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eventual GaaSasu (among other yet undecided couples)

The bass was palpable. Booming through the walls, pushing the sweaty bodies on the dance floor to move to the beat, shaking the drinks delicately placed on bar counters, the bass was what was moving everything in the club. If the bass stopped, then the club would stop. Bass was as important to the club as the heartbeat is to a human. The rampant drinking, drugs, bright lights, and undulating bodies were irrelevant. Only the bass mattered. The music that went over the bass was only an embellishment as far as the clubbers were concerned. A beat was all that was needed to prompt the dancing that was best described as 'sex with clothes on.'

Bodies were pressed one another, on the dance floor and off. Mashed against each other, tired dancers reached for their precariously perched drinks to quench their thirst with their fanciful alcoholic drinks. The tipsy feeling on drunkenness wouldn't hit anyone in the club until they got back into the real world. Inside the club, being drunk only added to your dancing. The drunken movements added a certain fluidity to the smooth moves of undulating against the other bodies on the dance floor. There was no room to dance 'properly' and no one in the club would have wanted to dance that way anyway. In the club it was all about pressing against one another to feel alive and sexual. The atmosphere of the club was one of sex, passion, and adrenalin.

There were many reasons for why someone would come to the surging mass of bodies known as the dance floor. People came to clubs for many reasons. No reason matter once you got into the club though. The atmosphere would whisk you away, the lights would entrance you with their bright flashing colors, and the beat would capture you, making your body move to the bass even if you didn't want to. There was something irresistible about a dance club. Maybe there was something in the drinks, or the air, or maybe it was just the music itself that made you come back thirsting for more of that high known as clubbing.

This particular club, known simply as 'Leaf' was a thriving underground club. Not many people knew about this hidden gem of the clubbing scene, but those who did certainly told their friends. A hole in the wall in the south side of the city was the door to another world: the world of Leaf. Outside Leaf may look like some seedy bar full of drunkards and perverts, but the inside was a paradise of dancing. Wide open space, barely furnished with the ceiling a mesh of steel beams covered in colored lights and strobes. The bar had only ten stools, discouraging the clientele from sitting at the bar and subtly encouraging them to get onto the spacious dance floor which would always be packed with the masses of undulating people.

Most nights people would search for a new face, a new companion for the night. The people who came to Leaf weren't looking for a commitment; they were looking for a good time. There were no permanent hook-ups that happened at Leaf, except for one of the oddest couples in the club's history who always came back to party every Saturday night. People who came to clubs were looking for a quick fuck, a one night stand, anything but a commitment. Looks were all that mattered. Personality couldn't matter, the music was too loud to hear much of anything, and a person's voice could only yell for so long. Clubs weren't bars, clubs were for dancing.

Regulars could tell you about the entrancing creature that inhabited the dance floor every night for the past five years. This creature was the single most seductive thing you will ever see, they would say. It didn't matter if you were a man or a woman, no matter who you were you couldn't help but be attracted to this unearthly creature of the night.

Every night at ten exactly, this beautiful creature would descend upon the center of the dance floor, immaculately dressed in all black, occasionally with a splash of red. These dark colors and the bright flashing lights would bring out the pale flawless skin, thickly lined eyes and the starkly contrasting tattoo on the forehead. Blood red hair only accented the tattoo and piercingly green eyes. Though his body was thin, this god-like boy was the most alluring thing you could set your eyes on. The moment you spotted him you couldn't take your eyes off him. Many tried to gain this nymph's attention and affection, but all of them failed. All that mattered to this seductive boy was the music and the dance. It was as if his soul was the music and his body was just a vessel for it to move through. Every song, every beat, and every movement this boy, this idol moved in ways that only sin could move. This boy was the epitome of sin and sex.