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Previously on COL:

"Sure, I can see your love very strongly with other girls too!" She yanked her arm away from him.

"Is that what you think? That I have many girlfriends behind your back?" He asked.

"If you're not getting anything from me, you might as well be getting it from someone else." She smirked.

Darien pushed her against the wall and forcefully kissed her. Serena struggled to get away and pushed against him. He wouldn't move. She tried to move her mouth away from him, but he would grab her mouth into another kiss. He pinned her against the wall letting her feel every single hard part of his body. She couldn't breathe. She knew he was aroused. She had to get away before anyone saw them. Before he seduces her. Somehow, she pushed him strongly, and he fell to the floor panting.

"Leave me alone. You have no right to do that to me anymore!" She glared at him and walked away. Darien quickly grabbed her leg and pulled her down. She squealed and fell on the floor. He climbed on top of her and began kissing her. She tried to protest, but his hands went under her shirt and massaged her hips- her weak point. He began to kiss her jaw knowing she had surrendered. His hands slowly went down her leg and began to lift her dress and massage her leg. He went to her neck and started sucking and nibbling on her neck. She groaned when she felt his teeth. She grabbed his hands to prevent them from going any higher.

"Do you feel it?" He pressed down on her. "This is all my pent up feelings for you. I've been patiently waiting for you to accept the idea of us together. When you wanted a shoulder to cry on, I was there. When you wanted help, I was there. Why can't you love me back? What are so afraid of? I love you." He kissed her deeply.

"Darien!" An elderly man's voice broke out.

"Good heavens." A woman gasped.

Darien broke apart from kissing on top of Serena with his hand on her thigh while Serena laid beneath him with her hands on his. Both looked ruffled and had their face filled with desire. They both stared an elderly couple. The woman had both of her hands covering her mouth while the old gentleman grinned and chuckled. Behind them stood Alan staring at them in shock.

"Mom...Dad..." Darien stared at them in disbelief.

Colors of Life


Rating: PG-14

Color: Rainbow—the colors of life. Life is too random to be just one color.

"What is going on here?" Asked Mrs. Shields. " Darien, I never raised to behave like this!! Honey, tell him what he's doing is wrong and almost barbaric!" She looked at the scene in front of her and glanced at her husband for her support as she held his hand and entered the room.

"He's just having a little fun now, that's all. I see you've been doing well, Darien." He smirked.

Darien laid on top of Serena in shock staring at his parents. He couldn't believe they actually barged in on them. On the other hand, Serena was dying in embarrassment and quickly pushed Darien off her. It was bad enough that Darien's parents and Alan had walked in on them, but it's worse to be in a position with Darien's hands up her skirt. Darien immediately stood up and gained control of his emotions.

"Um…" He cleared his throat. "Mom, dad, you really caught me at a bad time. Could you wait at my office? I'll be joining you in a couple of minutes. Alan, show them the way please." Alan nodded numbly and guided Darien's parents out of the door.

"Two minutes, son!" Mr. Shields grinned and closed the door.

"I thought you said you didn't have a mom!" Serena snapped at Darien as she kept straightening her clothes and hair. "You lied to me. It makes me wonder what else you've lied about." She glared at him.

"I didn't lie." He snapped as he fixed himself. "She's my step-mom. She favors her daughters more than me. Thank god she didn't have any sons, or else, I would have been in trouble with inheriting this company."

"Now, I'm in trouble! Oh God!! I can't believe Alan saw me like that. What the hell would I say to him?! This obviously isn't how childhood friends behave around each other!!" She ranted in frustration.

"It's your fault for not telling him that you're my fiancé. " Darien stated as he fixed his tie.

"I'm not your fiancé. I still haven't agreed to marry you." She poked his chest every time.

"Oh? But you did in Paris." He grabbed her hand.

"Nothing was real. Nothing is real." She pulled back her hand. "What happened between us in the past year doesn't make any sense at all. Darien, you have to accept the reality of it. Seriously! By some random fate, we met, and things happened, but because of the situation we lived in, it wasn't real. We can't keep acting like this around each other just because we have a strong physical attraction towards each other." She tried to knock some sense into Darien.

"Random fate? There's no such thing. You're contradicting yourself." He smiled. "Let's say that what you say is right. Every that happened between us is not real. We have nothing between us, but I ask you this. Can't something come out of nothing? Why must that nothingness go to a waste? We have physical attraction, and it could lead to something, right?" He pushed her hair behind her ear.

