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Chapter 1

After Fera was found by Bastet, time seemed to pass by so quickly. Days turned into weeks, weeks to months, and months to years. Yet, after all this time, Fera showed no signs of turning into a demigoddess. She was now 16 years old, and she still looked completely human.

"This is so strange." Bastet thought. "I gave her the enchanted milk when she was still a baby. Why is it taking so long to take affect on her?" Suddenly a voice interrupted her thoughts. "What's the matter, mother, your favorite daughter lacking something?" It said. She turned around and there stood her very destructive son, Maahes, the lion god. His body was like man, but he had the head of a lion. His mane was blood-red and he wore gold armor.

"What are you doing here, Maahes? Shouldn't you be at your own temple?"

"Oh, come on, mother, can't I visit and see my 'favorite' little sister?"

"So be it, but if you harm Fera, there will be trouble." She walked away from Maahes and went back to her room.

Maahes then went looking for Fera. He walked all over the temple, until he found her on the roof of the temple. She was sitting on a giant statue of a cat. "Hello, little sister, how are you today?" He asked, nicely. She could tell that he was lying. "Oh, cut the nice-guy act, Maahes. I'm not falling for that!" She answered back, angrily.

"Now, is that any way to talk to your older brother?"

"Shut up, Maahes! I don't even think of you as a brother!"

He walked up to her, which made her leave. She went to the far corner of the roof. He still followed her, but this time she didn't leave. She was staring over the desert. She could see a village from a far. "It's a beautiful view, isn't it, Fera?" Maahes said to her. She nodded to him. "Wouldn't it be nice to find out how those other people live, instead of being trapped in this temple?" He said to her once more. She nodded again. "I bet the feeling of being trapped is practically killing you."

At that very moment, Maahes pushed her off the edge of the roof. "YOU JERK!" Fera said as she fell down. Maahes simply waved at her. "Ah, she's falling head first; I can't wait till she hits the ground." He thought, evilly. Suddenly, something caught his eye. Fera quickly turned over and now it was her feet pointing to the ground. Like a cat, she nimbly landed safely on her feet. "You are so dead when I get up there!" She yelled from below. He was shocked. "No way. No human could survive that fall, or land on their feet for that matter!" He thought.

Little did they know, they were being watched this whole time by Bastet. "You went against your word, and attempted to kill Fera." She said to herself. She was looking in a crystal ball. "Maahes, I'm very disappointed in you, but I'll let this go just this once. You are lucky that you helped me see that the milk has finally taken affect on Fera. But I'll keep an eye you, you were always called the Lord of the Massacre."

She went to the window and called a mummy eagle, using the eagle stone. When it came, she tied two notes to its feet. "It's about time we test the new demigods. I want to know how her brother is doing, and how she ranks with him. It also wouldn't hurt if I brought an old friend to see this challenge." She thought. She sent the eagle away with the notes.

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