"Where the hell are we Makel?" "I don't know Reggie I've never been in the command center of the ship". The group had been wondering around the upper part of the station for about ten minutes and had gotten nowhere. Suddenly a door at the of the corridor opened and an officer stepped out but was so preoccupied with trying to figure out the phaser in his hands to notice the three men standing in front of him and by the time he looked up it was to late he had already been introduced to the steal pipe curtsy of Reggie. The door at the end of corridor had led right where Makel had hopped the command deck, "Er were are all the officers?" "I don't know random guy, Makel what are you doing?" "Im patching into the P.A, got it Attention all this is Makel prisoner 000132 all of you need to stop wrecking the ship or we will all die and further mo…" BOOM! "A crap what did they break Makel?"