Before Serena could respond, Alan knocked and entered cautiously. "Sir, your parents are impatiently waiting for you. And they also requested you bring Se—I mean, Miss Serena with you."

"Yes, sorry for losing track of time. Let's go." Darien grabbed Serena's hand and led her out. She looked at Alan hoping he would understand that she was sorry.

"You're only sorry for losing track of time?! Oh, don't apologize for almost having sex in the middle of his office!" She hissed quietly causing Darien to stop abruptly.

"You really thought I would take you like that? Sweetheart, don't worry. I have no fantasies about making love to you anywhere except our bed. I wouldn't dream of taking you like that as I would to a whore." He smiled and resumed walking. "Unless, you want to, and I can surely oblige."

"You dirty pig!" She mumbled under her breath. It made her a little happy that he said "Our bed" for some reason. She really did like him, but she was extremely afraid. What if he liked someone else? He's a multi-billionaire. He could get any girl he wanted, but why did he have to choose her? Why? He said he liked her innocence, but what if there was a girl who was more innocent than her? Then, would he bed her too?

Serena so lost in her thoughts that she barely realized that they were already in his office. "…rena? Serena? Sweetheart!" Darien shook her. He looked at her in concern. "You okay?" He inspected her face as he held her chin up.

"Good. I'm good." She smiled nervously and faced his parents. Why did they call her with Darien? What would they want with her?

"So, how much did he pay you?" Mrs. Shields asked coldly.

"Excuse me?"

"You know, for sex? How much?"

"Mom, sh—"Darien began as he held Serena's hand.

"Nothing. He paid me nothing." Serena glared at his mom.

"Good god. You're worse than a slut. You sleep around for free." She gasped in shock and disgust.

"She's not my slut!" Darien yelled as his grip on Serena tightened.

"Then, why on earth did you sleep with her? Give me one good reason why you divorced Mina! This is completely intolerable!!" She raised her hand to stop Darien. "Let me finish. We come back from Milan and see that you are now divorced. Mina was such a great girl. Her family was wealthy, and I can't accept how you would leave Mina for a girl—no, a low poor trash like her. "She pointed at Serena.

"You're right, Mrs. Shields. " Serena smirked. Both Darien and his parents stared at her in shock. Serena pulled her hand away from Darien and walked closer to Mrs. Shields. "Yes, I am a piece of trash, aren't I? Why, I'm sure every hardworking poor girl working towards a degree in college like me is a trash." She glared. "Know this. I am not a girl who would fool around men carelessly. I am a woman who also carries her pride and dignity. Obviously, you judge me because of what you witnessed in Alan's office, but there's so much more to me that you don't know about. It's almost…ignorant of you to judge me this way when you absolutely know nothing about me. But then again, I highly doubt you know anything about Mina since you seem to be praising her so much. If what you call a woman is Mina, then I pray to God that I never become a woman, but then, all you care about is money. If you judge a person with how much money they have, then I pity you for living a sad life. I would rather be trash than a woman any day." She turned away.

"Why you—" She sat up in anger.

"Shut it! I don't need this," She looked at Darien and then, his parents. "This family's life lives and revolves around money, and I would never dream of living in it or being anywhere around it. I quit. I'll clean out my desk by the end of today." Serena headed towards the door.

"Serena?" Darien called out her name.

"I'm sorry, Darien, but it's not going to work out between us." She slipped off the ring and dropped it on the ground. "There's no use for this anymore. Might as well let the janitor pick this up with the trash as well. Good bye." Serena continued walking towards the door.

"What are you talking about? I'm not letting you go!" Darien whispered as he pushed the door back.

"Enough of this! Darien, why you just accept there's nothing between us except physical attraction?!" Serena turned to face Darien standing a foot from her.

"And why can't you accept that there might be something between us?" He pinned her to the door. He didn't care if his parents were watching. For the first time in his life, he found someone he could love and be loved. Being around Serena made him happier than he had ever hoped or expected. He can't let this wonderful person walk away from his life. He can't let his happiness walk away.

"Even if there was something between us, I'm apparently nothing but trash." She screamed pointing at his mom.

