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Pairing: Harry/Draco

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Plot: HBP doesn't exisit and Sirius lives I tell you lives! Harry falls into a state of depression as his friends become closer leaving him out, but what happen when Harry comes into his inheritance and finds out that the line between love and hate is just as small as everyone says, and who is Ember and what does she have to do with Harry and the prophosy? Rape, gore, self mutalation, death, AU, yaoi, yuri, language, Attempted Suicide, m-preg later

Holding Pieces of Dying Ember

Chapter 1: Looking For A Reason

All along I was searching for my Lenore

In the words of Mr. Edgar Allan Poe

Now I'm sober and nevermore

Will the raven come to bother me at home

Kremlin Dusk: Utada Hikaru

Harry Potter opened his eyes as he faded back from the land of dreams. Sighing as he took sight of the room around him. Empty and cold, with blood stains all over the floor. The carcuss of he beloved friend and pet now laid in the cage that once held Harry's only friend in the Dursley home. Vernon had sent Dudley in there to eliminate the pest as Vernon had called Hedwig.At first Dudley ran to attack Harry but Vernon shouted," The bird." This still did not prevent Dudley from blackening Harry's eye. Vernon had grabbed Harry and made sure the boy watched as his owl's wings were ripped apart before Dudley showed mercy and snapped her neck. That had been over a week ago and was Harry's punishment for overcooking the bacon.

Vernon had smirked while Harry cried. The overlarged man merely shrugged and told Harry that the corspe would eventually decompose. After the two had left Harry spilled what little contents were held in his stomach out onto the floor. The memory off the night made Harry's empty stomach turn. He wanted nothing more then to be somewhere else. Anywhere would do. Even in his grave six feet under ground would have been nice. The only thing that kept Harry going was the almost none exisiting letters from his friends. Tears began to fill Harry's eyes as he pulled his knees to his chest. He was in pain and the only one who would ever know was him. Footsteps outside of his room no longer mattered to the lonely boy.

The door open revealing the oversized man. He sneered at Harry as he stumbled into the room. "S'bout time you start paying for your keep, you dirty little freak." The drunkened man walked towards Harry who remained unresponsive. Vernon kicked Harry over and smirked down at the boy. Harry stared out with empty eyes as the man above him removed his belt. "Filthy little whore. Probably like it from behind.." Harry continued to stare out as Vernon pulled down the ripped cloth Harry had called clothing. "Least you learned yous place." The man mummbled as he pulled Harry's legs apart. He stroked himself to full erection before slamming into the boy. Harry's tears fell quicker as his uncle sat seated within him.

Pain coursed through Harry's body but it didn't seemed to matter anymore. Nothing mattered to him anymore. The boy opened his mouth and a song came spilling forth. "All along I was searching for my Lenore. In the words of Mr. Edgar Allan Poe." Vernon grunted as he slammed back into Harry, blood giving him plenty of lubercation to slammed into the boy quicker. Harry looked out the window that now held bars as they had in his second year. He tried to remember what he was living for. 'Ron and Hermoine?...No they have each other. Hedwig? No she's gone. Sirius? No he's gone too. To defeat Voldemort? ...It doesn't matter anymore.' More tears staind the boys cheeks as the man above him gave one final grunt before releasing his seed into Harry.

Vernon collasped ontop of Harry who silently prayed for the weight of the man to suffocate him, but he was Harry Bloody Potter and nothing ever went the way he hoped. The large man pulled out of his nephew and stood. He kicked Harry in the side before spitting on the bloody boy. "Shows you whos boss here you freak." With that the man turned and left Harry to dwell in his own depression. The Clock in the corner read 11:58. Harry sat up slowly and reached for the small box under his poor excuse for a bed. He opened slowly and picked up the clean kitchen knife that he had stolen earlier that day. He looked back at the clock that now read 11:59 and held the knife high above his head. He looked at Hedwig's Corpse then at his own body before staring at the door.

Eyes stared out back at him and he smiled saddly before singing out to his cousin. "Now I'm sober and nevermore. Will the raven come to bother me at home." With that Harry pulled the knife full force towards his heart as the clock in the living room struck midnight. (AN: I could just leave it here and have you all shaking in your seats but heh whatever. My muse won't let me) Pain erupted in Harry's chest causeing him to drop the knife before it cut into his pale flesh. His heart began to beat roughly against his chest as the world around him began to blur. Harry felt as if a great weight was pressing against his lungs making it hard to breath. A flash of light appeared before him as his vision began to blacken. The last thing he saw was a man in all black walking towards him with robes flowing behind him giving him the look of a bat.

"I"m not sure yet. No no he's still sleeping. I haven't had time to go over his injuries yet. Calm down pup I'm sure he'll be surprised as hell to see you." The voice floated into Harry's head but nothing made sense. Where was he and why didn't one of the Dursleys come up screaming at him to get up. Then everything crashed down on Harry. Flashes of that night ran through his mind. Vernon, knife, Hedwig, rape, suicide, pain, Dudley, the man, blackness. Harry opened one of his eyes slowly as the light burned his eyes slightly.

"He's awake!" Harry blinked. He knew that voice but from where. It hit him that he couldn't be hearing that voice because Sirius was," Dead." Sirius looked down at Harry with a smile. "Not quiet yet Harry. Takes more then a trip threw the veil to get rid of me." Harry opened both of his eyes this time and focused on his godfathers face.

"It really is you." The man smiled at his godson and looked over at the other man whom Harry had just noticed. "Professor?" Snape nodded to him. Harry was almost able to smile but his heart just wasn't in it. He still felt empty and weak and dizzy. Harry blink but could not catch himself before falling into his realm of nightmares.

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