ok the fallowing are my chars rouzeki,kouji,shouji the rest are owned by hudson (damn them creating them befor me)

(rouzeki is a zontrope from 100 years ago whos soul is taped in an 19 year olds body he cant age but he matures over time)

(kouji and shouji are and were friends scence birth even tho kouji is 2 years old then shouji he is as mature as he is basicly wanna be older seeming shouji is the same age as kenji and they both obviously like video games shouji doesnt like fighting but will defend him self if he has too)

rouzeki:well yugo you managed to pay off ur house

yugo:what i was supposed to pay for this

kouji(sitting in a tree) : what else were ya gonna do take the house and be like and thanks for the fucking house

yugo:wait we wernt supposed to say that
a dagger goes flying past yugos head the yugo turns around

yugo:gezz man u almost stabbed my foot
shouji: geezz spaz lol

yugo: shouji if your looking for kenji his n the house playing bloody roar

shouji: what one

yugo: the new one

shouji: damn i wanted that

shouji takes off to the house

kouji:hmm kids these days with there video games

yugo: i wouldnt be talking ur only 2 years older then kenji

rouzeki: ya and if ya didnt notice i dont age because im stuck in this damn body

yugo : quite complaining we all have problems you know

kouji: but to all problems theres answers

yugo:...SHUT UP!

rouzeki snickers: well yugo what about a tour of your house

yugo:awww do i have to

kouji:or u can just show us the bar

rouzeki:is there anything u can think about instead of liqour

kouji: nah

yugo: thats the way kouji

rouzeki : hmp i guess ill have to ask alice

yugo and rouzeki are already half way to the bar
rouzeki:hmm pathetic giveing there life away just for a wired liquid
long: do you realy think its pathetic alls there doing is haveing fun mayby some time u should try it

rouzeki:its not my kind of thingwalks into the house

long:awww im out here by my self:(

in the house kenji and shouji sit and play games

shouji: so kenji hows it going in collage

kenji: idk anymore its immpossible to get there i mean liveing out here

shouji: i see hmmmthinks well kenji theres always a solution

kenji:ok stop it ur sounding like long

shouji: hmm and guess what

kenji: what

tv:K.O player 2 wins

kenji: damn

uriko: u boys gonna play that all day

shouji: u know it kit kat

uriko: shouji i told u not to call me that

kenji: i find it a cool name

uriko: w/e anyway what are u guys doing today

kenji: hmmm u guys fell like taking yugos viper for a drive

shouji in the car and honks the horn hey u girls comeing or not

kenji: what i didnt even take the keys

shouji: its called hot wireing smirks then revs the engine out o there

uriko: are u shure we should do this we can get in lots of trouble

shouji: dont worry kit kat i know how to drivedoes a big turn

kenji: see riko shouji know what hes doing

shouji: even tho i dont have my liesiens

kenji and uriko:...WHAT!
shouji: ya lol i never got my liesens they said i was to reckless

uriko: i see that NOW STOP THIS FUCKING CAR

the car squeals to a stop and they exit the car

kenji: what were you thinking shouji we can get in even more trouble then we can get for takeing the car

shouji: well im sorry kenj i just wanted to have some fun

kenji:man lets just get out of here

they get in the car slowly and start driveing home

shouji: hey kenj im realy sorry about tonight man

kenji:sighs well just be more careful when your doing something crazy like that

shouji: ya uhh mayby we should bring kit kat home shes snoozeing while were cruizeing

kenji: hmm i guess ur right

they drive uriko home and they head to kenjis they arrive there to find cops talking to yugo

yugo:kenji where were you! i mean u were out all night and u didnt call me and shouji u better be heading home

shouji: what ever u say yugo

shouji leave and yugo and kenji go inside the house to disguest the matter\

yugo: kenji how can u be so careless u could of been killed driveing my car sneaking out not telling me where u were and even driveing with out a lisienes

kenji:whats it to you YOUR not my father your not even my brother ! kenji walks out on yugo

end of this chp next chp : problems at home