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Plot: HBP doesn't exisit and Sirius lives I tell you lives! Harry falls into a state of depression as his friends become closer leaving him out, but what happen when Harry comes into his inheritance and finds out that the line between love and hate is just as small as everyone says, and who is Ember and what does she have to do with Harry and the prophosy? Rape, gore, self mutalation, death, AU, yaoi, yuri, language, Attempted Suicide, m-preg later

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Holding Pieces of Dying Ember

Chapter 5: You Knew!

"No fucking way in hell. No I refuse to believe it. No. I can't believe it. There is no way. I mean. There's. I. No! That just can't be. I mean really. There's. Gahh. " Ember sat beside her brother as he went into an emotional rant.

"It's true, Harry. All of it. Your lovely little mentor is a saddistic pedophile. Like Micheal Jackson sort of. No one wants to believe it but it's true. Hmm maybe we could get him to admit it with


"Who Dumbledore?"

"Huh no I was talking about Micheal Jackson. Hmm it would be so easy."

"Can't you stay on one subject at a time."

"Sure I could if I wanted to." Harry sighed at his supposed sister.

"There's no way we're related." She smiled.

"We are, Harry. I'm older then you by three minutes and 33 seconds." Ember smiled. "I've waited so long to say that. Whoa I have to tell Daddy! lalala." Harry tilted his head to the side in confusion.

"You mean talk to him. I can't no. I still don't believe you. How do I know your not lying to me."

"It's all true Harry."

"What?" He looked up at Severus and Sirius. "You knew?" He pointed to Sirius. The man nodded.

"I'm sorry Harry. Dumbledore was always watching me. I couldn't tell you anything. I had to fake my own death to get the man off of my back. Harry believe me if there had been a second when I could have told you then I would have in a heartbeat."

"You mean I have a living parent and people made me go to that awful place anyway. I got hurt there constantly and everyone made me go time and time again. People started to ignore my letters when I needed help. People forgot about me. I don't want to be here anymore. Something stopped me. I can't do this. No. I...I..can't." Harry started to cry. "I don't want to live through this anymore. I wanted to die. I wanted to. I was ready. I was ready to do it." Sobs shook him. "Nobody cares about me anymore. I'm better off dead. I'm a burden. I'm worthless." Harry slipped into unconsciousness.

"Oh poor Harry." Ember stroked his hair and looked up at the other two men, but they weren't the ones she was watching. Draco stood behind them with a sad look on his face. "Dray?" Draco looked at her. "Come over here. It's the moment of truth for you." Draco nodded and walked in past Sirius and Severus. Draco sat beside the dark haired boy. "Remember Draco only his soul mate can take away the glamour. No pressure."

Draco glared. "I hate you sometimes."

"Yeah but your in love with my brother so get use to it."

Draco glared again and sat down next to Harry. Ember stood and ushered everyone out of the room. Draco looked at the sleeping boy. "You know Harry. I've always loved you but everyone said that it'd never work so I watched you from afar. I watched you when you were sad and when you were happy. I wanted to be the cause of your happiness but in first year you denied me that. I wanted to hate you but my heart wouldn't let me. I couldn't stop thinking about you so I started to be mean in hopes that maybe I could fool myself into believeing that I hated you. I couldn't though. You are my heart my soul. You are everything that has ever made me happy. When you smiled I was happy because that meant you were happy. I never knew about anything else. I didn't know about your family. If I did I would have done something. I love you to much for you to go away. I love you Harry."

Draco kissed his forehead before laying his head down at Harry's side. His hand interetwined with Harry's and soon he too drifted to sleep. The room was peaceful for five mintues after Draco's confession. Harry looked down at the sleeping boy as tears fell from his eyes again. Slowly he lifted Draco's hand to his mouth and gave it a small kiss. "Draco. I'm sorry." Then he fell into the first peaceful sleep he had ever had.

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