Pure White Eyes


Summary: Hyuuga Hinata was given the chance to go back in time. This time, she would be brave. This time, she would have confidence. This time, she wouldn't run away. This time, she would make sure Naruto loved her…

Setting: Some-what Alternate Universe. Characters may be OOC.

Warning: My first attempt at a dark-fiction. If you don't like, then don't read. Or you can skim and skip some parts. Whatever floats your boat?

Disclaimer: Blah, blah, no own, blah, blah, and blah.

Chapter One

The sky was dark, shrouded with black clouds. Rain was pouring and lightning thundered. It was a horrible day and a horrible event. Everyone was fighting. People were seen here and there, fighting everywhere. Techniques were thrown back and forth, chakra was used again and again, and it was just horrible.

Hyuuga Hinata was almost sixteen when this happened. Before this happened, she was just a girl in unrequited love. With silky, short black hair and pure, white eyes—she was just that, a girl in love. She had a fine figure, sure, and curves in the right places but it wasn't enough. It was never enough. But, if it was still before it would've been better if none of this happened. The only thing she would have to worry about was just that, being in love. A love with no love returned…

She had different worries now.

Orochimaru had successfully taken over Uchiha Sasuke and was going all out with Konoha. He had the Sound as backup and threatened many other villages to aid him. Konoha was going down and all she could do was watch. Tears, many tears, streamed down her face nonstop because she realized, she couldn't do anything.

She was useless once again, and it hurt.

"F-father, I want to fight too." Hinata started, as she tried to get out of her father's grip.

"Neji, hold her." Hiashi, her father, commanded.

"Yes. Uncle Hiashi." Neji replied obediently, as he held his cousin Hinata down. Tears blurred her vision making it hard to see, but she realized her father was going to fight as she watched him walk away. Everyone was fighting without her. She didn't want to be left behind. She didn't want to be kept in safety. She was strong too. She was. She was! She… she just wanted to help too.

She struggled, "Neji! Let go, I can fight too."

"Hinata, stop struggling." Her cousin said, as he dragged her away, "We are getting you to safety."

Safety again! She didn't need safety. She didn't want safety. She wanted to help too! Naruto… Naruto-kun was fighting too! So why couldn't she?

Abruptly, her cousin Neji let go of her. With horror, she realized why. Her eyes widened as she watched her cousin run towards a girl with two buns. Tenten, yes, that was her name, she was on his team. And, Hinata gasped, a foe with a sword had just struck her in the back while she was fighting another enemy.

Hinata ran after her cousin as she saw Neji use their family traditional fighting style to kill the foes around Tenten within a second. She fell to her knees, realizing she wouldn't be able to do what he did. She was, in honesty, weak compared to him.

"Hinata… can you, can you heal her…" her cousin said in a weak voice. Hinata had never seen her cousin desperate before, she had never ever seen her cousin like this. He looked broken, almost as broken as her. All she could do was nod, as she started the healing process. She knew basic medic ninja techniques but she wished just wished she knew more.

Tenten coughed out blood, "Stop… Don't heal me, run… Hinata, go…"

"Tenten, y-you are going to be j-just fine…." Hinata managed to utter. She heard her cousin yell in pain, and she looked up from what she was doing to see that many enemy ninjas had managed to damage him deeply.

"Neji!" she screamed.

"I'm… fine. Save… Tenten, please…" she could tell that her cousin was fighting hard, she knew, she understood—he was holding onto a little piece of hope that Tenten would be just fine. That she wouldn't... die.

Hinata was trying, she really was. She has never really had to heal anyone before. This was actually her first time. Tenten was bleeding a lot, and she was trying. She really was. Hinata was trying! And it wasn't working. It wasn't working! If Hinata wasn't Hinata she would curse and scream at her failure.

"H-Hinata… just run… I don't care if I live anymore… tell Neji, tell Neji… that I love him… please… tell…" and with that Tenten stopped. Hinata's eyes watered more than it already was, she bit her lip to stop herself from shouting at the irony. Unsure of what to do, she didn't know what to do. She wanted to help, but what could she do? She sucked at fighting, she sucked at healing, and she sucked at everything! It burned.

She wanted to die.

She watched her cousin, Neji collapse in blood and she knew… there was nothing, absolutely nothing that could stop her from bawling out, just right there—an easy target waiting for death. She was just a useless girl that couldn't do anything. She didn't deserve to live.

She really wanted to die.

"RASENGAN!" a shout was heard. The voice, it was oddly familiar. Hinata looked up from her eyes wet from a million tears and she saw… Naruto… Naruto-kun saved her. Another foe had decided to strike the pitiful object on the ground, which was her, and Naruto had saved her. Naruto-kun saved her… Hinata couldn't cry anymore and she didn't feel like fainting. She had given up.

