There was a time
when I could breath my life in you
and one by one
your pale fingers started to move.
And I touched your face
and all life was erased.
You smiled like an angel
falling from grace.

"Resurrection" -HIM

From their brief but violent past, Will didn't trust Captain Barbossa as far as he could throw him. But when it came to bringing Jack back from the other side, he knew he'd follow anyone on that quest.

They attacked a merchant sailing ship and set to sea under it's white sails, Barbossa spearheading the venture and Will watching him with a more than skeptical eye. The very first night, he approached the Captain on deck near the mast.

"What exactly is your plan?" he asked, voice harsh.

The only movement was from Jack, the skeletal monkey hanging from his jacket.

Will quickly grew impatient at the silence he was met with, "I asked you a question." he said, stepping around and into his view of the water.

Their eyes met and Barbossa smiled, "What you really want to know is why you should trust a man who once lead a mutiny against the man he's now trying to bring back to life."

Will hesitated, "That. And why I should follow someone who, the last time I saw him, was dead."

A loud and full laugh met his ears, "I shouldn't be telling you this. If I've lived anything first hand and know by heart, it's never tell your first mate your bearings." He paused as if waiting for Will to protest his new-found title, but he didn't. "History is doomed to repeat itself by those who refuse to learn their lessons." He mused to himself, walking to the edge of the ship and leaning down on the railing. Will followed. "What I need is for you to trust me."

Will could have snorted, "I don't trust pirates."

Barbossa tossed him an unconvinced look, "You are a pirate." Will opened his mouth to protest but he was cut short before he even began. "You can't beat Davy Jones with swords and guns. His only weakness at our disposal has been removed."

Will's brows knitted in confusion as he tried to piece what was just said to him together and make it make sense, "He has another weakness?"

Barbossa shook his head, "Same weakness, different attack plan."

"But how will killing him bring Jack back?"

Silence filled the air between them before the Captain stood upright and turned to Will, "This is why I need you to trust me. I know what I'm doing."

Will also straightened up and looked him in the eyes, "I'd like to know what I'm doing as well." He said.

"Two things need to be done." he held up a finger, "One. We need to retrieve Davy Jones' heart. And two..." another finger rose, "We need to go see Hades."

"Hades?" Will asked.

"Davy Jones isn't the only power in at work in this world."

"What do you mean?" He sounded skeptical and unsure.

Barbossa pursed his lips a moment, "What do you do when you've already made a deal with the devil?" Will's face bore nothing but confusion. "You find another devil."

Author's Note: I usually only stick to one story per fandom, but it'll all work out. Trust your author. And this is merely the prologue, don't fret; all chapters will not be this short. Reviews make me squeal with joy. Please make me squeal. Special thanks to Kelly for helping me decide on the lyrics.