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------------ Unrequited ------------

Sleep came slowly to the two girls, each lost in the private worlds of their minds:

I don't deserve her.

I'm going to tell her.

She'd never accept me.

She's amazing.

I'm just too different.

I love how unique she is.

I'm green…she's popular.

Her skin is beautiful.

It just wouldn't work.

I know that it would work.

At long last, after heated battles within themselves, both Galinda and Elphaba were asleep, peacefully dreaming for a few hours before the green girl, early riser that she was, would awaken.

Elphaba stirred in her bed, her acute internal clock telling her that it was time to get up for classes.

The thing was, today was Saturday. There were no classes.

Mentally cursing her internal clock, she quietly pulled down the covers of her bed and stood up. She glanced towards Galinda's side of the room, and watched the blonde for a few moments.

She's looks so peaceful…Elphaba thought, watching Galinda as she turned over under the pink covers of her bed.

The green girl sighed quietly and busied herself getting ready for the day, which didn't take very long, then settled herself in a chair to read while Galinda slept.

A few hours later, the blonde slowly stirred and sat up in her bed.

"'Morning, Elphie," she yawned, getting out of bed to get ready for some social gathering she was going to attend that day.

Galinda went into their bathroom and emerged almost an hour later, primped and perky as ever.

"Alright…well I'm going to get going now," she said, checking herself in the mirror one last time. Galinda looked over at the green girl, quietly reading in a chair beside the empty fireplace.

She looks so lonely…she thought, watching her roommate's dark eyes dart across the pages of the book she had in her hands.

She's always reading…she hardly ever goes out except for classes…Does she even have any friends besides me? the blonde wondered, tilting her head as she observed the green girl. She softly bit her lip as an idea formed in her head.

Elphaba looked up from her book for a moment to find Galinda staring at her with her head slightly tilted and biting her lip.

"May I help you with something?" she asked, cocking an eyebrow at the blonde.

Galinda smiled as the idea was completely formed. It was perfect.

"Yeah…" the blonde said, bouncing over to where Elphaba was sitting, and perching herself on the arm of the chair. "I was thinking that you should come with me!"

Elphaba closed her book and looked at her roommate uncertainly.

"Galinda, do you realize what you just said?" she asked the blonde calmly.

"Why, yes," Galinda replied matter-of-factly, "I do. I said that I think you should come with me to meet my friends."

"Galinda, really. You want me," Elphaba gestured to her frock-clad green-skinned self, "to come with you," she gestured to the pretty pink and popular girl that sat on the arm of her chair, "to meet your friends – who, may I add, hate me."

"Exactly!" the blonde replied, nodding vigorously.

"Do you realize how socially damaging this could be to your reputation?" the green girl asked.

"Yup, and I don't care," Galinda told her roommate, putting a hand on her shoulder. "You're my friend, Elphie. I could never be ashamed of you."

Elphaba looked up at the blonde, silently searching for the truth in her eyes. And she found it.

Galinda really meant what she was saying.

The green girl sighed, "Alright, you win. I'll go."

Galinda squealed in delight.

"Yay! Elphie, we're going to have so much fun!" she jumped off the arm of Elphaba's chair and stood in front of her happily. "We're going to go walking in the park, then have a late brunch. After that, we're going out to dinner, and then a karaoke bar!"

The blonde girl clapped when she said the last part, and grabbed Elphaba's arm, tugging her off the chair and towards the door.

"That's a lot to do in one day…" Elphaba commented as her roommate dragged her out of their room.

"Well, we have been planning it for quite some time now," Galinda said with a smile as they walked down the hallway towards the doors leading outside.

"Are you sure that you're friends won't mind me coming?"

"Oh, they'll mind."

Elphaba started to protest her going once more, but Galinda shushed her.

"Don't worry, Elphie! I'll make this work!"

"Galinda…" the green girl said, pulling her arm away from the blonde.

"Elphie, really. I'll make this work."

Elphaba wanted to protest again, but something told her to just be quiet and go. This was a chance to spend time with Galinda.

"Alright…" the green girl relented, following her roommate out of their dormitory building.

"Good!" Galinda said, leading the green girl towards the park.

I just hope that everything works out right; she thought as they quietly walked together into what Galinda knew would be the Lion's Den for Elphaba. I hope my plan works...