"Hinata!" yelled Naruto, his yellow hair drooping because of the rain, "What are you doing sitting there?"

"I… there's… absolutely nothing I can do!" Hinata mumbled quietly, "I should… just die. You shouldn't… have saved me."

"KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" Naruto used another technique, the shadow clone one, multiple clones of him were made as it spread out to eliminate the foes. But he was still standing there… next to her. Why? Why!

"Hinata… you shouldn't throw your life away, you are still alive." Naruto started, "And—

"I couldn't do anything! My father—he died! My little sister died too! Then, I couldn't save Tenten. Neji wanted me to save her, but I couldn't. I couldn't!" Hinata was crying again, the tears were unstoppable, "I wanted to save her but my medic ninja skills are bad! They are bad! I thought they were okay… I thought… Then—Cousin Neji died too and, and then you… you came." Hinata couldn't believe she was yelling, but she was. She was yelling and it was at Naruto. She was yelling at Naruto-kun…

Naruto made more shadow clones as he crouched right next to her, "It's… okay."

"No, no it's not!" she snapped back, out of character.

He grabbed her hand gently, she was surprised. She would've blushed, she would've—but she was too depressed to blush. She was sad. Hyuuga Hinata was sad, even when Naruto had held her hand. She had… she had always wanted Naruto-kun to hold her hand. And now he was… but she was still sad.

"Okay. Hinata, there's this technique I'm going to use on you… It's going to take you back in time, I just recently learnt it from the Nine-Tails." Started Naruto, at this point, Hinata's eyes widened—everyone knew about the Nine-Tails fox already. She learnt about it indirectly though when she saw him transform, "It's going to bring you back in time. I would use it on myself, but then—I don't have enough chakra at the moment to bring two people, because I would have to bring the Nine-Tails with me too or it wouldn't work."


"I'm going to use it on you, and after I do, I'm going to transform into the Nine-Tails and try to kill all our enemies." At this point, Naruto was calm. He had matured, more than her. She wanted… she wanted to be mature too. She had to… this was her last chance; she was going to tell Naruto that she loved him. After all these years, she had to tell him at the last minute but this time, she wouldn't back down. She would say it before it was too late.

Hinata opened her mouth, "Naruto-kun, I—

She was interrupted when she felt herself twirling in a black tornado, but she managed to hear… faintly, "Bye Hinata, I hope this technique works, if it doesn't… then… I'm sorry. When you go back in time, tell… Sakura, I'm sorry…" It was Naruto's voice.

Hinata couldn't see anything, she tried to talk but she couldn't. The wind around her was too strong; she was forced to close her eyes and then everything was black…

Naruto watched as the black tornado around Hinata slowly grew smaller and disappeared completely. With a determined look, he closed his own blue eyes, and transformed into the Nine-Tails fox. There was no turning back.

Hinata awakened in her bed to realize that everything… looked bigger. She crawled out of her covers and her eyes-widened. She was small, she was a kid again! Everything was not a dream. It wasn't a dream! Thoughts started to come… Orochimaru really did… and… she really was back… Naruto's technique…

She held her head, as the memories started to seep through, she bit her lip to stop herself from screaming in pain, but the biting her lip thing didn't work anyways.

People knocked on her door, shouting and banging. Her room door was suddenly burst open and in came her father. Her mother was also there, holding onto her baby little sister. She tried to see everyone else with her pure white eyes but she noticed her vision blurring and she realized that she was crying… again.

"Hinata, are you okay?" people started to shout. There were so many people and so many noises, and she couldn't stop herself from screaming. She still held her head, it hurt, it hurt, and there were so many images… so many memories… and she fainted, right then and there.

"Is she okay?" she heard a voice ask.

"It seems… she's been thinking too hard. Her brain is overloaded with too many thoughts; I suggest you let her rest." Another voice murmured, "And… she should stay in bed for a few days. When she awakens, talk to her gently."

There was more talking but Hinata wasn't listening anymore.

Slowly, her eyes fluttered and she looked around to see her family. There was her mother who was still alive… her father, cousin Neji, her baby sister, and many of her other uncles, aunties and cousins.

"Hinata… are you okay?" her mother asked, her voice soft.

"Thank the heaven, she's alright." She heard her relatives murmur as they exited the room.

"…How old am I?" Hinata asked.

Her mother gasped, as her father's eyes-widened. Neji even looked like he was in shock. Hinabi, her little sister, in her mother's arm started to cry, so her mother had to soothe her.

"It is fine. You shouldn't be worried; she'll get her memory back. Her brain just has too many thoughts at the moment, that's all." The doctor announced, "Like I said before, just let her rest for a few days." With that said, the medic ninja left the room.

