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And, well, now that I think about it, I'm pulling the plot out of my ass.

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SPOILER ALERT: Takes place right before the turmoil of the Four Sounds stealing away Sasuke for the Naruto anime/manga, and enters into the fifth book of Harry Potter, just because I really like that one.

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Sasuke had no idea why he kept it, the picture that Kakashi gave them the few days after Team Seven became official Genin. He honestly didn't like the picture… or his team members… at that point, and he played back all the times he could have easily thrown it out.

Unfortunately for him, Sasuke had remembered exactly what had happened that day. He remembered the training schedule that Kakashi had prepared for them, the weather, the many tedious fights Naruto had started up, and the many tedious fights in which Naruto ultimately lost. He also remembered the number of times they had to retake that picture.

Eight… to be exact.

If the camera man were any camera man, it would have been taken over and over until it overflowed to the brim with perfection, but this was no ordinary camera man.

No, this was a Camera Nin.

And Camera Nin aren't as patient as camera men.

Sasuke remembered the kind, patient words of the Camera Nin, "Just stay fucking still!", his cooperation, "If I have to take one more picture, I'm shoving a kunai up your rectum!", and of course, the finished product: two scowling boys with ruffled hair, an unusually over enthusiastic sensei, and a girl with a big forehead smiling broadly in the middle.

Sasuke couldn't bring himself to smile at that moment.

He had already packed everything he needed, cleaned his room accordingly, and prepared himself mentally for the new path he had decided, mostly forcefully, to take.

But upon this huge decision, in which he agreed to almost immediately, he couldn't even decide upon one little, insignificant dilemma.

Whether or not to take the Team Seven picture with him.

Because unlike before, it was his comfort, that picture. A family he so deservingly gained in place of the family he so undeservingly lost.

A family that would make him weak. A family that would weigh him down. Not the family he needed.

Not the family he needed. He needed nothing. No, he needed power.

Sasuke couldn't feel any nameable emotion as he placed the picture frame face down.

But there was one person he would miss the most upon leaving, one person that had pushed him to become stronger, taught him, and was always there whether he wanted him there or not. That person was…


"Sasuke." The mentioned Jounin turned a page of Ichi Ichi Paradise. "I didn't expect you to sense me. I'm impressed. But I'm even more impressed about you packing up before I even told you we have an urgent mission."

"Well, you know how I am."

"But… It was the mission you were packing for, neh, Sasuke?"


"Then let's go."


'I guess I don't have to leave you after all… huh, Naruto?'




"Naruto, get your ass out of bed!"

It was that moment when Naruto woke up to the melodious voice of Sakura.

"Oi… aren't sakuras suppose to be delicate?"


"Nothing! Wah! Stop hitting me, Sakura-chan!"


"Kakashi-sensei, Kakashi-sensei! Oi! Kakashi-sensei!"

"Yes, Naruto?"

"Where are we going?"

"To see the GoDaime."


"For a mission."

"What mission?"

"An important mission."

"What kind of important missio-"

"Shut up, Usuratonkachi."(1)

"Oi! Don't tell me what to do, Sasuke-teme!"

Sasuke looked as if he was going to say something back, but deflated with a tired, angry sigh instead. Unusual.

"Oi… Sasuke, you okay?"


"We're here, everyone!"

The trio looked up to find the entrance of the Godaime's huge work office, and immediately began to file up the stairs, Naruto leading the way. He had been here more than a couple of times, for important business, advice from Tsunade no bachan, or just to hang out with his Hokage. Unless he was home, away on a mission, or training, he was here.

"Tsunade no bachan!" cried Naruto as he flung the doors open. "Kakashi-sensei says you have an important mission for us!"

The Hokage looked up from her papers with a bored, tired stare, effectively signaling to the loud Genin that he was not the only one that was woken up suddenly and forcefully.

"Naruto. Shut up. Everyone else, please have a seat."

Sakura bowed politely as Sasuke gave a respective nod. The group of four sat down.

"I just received a message from a good friend of the late SanDaime. An… Albus Dumbledore."

"What the hell is a Dumbledore?"

"You all know about magic, right?"


"Then I don't have to explain that part of the mission, if you're so knowledgeable, Sasuke. This Albus Dumbledore has asked that I send a couple of our best shinobi to his school for… magic lizards or something… you know what, it's late, and I didn't really read it."

"Tsunade no bachan not doing her homework, eh?" the hokage, in turn, gave him a withering glare.

"Now, where did I put that paper? Ah, here it is… He is the master of a school for… wizards and witches. It's a magic school, sort of like the Academy, but much, much longer. At least seven years-"


"-of learning basic and advanced magic."

"Excuse me, Tsunade-sama, but what kind of magic?"

"Magic from a stick."


"And this," The Hokage suddenly pulled from the inside of her jacket, a sake cup, and ungracefully dropped it on the table.

"What? We're gonna ride the cup?"

"This Naruto, you idiot, is a port key. It's a special transportation device that allows you to magically appear next to its corresponding object at a given place."

"So, we're taking the cup?"

"Naruto, dobe, if we weren't taking the cup, then why would she explain what it was?"

"Well, actually, Sasuke, you're taking a Transportation Circle."

"What? Why?"

"Because I can't exactly figure out how the damned thing works. I'm guessing that the Transportation Circle isn't as reliable as the port key, but it's the best we can do at such short notice."

"Why are we going now, at three in the morning, anyway?"

"Because Dumbledore was also good friends with the late Kazekage, and also offered the Sand Nin a job. Do you know how much that guy is offering? A lot more than a usual yearlong mission! So Im sending you off now, before the Sand Nin even get an owl."


"Just go."

And the three Genin were sent off, grumbling, to the roof where the Circle Transportation would be held.

The Transportation Circle was huge, about the same size as the one that was previously used by the Sound Nin to summon the giant, three-headed snake that reeked havoc on Konohagure the day the SanDaime was killed. The outside circle was drawn using sacred ink, while the intersecting lines inside it were drawn in blood, as was the inner circle. (2)

"Ah! Shizune-neechan!" cried Naruto upon seeing the Medic Nin, and three other recognizable shinobi, sitting where the Transportation Circle's lines intersected, "Are you coming with us?"

"No, we're just helping you get there, Naruto. If you all could please stand in the inner circle, we can begin." Team Seven obliged, "Bite your thumbs, and write your names in blood anywhere inside it, please."

As soon as the last task was completed, Shizune began the ritual. She and her associates molded their chakra accordingly, and began to form a long list of hand seals quickly and in sync. The lines and inner circle began to glow, and Naruto noticed that anything outside of it began to warp and blur. Then he felt the worst pain in his life, like his limbs were being ripped apart as his skin was being peeled, and oh Kami, his insides were exploding. He heard Sakura scream, and Sasuke gasp.

Naruto let out the loudest, most tortured cry of pain that he ever did in his life.

And the last thing he would ever see in Konohagure was the distorted stone monument of the YonDaime looking down upon him.


"What's wrong, Harry?"

"Did you guys hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"Like the tortured cry of a boy, in like, another dimension or something."


"Maybe you should let off the Crazy Juice, Harry."

"Shut up, Ron."

"Come on, you two, let's get Harry ready for his hearing, its almost time."

"Yeah, alright, 'Mione."


(1) Usually translated to "Total Moron" Like a pet name for Naruto.

(2) If you can't picture or remember the circle, think of the Transmutation Circles from Full Metal Alchemist.