Without light, there is darkness. This is not an unknown factor.

But what about light without darkness? Can light truly exist without darkness to prove it's existence?

How can one thing deny it's exact opposite?

How can one thing even exist without it's opposite?

He was darkness, and he had come to grips with this.

No one could be darker than he was, and he took this as fact. After all, without light, there is darkness.

He was without light.

The darkness shrouded his own existence, allowing none in.

But strangely enough, her eyes pierced through the darkness. She was light, but without darkness.

A contradiction, one might say, but in his eyes, she was the epitome of that contradiction.

And when she looked at him for a moment, the darkness parted.

It allowed her to see him, scared and alone, like a child abandoned by all hope.

Darkness cannot exist without light. For without light, it would no longer be darkness.

It would be existence, for none would know different from it.

Light needs darkness, and darkness needs light. One cannot exist without the other.

Neither acknowledge this fact, however, both are aware of it. After all, they have no choice other than to be oblivious.

So, where does this take them? Darkness and light; complete opposites, yet so the same.

Darkness illuminates light; Light brightens darkness.

She is focused on him, and he hides from her, clinging to his own darkness.

He doesn't want to admit that something can break through.

She doesn't see him at first. Darkness shrouds perfectly and imperfectly.

Sometimes, light can only show one small part of the larger mosaic of the shrouded.

She remains unafraid, as she pushes deeper into the darkness that surrounded the man.

She remains untouched by the darkness that pushes away from her as she encroaches on it's territory.

Through the darkness, he can see perfectly. His eyes were adjusted to it, as they are wont to in times of extended darkness.

Her eyes connect with his, and they become an integral part of his shadow. For a distinct moment, it is almost as if her eyes control his very being. They control his world; the place in which he found himself.

However, the moment passes, and she is truly a beacon in his world...

But, just as she begins to push her way towards him, the darkness swallows her. He is alone again.

The darkness cheers. She frowns, unable to see almost beyond her own feet.

His eyes close. Again, he is alone.

She pushes into the darkness, never seeing, but always trusting. Her cerulean eyes see nothing, but keep shining with an unworldly light.

He was comfortable in the darkness before. But now, he felt irrational fear. Fear that wouldn't go leave him. Would he see her eyes again? Would he fall into her turquoise eyes again? Or was he alone?

The silence was unbearable for her, as she began to run. She was determined to find him.

A single word left his mouth as he realized how alone he was. However futile he thought it, the word 'help' passed his lips. But he knew that no one heard it. Voices around him spoke accusingly, wishing in echoed silence for his demise.

And he wanted it, too.

She was close, she knew. She reached out...

His hand wrapped around his lance, implanted in the ground. If he was to die... he would do so with honor.

...Her hand touched another. Her heart leapt as she realized the warmth that she was feeling was his hand.

His eyes opened and connected with hers.

Her eyes asked him a question, and his responded in turn. He wasn't afraid anymore. And when her lips met his, the darkness cried out in agony.

The light had won again.

Can darkness exist without light, or light without darkness?

As the two kiss, light shakes it's head.

Not a chance.


-Author's Notes-

I've been reading Katmillia's FFIV KainxRydia goodness, I had to jump in on it. I had fun. Review, would ya?