire body ached, and his brain refused to not kick into usual high function despite the stabbing pain running through both temples.

/ Aibou… oh, gods, aibou… / He hissed in a breath, struggling to lift his hand enough to search for the puzzle. / Aibou, what happened? Dammit… /

"Yuugi?" asked a soft voice, and after a moment he recognised it as Anzu's. "Yuugi, are you awake?"

He ignored her, his hand flopping in random circles in a search for his spirit home. / Aibou? Aibou, I can't find… / He trailed off as his fingers flopped onto his neck, but didn't find a chain. He blinked his eyes open, frowning at the fuzzy yellow ceiling above him. / Aibou/

His hand was taken into soft fingers, but the eyes that appeared above him weren't the transparent violet orbs he wanted. They were solid, and a deep, sapphire blue. "Yuugi? Yuu… oh wow… guys, come look at this."

"Ai… ohh…" He tried to push his head up, but he just felt too heavy. He collapsed back against whatever he was lying on, just staring through vacant eyes as Jounouchi and Honda crowded around him.

"Whoa, red… freaky man…"

"Yo, Yuugi, how d'you feel?"

A small, dark part of him had the urge to punch Jounouchi just for asking that, but even if he had ever been one to give in to those sort of desires, he was too weak right now. He barely had the energy to roll his head off balance to look off to the side. "Ai… bou…? Whe…re… puzzle…?"

"Shh, Yuugi, it's okay," breathed Anzu, brushing back his hair. "Don't try to speak. You've been out cold for almost two hours now, just relax."

"Whe…re?" He was having such trouble speaking, it was no wonder she couldn't understand who he was.

"We're at the emergency station of the Luxor City Hospital," she recited, as if the cold facts would be reassuring. Normally they would have been, but he didn't know where his puzzle was. "We're waiting on a doctor, but because you don't have any visible injuries, it's taking a little longer than we hoped."

"Puzzle," he mumbled, fighting to roll his head forward. "Ai… bou. Puzzle and… aibou… where…?"

"Wait a minute, 'aibou'?" repeated Jounouchi, leaning closer. "Did you say 'aibou'?"

"Yeah," he panted, rolling his eyes around to meet his gaze instead. "My… aibou?"

"But that makes you… shit," Jounouchi straightened up, staring around at the others. "Guys, this is the other Yuugi! Yuugi doesn't look different, the other – I mean, Atemu does! This is Atemu!"

He blinked wearily as the lights began to flicker, and a few of the unfamiliar voices raised in alarm.

"But the puzzle," said Honda, frowning around at the others. "The puzzle's back in the chamber! If this is the other Yuugi, then normal Yuugi must be in the puzzle!"

"Puzzle…?" asked Atemu, his eyes sliding shut despite himself. "Where…? Aibou…?"

"Shh, Atemu, it's okay," soothed Anzu, glancing at the other two worriedly. She continued to smooth back his hair as she jerked her head over at where Malik was taking care of Ryou. Honda nodded and hurried over to tell them, while Anzu turned back to calming down Atemu. "The oth- uh, Yuugi's just fine. Um… Otogi is taking care of the Millennium Items right now. Because you're not well, and the doctors would probably take it off you."

"I… I want… aibou, I need…" he said breathlessly, struggling to keep his mind at the same level as darkness began to close around him again. "The puzzle. I… care… puzzle is… aibou is…"

"Shh, shh… we'll get it back to you as soon as possible, everything's fine," she said gently, raising her eyebrows at Jounouchi. "Just go back to sleep now. Everything's fine."

He found he didn't really have the energy to object.

"Oi, Yuugi. Wake up. Oi. Oi!"

Yuugi made a small, pained noise, but only turned his head to the side, still far from coherency. Bakura scowled, leaning over to tap his cheek roughly. Not that he particularly cared if Yuugi lived or died, but that annoying moralistic voice in his head that he liked to call Ryou (even if it wasn't) was telling him that he had to at least try to get the kid out.

Besides, this close to death it would be good for him if he looked like he was at least trying to do something good.

But Yuugi had lost a lot of blood. True, it was starting to clot, and his breathing was a little better than it had been, but he was hardly in a state to get up and duel, which was saying something for this particular kid. It was annoying as all hell.

"Come on, I don't have time for this. Wake up. Oi! Midget, wake up!"

He stiffened as his final shout caused another rain of dust to fall around him, but as nerve racking as it was, it had been effective. Yuugi's eyes clenched, before slowly blinking open a little, his gaze dumb and bleary as he stared at the space above him.

"Oh, so you answer to midget, do you?" Bakura asked dryly, shifting into Yuugi's line of sight. "You alive then, midget?"

It took a few more seconds, but eventually Yuugi focussed on his face. His lips moved, but Bakura couldn't make out whatever he was trying to say, it was so weak. He frowned, and held up three fingers. "Okay. Blink however many fingers I'm holding up."

He didn't blink, but his eyes slid shut again and Bakura swore loudly. "No! No, you fucking moron, don't fall unconscious now! You – dammit…" He stood up, glaring down at him angrily. "I guess you wouldn't have been able to walk, anyway."

The stairs weren't as badly blocked as he'd thought. If Yuugi had been conscious and healthy enough to stand, he knew they would have been able to shift the rocks blocking their way and get out. He let out a long breath, scowling at the thin ray of light above him.

