This is a slash fanfiction. It is Luigi x Guido. My friend said "Why don't you do a Guido x Luigi story? You like that paring!" So here it is. It's short yes, but I intend to keep up with this story. Hopefully.

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The following are the journal entries of Luigi.

' Today is the day that I start recording everything in a book. This one. First of all, I must say that I am a Fiat, Italian by nature. Of course I moved to America when I was very young. Italia had much beauty, but America has something we did not. Libertà. I could do as I wished, and be free to do so. I miss it so, but I never want to live there. I love my country, but I have found something with equal, if not, greater bellezza. And I speak his name with the greatest of ease.


He has come into my life, and even though I tried so hard to push him away, he does not leave. And for that, I am grateful. Everyone in my life has gone away, disappeared, not been there. I was but a little Italian boy when i stumbled upon Radiator Springs. Doc took my under his wing, and I have never left since. I don't think I could have even if I tried. Here, I feel home, unlike I have ever experienced in America.

The day he came, Iddio must have wept from loosing an angel. There he was, alone and so confused. He didn't know much English. But he knew Italian to no end. He came into my shop, with his tires flat, and his paint chipping. I caught him trying to steal three tires. Although he didn't get far, he was brought back to me thanks to Sheriff. He stared at me; I think he was waiting for me to hit him with a tire iron or something. Stolto giovinetto. I could never raise something so hard to him. His dark maroon eyes met mine in understanding, and he visibly relaxed. I told him that he could make up the money by working in the shop. He is the hardest worker I have ever seen. So dedicated. Then the day came that he worked up his money. He was free to go. It took him two months to make up his tires. He was brought to the town line, and I met him there.

"Guido...a me volli perdere a te." I was having difficulty getting the words out. I didn't understand then. But I know too well now. He looked at me with an odd look in his eyes. That's when I knew.

"A te fare non vuole a tavola andàrsene, fare a te?" I asked slowly.

I thought he was going to cry at first. Then he raised his lifts to me, offering a hug. And in that embrace he whispered something to me, I'll never forget.

"Luigi. A te siete orbene a tavola biasimo. A me giammai vuole a tavola andàrsene a te. A me Amore A te." At that point I felt as though I were going to cry. But his tears fell first. How could I not have seen it? It was so obvious. I wasn't sure what I should say. No one ever said that to me before. I wasn't sure how to react.

"A me amore a te anche, a me amore a te anche." I finally managed through my threatening tears.

I never parted from Guido since that day. And even now, he is still with me. He never left me, so I'll never leave him. A me amore a lui. E esso ama biasimo. Ognora.

Luigi and Guido's Italian Lesson

English translations for the italian I used in the story.

ognora - Forever

amore - Love

Italia - Italy

libertà - Freedom

bellezza - Beauty

Iddio - God

stolto - silly

giovinetto - boy

a me - I

volli - will

perdere - miss

a te - you

fare - do

non - not

vuole - want

a tavola - to

andàrsene - leave

siete - are

orbene - so

caramella - sweet

biasimo - me

giammai - never

anche - too

a lui - him

e - and

esso - he

ama - loves