"I don't care. You are you. My Serena will always be Serena, and hopefully, mine forever as well. Listen to me. " He stopped her when he knew she would rebuttal. "Because you are the way you are, I love you. Even if others view you as trash, then so be it. I still love this trash. I love you so please, don't run away from me. Don't you get it? I absolutely in love with you, and I want to spend an eternity with you."

She wanted to give in. She wanted to let herself love him, and was almost to the point of tears. "I-I'm sorry, Darien. I'm sure you can find another trash to love. Besides, even if I do accept you, I still can't accept your family. It's not going to work out. Just let it end here." Serena looked down and tried to push him away.

"I can't. I don't know how. Tell me. You seem to be so good at it. Tell me how to tell bye to the one person you ever loved in your life. The person whom made you the happiest person on earth and made you wish you wouldn't go to heaven without the other person because every time you're with them was heaven. Tell me." He pressed her closer and lifted her face.

She couldn't handle it. She loved him. She knew that there was no way she could stop herself. She finally accepted that he loved her as well. He loved her, and it made her so happy. But still, their relationship was based on physical attraction. Any relationship based on physical attraction was bound to break sooner or later. "I'm sorry, Darien. Whenever I pictured myself getting married, I wanted a loving mother and father-in-law. To your family, money means the world. Money is important in this world, but there are just some things that are more important and precious than money. I can never marry into a family that only cares about money. Maybe, every girl has that dream, and in the end, it never does work out perfect. But I need a reason to stay beside you. I can't just marry and live with you because of our attraction. Until I find that reason, I can't be by your side. I'm sorry. Even if I never return or you find someone else, know this. You truly are one perfect man even with your dirty personality. Once again, I'm sorry. I don't know how to say good bye to the person you love, and believe me, it does hurt me to say good bye to you. There needs to be more than sex between us. I'm sorry, Darien." She stood up on her toes and lightly kissed him on his lips.

Darien stood there frozen as she kissed him, opened the door and left. She walked out of his life. Her heart wasn't in this relationship. She didn't love him enough to create a relationship. Tears began to form in the corner of eyes, but he refused to cry in front of his parents. He felt embarrassed to let his parents see him in his weak and vulnerable position. "I need to be alone." He walked away from his parents and went to his penthouse.

Serena walked back to her desk and began packing. She too was heartbroken, but it just kept bothering her that their relationship was mostly based on physical attraction. Maybe, it was supposed to end like this. If they were meant to be, then fate itself would bring them back together. Her cell vibrated in her purse and broke her out of her thoughts.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Ms. Serena? Hi, I'm calling from Memorial Hospital. Your test results are in, and Dr. Banks would like to see you. When would you like to meet with her? We have one available in one hour. Would that be okay?" The lady asked.

"Um…how were the results? Am I pregnant?" She asked quietly. Damn it! She just broke up with Darien. What if she was pregnant with Darien's child?

"I don't know anything about your results. I think Dr. Banks wants to meet with you about your results. Could you make it in one hour?" She asked.

"Yes, I could. I can be there soon. Thank you." She hung up and was frustrated. She had to regroup herself. Her hand went to her belly. She didn't feel pregnant. There was no point in debating whether or not she was pregnant. The results would tell her the truth.

She took a deep breath and went to Alan. She knocked on his door and waited for his consent. Alan sat back in his chair and blankly stared at her. "So, I doubt you sleep with your childhood friends."

"I'm extremely sorry for lying to you. Believe me, I didn't mean to be in such a position as I was then. I'm really sorry." She apologized.

"Tell me the truth now. How do you know Mr. Shields? What's your relationship with him? I'm not mad. I'm just shocked. Maybe, I was a little hurt, but I did have a small crush on you." He smiled lightly.

She told him about her relationship with Darien leaving out the personal details as much as she could and about why she had joined this company. "Right now, in his office, I quit, but before I clean my desk, I need to go out so is that okay?"

"Well, if you quit, then I am no longer your boss. You may do whatever you please." He stood up and walked over to her. "I respect your decision on how you decided to end your relationship with Mr. Shields, but I must tell you that it's really hard for men to express their feelings. We are physical beings, and for us, it's easier to express how we feel physically. For example, if women are angry, they can rant it out, but for men, we like to punch it out. Not necessarily an object. It could be punching in mid-air. Also, men don't like to deal with emotions and all that crap. I know women are emotional in general, and we will tolerate it for awhile. But we want physical connection in a relationship, and women tend to seek emotional connections. I'm sure Mr. Shields must have struggled tremendously to express his feelings to you and have hoped that you would have been able to understand and accept him. He really must have had a lot of courage to almost plead you to stay with him. No man likes to be seen weak. That's all I wanted to say. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you are happy." He smiled.