"Fine. But I'm blaming you if my yadounushi dies here, midget," he shot back at Yuugi, before clambering up into the stairway.

Surprisingly, the rocks were relatively easy to move. They were only heavy and dusty. It was the sand that was most difficult – constantly shifting, only to be replaced by more, and packed down with weight.

Jounouchi, Honda and Malik had been fighting heat stroke for over an hour now, the sun beating down on their now bare backs as they shifted the rubble surrounding the entrance to the ceremonial chamber. Honda was just struggling not to look at Malik. The sweat was dripping down his scar, creating disturbing patterns that invited morbid fascination.

They were all glad when Otogi wandered over from the jeep, holding his mobile phone aloft. "Hold on, guys."

"That the hospital?" asked Malik, shoving sweat slicked hair from his face. "Is Big Sister okay?"

"Yeah. She hit her head on something, and the doctors can't explain how she managed to get hit by a boomerang this wide—" He held his hands about two feet apart, smiling wryly. "—but she can. She says something went wrong, and a shock wave of magic exploded from Yuugi and the pharaoh's memory tablet. She'll be fine after some rest."

"What about the others?" asked Honda, setting his hands on his hips and hunching. It was a relief to hear Ishizu would be fine, but the idea of magic shock waves had set him off guard. "Bakura and Atemu?"

"Well, the doctors finally got around to seeing Bakura-kun," he said, scowling. "He wasn't high on their to-do list because he wasn't bleeding or wealthy."


"Anyway, they finally got around to it after Ishizu lectured them all on international relations, and they said he's relatively okay," he said, waving his hand dismissively. "He's not going to be walking anywhere for a while yet, and they had to strap up his head and ankle—nasty bruises on the inside of the skin—but on the whole he's okay. It's just like someone took all the energy out of him ala Matrix-battery."

"Weird," stated Honda, and Otogi nodded.

"As for Atemu-kun, they're calling it exhaustion and malnutrition. Without his medical history, identification, and insurance policy—all of which he doesn't have and no one's really sure how to explain—they can't run tests for anything else," he said, folding his arms over his stomach. "But apparently it seems okay, because all he's doing is sleeping and-slash-or asking for his puzzle and aibou. Ishizu's gonna get them transferred to Cairo in the morning, though, just in case."

"Any clues as to why Yuugi's suddenly all tall, dark and red-eyed?" asked Jounouchi, but Otogi shook his head.

"Ishizu said we would have to find the puzzle before we could answer any questions."


"It's possible that magic shock wave was a result of something more serious than we thought," offered Malik, turning back to the rubble. "It's possible the puzzle did something we didn't think was possible."

"Such as?"

"Such as… reverting Yuugi-kun into the pharaoh," he suggested, picking up a rock to throw aside. "It could have separated them like it was supposed to, just badly, it could have… I dunno, sent Yuugi-kun back in time to replace the dead pharaoh, how the hell should I know? I'm just saying anything's possible."

Jounouchi sighed, shaking his head in annoyance, before he suddenly blinked, and his head jerked to the side. "Huh?" he wondered, crouching down to listen.

They all stared at him, but after a few seconds of silence, they began to hear the sound of banging rocks. "Sounds like someone is down there," murmured Honda, kneeling down to hear better.

"Is it Yuugi-kun?" asked Malik, but the others shook their heads.

"That's cussing," Jounouchi said quietly, leaning closer. "Listen…"

"…mother fuckin' shit… I tell you… sister fucking pharaoh's fault… when… shove up his… gets better… gonna wring his fucking throat for… crap…"

"That's… not Yuugi-kun," said Malik.

Jounouchi glanced at the other two. "Does sound kind of familiar though…"

"Yeah…" agreed Honda, leaning close.

"…you die… damn well… son of a…"

"Quick, hand me the torch," ordered Jounouchi, and Otogi ran back to the jeep to get it for him. He switched it on before he gave it to Jounouchi, who swung it around to peer down the hole.

"Argh, you fucking –! Turn that shit off!"

Jounouchi flinched, and Honda paled, recognising the voice. "Is that…"

"Dark Bakura," finished Jounouchi, gaping. "Bakura? That you?"

"No it's the goddamn Emperor, you mother fucking fools, either turn that damn thing off or throw it down here!"

The four boys exchanged glances, then shrugged. Jounouchi let go of the torch.

"… shining in my – HEY! Watch it!" he shouted, and Jounouchi smirked, proud to have hurt the thief in some way, shape or form, even if it was on accident. "Shit piece of…"

"Anyone else notice that Dark Bakura-kun swears a lot more than normal Bakura-kun?" commented Otogi, and the others chuckled.

"When he's in trouble. He's actually pretty formal when he knows what he's doing," said Honda, and Jounouchi nodded before turning back toward the hole.

"You aren't dying or anything are you? I wouldn't mind, only I have a feeling Bakura'd like to see it happen!"

"No one hurts my yadounushi but me, you fucking hear me?" shouted Bakura. "I ain't letting him die because of some fucking cave-in shit…"

"No, Bakura's fine," called Honda. "We're asking about you."

"Would the lot of you stop with the fucking riddles and clear that fucking rock before your precious fucking midget dies on me?" he snapped, and they all froze.


The light swung up to hit Jounouchi square in the eye. He groaned, but Bakura had apparently just done it to catch their attention. "You heard me. I've got Yuugi here. He's seen better days. Now shift that shit and get us out of here!"