Because I was so irritated that Pirates of the Caribbean 2 ended so abruptly, I thought I'd throw in how the story should have continued. THIS HAS PotC2 SPOILERS! YE'VE BEEN WARNED, MATES!

Elizabeth sat on her stool, slack jawed, as down the rickety stairs, apple in hand, came Captain Barbossa. Barbossa, who had tried to kill her, Will, and Jack. Barbossa, who had ransacked Port Royal, blown up a ship, and would have easily had his way with her had he been able to take any pleasure in it. The dastardly man bit into the vivid green apple and grinned at all who were present.

"Miss Swann, how nice to see ye," he said silkily, baring his rotting teeth in a devilish smile. "Master Turner, still a strapping lad. Have ye done the girlie yet, eh?"

"You vile b-" Will snarled, reaching for the sword at his waist, but Barbossa didn't waste a second glance at him. His gaze fell upon Pintel and Ragetti, who were slowly slinking to the doorway.

"Look what filth is tryin' t' escape!" he spat. "Ye mangy curs! Wot in the devil's name are ye doing here?"

"We- we was- ye see, Cap'n, after you died and all, sir, and we was taken captive, we escaped, and there was Jack, ye'll recall Jack-" Pintel stammered.

"Ye joined Jack Sparrow's crew?" Barbossa narrowed his eyes at the pair, resting his palm on the hilt of a tarnished sword. Pintel and Ragetti flinched, collapsing to the floor out of sheer fright. "Disloyal swabs."

"Barbossa, ye cannae' be exertin' yerself so much," Tia Dalma chided in a motherly fashion. She hooked his arm and led him to the table to sit, a few paces from where Elizabeth was watching this queer scene unfolding. "Yer bones be nae what de used t' be. Can yer Tia be gettin' ye some sup, eh?"

"The finest liquor ye've got, pretty," he purred, patting her hand affectionately. Tia Dalma laughed, throwing back her head to expose blue teeth, and she set forth to rummage for alcohol.

"You're supposed to be dead," Gibbs cried, coming forward to stand at Will's shoulder.

"Aye, I most certainly should," Barbossa chuckled, chewing placidly on his apple. "But thanks to my darlin' Dalma here," Tia Dalma giggled again as she set a bottle of moonshine down on the table, "I'm breathin' again."

"He be help to ye, in retrievin' ye Captain Spar-row," Tia Dalma murmured, eyeing Will's raised sword. "Put ye weapon down; Tia Dalma keep ye safe!"

"You raised the mutinous first mate of Jack to help us rescue him?" Will asked, scowling.

"I did nae bring Barbossa from da dead jus' t' help ye," Tia Dalma scoffed. "He be a most int'restin' man t' be speakin' wit', bein' cursed fo' ten years."

"Dead men tell no tales," Mr. Cotton's parrot squawked, shifting nervously on Cotton's shoulder.

"So how can he help us?" Will inquired.

"I know a thing or two about the Kraken, lad," Barbossa said, tilting the bottle of alcohol to drink deeply. "Aye, I know yer situation, don't be surprised. I know everythin', from that Commodore runnin' off with the heart of Davy Jones to Sparrow being swallowed by the Kraken... a most interesting turn of events, that. Jack willingly going to the beastie. Mayhap it be that yer dear Captain is goin' soft."

As he spoke, Barbossa's eyes drifted over to Elizabeth, a demonic smile pulling at the corners of his mouth. She ducked her head, heat rolling over her face. As it had happened, Jack had not exactly gone willingly to the Kraken. Elizabeth had caught him alone on the deck of the Black Pearl and kissed him. Not simply kissed, the voice in the back of her head snickered; she practically seduced him. He had caved in to her advances, surrendering to each kiss, and Elizabeth then had chained him to the mast. He showed no anger at her deception, but a calm resignation. "Pirate," he had called her, and she couldn't help but realize that she had become as wicked as he.

"Jack saved all of our lives," Will said, somewhat jerkily. Elizabeth glanced up to see the strained expression around his mouth, as if his jaw was clenching as he spoke.

"And so ye should repay him by bringin' his limp and lifeless body from the gullet of the Kraken," Barbossa grinned.

"We couldn't possibly get his body back," Gibbs said sullenly. "The Kraken lives at the bottom of the sea. And besides that, what would be left of Jack in the monster?"

"Did ye know, Mister Gibbs," Barbossa said softly, swilling his moonshine lazily, "that a corpse does not rot in the Kraken straightaway? Aye, it takes years, perhaps decades, for the flesh an' bone to fall away. In fact, a heart could continue to beat for a month before itstops altogether."

"How is that possible?" Elizabeth breathed, her own heart fluttering against her ribs. "A man needs food, water, air- how could he continue to live?"

"That man does not live, exactly, Miss Swann," the pirate explained. "You see, the Kraken feasts off the fear and suffering of mortals. It can draw out the heartbeats of a man, if only to continue his horror and agony. If a man has no fear of the Kraken, his heart will not be worth holding out. 'Tis the cowards the Kraken prefers."

"Well, then Jack has some time, eh?" Gibbs said in an attempt to lift the atmosphere's foreboding aura, but Elizabeth's stomach plummeted to the floor. She recalled the relaxed manner Jack Sparrow had accepted his fate, how he had stared at her with half-lidded eyes, and knew that he had had no fear of his death.

"And at what price do we have your services, Barbossa?" snapped Will coldly. "Let me guess... the Black Pearl?"

"Lad, I told ye I know yer entire situation!" Barbossa snarled. "Had the Pearl stayed afloat, it would sorely tempt a good soul such as m'self. But, as leverage is somewhat hard to come by at the moment, satisfy that doubtin' heart of yers with this: as I am indebted to Tia Dalma for bringin' me back. Ye shall repay her, not me. The more I do for ye, the more ye do for Tia Dalma. Do we have an accord?"

Will paused, glaring at the pirate. Elizabeth noticed his shoulders were tense, his body stiff, and his demeanor colder than it should be. For goodness sake, they were trying to bring back Jack! Why wouldn't he be eager to accept such a proposal?

Why are you so eager? that sneering voice inquired to Elizabeth. You are the reason Jack Sparrow is dead, after all. You are the one that locked the irons around his wrist. You are the one who had the rest of the crew abandon Jack on the deck of the Pearl. You are the one who watched the ship sink with not so much as a flutter of guilt. Until, of course, now.

"Ye must all be in accord in order to get back yer Captain Jack," Barbossa warned. "Be not of fickle heart. Are ye all willin' t' sail for the soul of Jack Sparrow?"

Ragetti and Pintel bobbed their heads without a second thought, eager to please their old captain. Mr. Cotton nodded, with a shrill "A pirate's life for me!" from his feathered companion. Gibbs and the midget assented, and, after a pause, Will gave a curt nod. Barbossa finally turned to gaze at Elizabeth, something vile gleaming behind his eyes.

"And yer accord, Miss Swann, is most precious of all," he smirked.

"Why ever is that?" Elizabeth demanded, panic stirring in her.

"Because, poppet," Barbossa grinned, pointing at her with his bottle of moonshine, "ye be the one with the compass that will lead us t' the Kraken."