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Summary: More than anything else in the world, Serena wanted to live a normal peaceful life. What happens when someone claims to be her husband and that she has a child when she was never married in the first place? SerenaDarien. Read & Review!

Title: Colors of Life
Rating: PG

Color: Orange- The color of surprise and of ambition to succeed.

One autumn evening, three college girls sat together in their apartment chatting and working on their homework. Amy Anderson, with short black hair to her shoulders, is the smartest and has a perfect GPA. With her shy and bookworm appearance, Amy tends to avoid men. She says love makes her get rashes. Her ambition is to become a pediatrician like her mom. Rei Swann, with her long black hair to her mid-back, is smart, but people know her for her psychic abilities and for her graceful exotic appearance. Her ambition is to become an architect for unknown reasons. Serena Lionheart, with her unique "meatball" hairstyle and klutz attacks, may not be the brightest of the group, but because of her hard work, she is able to pass. Her ambition is to become an electrical engineer like her dad.

"Serena, how late are you going to stay up?" Amy came into Serena's room and set a glass of milk on the table for her. "If you need help, you can ask me. I don't mind helping you."

"I don't know. I'm almost done with physics. I have two more problems to do, but I'm not tired yet. I'll be awake till I get tired. I know you'll be there to help me, but if I want to learn, I want to try it by myself first. And if I fail, then I'll come to you. Amy, you are already strong and smart, and now, I have to get somewhat near your level. Please, don't worry about me. I'm fine." She grinned to ease Amy's worries. Serena has been staying up until one or two in the morning everyday studying. She knows that everyone is worried about her, but she can't help it. Her mind won't rest until she finishes everything she has to do. Of course, at times, her mind can't take any more information and turns into mush.

"Meatball Head, you better be asleep by one tonight. Otherwise, I'll kill you tomorrow." Rei came beside Amy and stood with her right elbow on Amy's shoulder.

"I'll try. I can't guarantee anything. Don't worry about me. I know my limit. You guys should go to bed. It's already past eleven." Serena reassured her friends and waved as they left. She smiled one last time thinking how wonderful her friends are before returning to work. They always watched her back. Thank You, God, for giving me friends like them.Amy, Rei, and Serena have all been friends since junior high. They went to the same high school and now, even though they don't take the same class in the same college, they live together watching each other's back. Friendship can't get better than this.

Sighing happily, Serena closed her books and stretched her body releasing the tension in her muscles. She opened her bedroom door slowly not to awake her friends and walked to their kitchen to place her empty glass of milk. Moonlight shined into the kitchen and the living room near the balcony creating a calm image. Curious to see the full moon and wanting to feel the cool wind, she stepped outside to the balcony and leaned on its rail enjoying the breeze and scenery. Amazed, she watched the sky and the lights of the city beneath her. Some cars still drove on the streets at a little past one in the morning. She reasoned they were probably getting home from late shift or from partying. A car screeched loud as the driver pressed hard on the brakes disturbing Serena from her thoughts. There wasn't any traffic at all so why brake so suddenly. Not wanting to know what happened, she hurried inside for safety closing the balcony door and headed for her room to sleep.

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