She thanked and left him to visit the hospital. As she waited at the doctor's office, she wondered if she had done the right thing. Was it wrong for her to not accept his feelings? Should she get back with him? Would having a baby change their relationship? Did she want this baby? What about her career that she worked so hard for? Did it all mean nothing in the end? She was now single and jobless and could be pregnant. If she did have this child, how was she going to protect it? Would she have to tell Darien? What would he do if she did tell him in the end?

"Ms. Serena?" A nurse called her and led her to the doctor's office. "The doctor will be with you shortly."

After a few minutes, the doctor entered with her chart. "Welcome back. How are you feeling?" She asked.

"I'm okay. I heard the test results came in." Serena replied. "Am I pregnant?"

"No, currently you are not, but I think there was a possibility that you were. You might have had a missed miscarriage. Tell me. Did you ever bleed a little when you weren't on your period?" She asked.

"Yeah, I did, but I thought it was just because of my irregular cycles." She said.

"It's normal for women to have irregular cycles. Make sure to eat a lot of iron. I'll prescribe some iron tablets for you as well. Keep taking them even if you start to have normal cycles. You can never have enough iron in your body. Remember to take plenty of rest." She smiled.

"So, will I ever be able to have a child?" Serena asked worried as she rubbed her belly.

"Of course. Most women don't realize they had miscarriages in their first trimester. It's normal." She smiled once more. "You seem a little sad. Is something bothering you? Does your husband not know?"

"No, I'm not married. On my way here, I kept wondering what I would do if I did have a child. You see, I just broke up with the guy I slept with. I thought it would bring so many problems if I did have his child. He doesn't know I'm here. I thought of how it would affect my life and his. I wondered whether I should tell the guy or what I would do with my career and etc. Now, the baby is gone. And it makes me a little sad. Strange, isn't it?" She chuckled.

"It's normal for a girl who wants a child. I do believe you are perfectly healthy. All you need is iron, and you should be in perfect condition to have a child. As for whether you should tell the guy, that's your choice. I don't know why you left him, but I'm sure you have your reasons. In fact, it might have been a good thing if you didn't have his child. But on the other hand, about career goals, all I can say is that you're going to have to choose between them. It's hard for a woman to keep both her career life and family life strong. It's definitely a struggle. I know a woman who double majored in college to become an investment banker, but in the end, she became a mother for four children. In the end, she is happier. I think she married an investment banker instead." She laughed. "Do what makes you happy. I became an Ob-Gyn to make other women be able to have children. If you're aiming for a challenging career like investment banking, then you're going to have to choose. It's not impossible to do both, but it's definitely challenging. Anyway, I have to get going to see other patients." She smiled and excused herself.

Serena walked out of the hospital wondering about the doctor's advice. What makes her happy? She kept her hand on her belly as she walked. She had a baby inside of her. My child.With Darien. So, she has to choose between engineering and Darien. She thought back to her days in college. She spent many nights studying and crying over her classes. Her family was no help since all they did was lower her self-esteem. They were never supportive of her. She spent days crying because of their words. She had to be strong. She forced herself to be strong. She worked hard to leave her pain. Her career was the only thing she could depend on, and she forgot about love. But then, she met Darien. He made her want to be with someone again. He made her happy. She wanted to be a mother. She wanted to be with someone. Tears began to leak from her eyes. I want Darien…Is this what love feels like? I want to see him. I want to be with him. I want to experience motherhood.

She wiped her tears and entered her department. There she found Mr. Shields sitting on her desk. She walked cautiously to him as he noticed her. Was he mad at what she said about them? She wasn't thinking. She was just pissed off at Mrs. Shields.

"Welcome back, Ms. Serena." He smiled. She nodded back with a confused look on her face. "I suppose you're wondering why I'm waiting for you. I wanted to apologize for my wife's words. She always cared about keeping the family clean in public. She's not heartless, but she never did like Darien too much. He would always disagree with everything she said. I don't think he liked me remarrying someone again." He mentioned.

"I see, Sir, but why exactly are you telling me all that? I accept your apology, and I'm sorry for my words too." She bowed her head.

"Don't apologize. You were right about our family. We do live around money. I married my wife for convenience. I never did experience love in my life, but I think my boy has. He never said he loved anyone." He noticed Serena's shock. "I'm serious. Not even to Mina. It surprised me when I heard him say those words to you. Because of my second wife, I don't think Darien was loved by her ever. I was worried that he might not be cared for ever in life, but I'm glad he met you. I wanted to say his feelings are genuine, and if you do decide to get back together, I would love to have you as my daughter-in-law. Maybe, you both could inspire this family to love." He smiled. "I better be going now. My wife is waiting for me. Oh, if you wondering where he is, he's probably in his penthouse. Take the elevator and press the code 513. Nice talking to you." He walked away.

She did as Mr. Shields told her. She wanted to be with him. She entered the penthouse and noticed Darien drinking wine on the couch. "I never knew you were alcoholic." She said as she approached him. He was surrounded with bottles of wine.

He looked up at her hazily. "I'm not. A certain someone is turning me into one." He leaned back and looked at her. "What are you doing here? I thought you quit."

"I did quit. Your dad talked me and told me you would be here." She smiled.

"Oh? So, why are you here? What do you want?" He snapped as he poured himself another wine.

Serena stopped him from drinking more. "No more. You'll be drunk."

"I'm not in the mood to listen to you. " He picked up his glass. "If you came here to tell me not to drink, then go away now. I want to be alone."

She knocked his glass off his hands, pushed him on the couch and sat on his lap. "Are you mad, woman?! First, you leave me no matter how many times I told you I loved you, then you won't let me drink, and now, you're straddling my hips. If you won't love me back, then at least let me get over you." He yelled.

"Marry me." She whispered.

"What?!" He asked shocked.

"Marry me." She repeated wrapping her hands around his neck. "I want you to marry me."

"Oh really, why now? What about your precious career?" He asked.

"Screw it." She replied. "I would rather be with you and spend my life with you than inside a lonely lab."

"And my family? We live and breathe money. Remember?" He sat up straight.

"I want to marry you. Not your family. Besides, you learned to love unlike your other family members." She pushed back his hair from his eyes.

"Why now? A couple of hours ago, you left me. What changed? How can I be sure you won't leave me again?" He looked at her sternly.

She lowered her head and sighed. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her belly. "I was pregnant."

"You're pregnant?!"

"No. Was. I had a miscarriage. I went to the doctor, and she made me think. I want to have a baby. I want to be able to carry your child. Screw my career goals and your family. I want to be with you." She hugged him and began crying. "I never thought I would be loved or would be able to love like you. That's why I was insecure, but you are the best thing that has happened in my life. I don't want to let go." She hugged him tighter.

He was still shocked. He couldn't believe this was happening. Too much has happened in the same day. First, she left him and broke his heart. Then, she came back and made him mad because he wanted to get over her. Now, she tells him that he was going to be a father. He could have been a father. She wants to be with him. He couldn't believe it. He pulled her up and asked, "Could we still have children?"

She nodded as he wiped her tears. "Yeah, the doctor said miscarriages are normal within the first trimester."

"My God, we almost had a child…"He said still not over the shock.

"If I'm going to be a mom ever in my life, I want it to be with your children." She sniffed.

"We're getting married in two weeks." He said.



"You'll marry me?"

"I will." He smiled. "You know, it feels weird to accept a marriage proposal. Usually, men ask the women."

"We'll be different. Besides, it's not like you didn't ask me." She grinned and hugged him again. "I love you."

"Of course, I do have a few conditions." Darien said sternly. "You made me almost beg for you to love me. So, you're going to pay for it." He grinned.

"Okay. What kind of conditions?" She asked.

"One, you'll wear negligees." He stated.


"Only in front of me!" He finished his sentence. She grumbled and nodded. "Two, there no limits on how many children we have."

"Are you kidding me? Two is enough. I don't want to go through childbirth more than that." She argued.

"You WILL if you want to marry me. Besides, we have drugs now so it won't be painful. If we're making love, and you get pregnant, then we're keeping it." He grinned.

"Arrgh. Fine." She sighed.

"I love you too, sweetheart." He lowered his head and kissed her pushing her back on the couch. Serena pulled him closer to deepen the kiss as they let their passion take control.

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