"Hinata, you are turning six years old. You are currently five." Her father stated as he regained his cold composure. Oh yeah, that was right… Her father started becoming cold, well colder than he already was when her mother died.

At the moment, Hinata was kind of glad that everyone thought she was brain-damaged. Which was partly true but it was because of an overload of memories. If she asked out of the blue how old she was—everyone would think she was a fake, or a ninja using the Henge Technique pretending to be her.

Another medic ninja, this time a different one, entered the room, "Hyuuga Hinata," she read from her clipboard, "seven years old, collapse due to stress."

"When can my daughter check out?" asked her mother.

"Not today, I'm afraid." Replied the medic ninja, "I believe, she should rest for a day or two and shouldn't be moved for awhile. Please visit her tomorrow, visiting times are over."

"What? But we just came—

"Visiting times are over. The patient needs rest." The medic ninja repeated.

Her mother's face turned red, "This is my daughter—

"We'll come back and check her out tomorrow." Her father commanded, not liking the way his wife was arguing with a nurse. It was embarrassing to say the least, and a Hyuuga should never be embarrassed.

"I apologize, I went ahead of myself." Her mother finally said, as she followed her father and Cousin Neji on the way out.

The medic ninja was narrowing her eyes when her family turned their backs, "Hyuugas always thinking that they are above everybody else. This is the hospital for heaven's sakes." She must've not wanted to say that out-loud for she looked at Hinata and murmured, "Ah… I'm sorry."

"It's okay, ma'am" Hinata replied, "I guess my family can be overbearing sometimes."

And that was the truth. As Hinata listened to herself talk, she realized she didn't even sound like herself at all. Not one bit.

The medic ninja smiled warmly at Hinata, "My name's Yashamaru, I'm actually from the village of sand—I'm here to train young medics for awhile as a mission. Oh, and I'm actually a boy." Hinata blushed at her mistake.

The medic ninja let out a small chuckle.

Hinata stared, village of sand? That was the village Sabaku No Gaara was from. She shuddered from the memories she held of Gaara, which wasn't much. All she knew was he was pyschotic and crazy until Naruto had beaten him. That was all. Oh! She remembered now, he also had a demon in him like Naruto-kun did… Hinata was relieved when she realized, Naruto wasn't pyschotic and never would be.

"Can… can you train me too?" Hinata managed to ask. She knew her skills as a medic-ninja weren't that great. And, the greatest medic-ninja—Tsunade, wasn't here to be asked for a few years. And, even if she were here, Haruno Sakura would've asked before her. She wanted to be a medic-ninja, well, a skilled one.

Yashamaru looked surprised.

Realizing he wasn't replying, Hinata mumbled, "Please sir, I would like to be a medic-ninja too." Hinata was starting to lose hope… it was… hopeless. Maybe only people with pink hair were allowed to request to be medic-ninjas…

Yashamaru watched as the little girl before him looked down-hearted, she reminded him a little bit like Gaara, his nephew, "Ah. Of course I will." He just couldn't help it. This world didn't need two sad people while this one still had hope.

Hinata looked up and slowly her lips curved upwards, "Really?"

Even though she was a fifteen year old in a five year old body, she really felt like a kid again. She felt all giddy and happy.

"Yes… I'll teach you as much as I can, before I leave. My mission is about to be complete." He murmured, "And your family… they sure wouldn't like it if you wanted to be a Medic-Ninja."

He was right. Her father would be extremely angry, well the future one anyways. Well—not too future one. He would disapprove and say no, and she would… be sad. Looking back at her memories, she didn't like them much.

"Ah! But I know of a way for you to become a medic-ninja. How about this? I'll figure out a way for you to stay in the hospital longer. It isn't like you are lying to your family or anything; it's just that you aren't telling them," Yashamaru said, "In those few days, we will train you to be a medic ninja."

Hinata's pure white eyes brightened, "Thank…you."

"And… if we aren't finished with your medic training, I'll request that you have a checkup once a week or so until you have some skills as a medic-ninja." Yashamaru said.

"You can do that?" asked Hinata, in honesty—she didn't know you could do that.

"Yes, but I must speak to the Hokage about this and ask him to keep it from your family."

Hinata was beyond happy; she was going to learn how to be a medic-ninja properly and more than just a few healing techniques. She didn't know what to say.

"Thank you," was all she could think of.

"You are very welcome. Now, your brain really did have an overdrive of some-sort. Rest for an hour or so and I'll prepare some things for you to learn to be a medic-ninja. I also need to talk to the Hokage and the Medic-Ninja in charge of this place." He said as he left.

There would be another year until she went to the Academy. In this year, she would be sure to strengthen her medic-ninja skills so she could be proud of herself. Next year, next year… she would meet Naruto-kun at the academy. She couldn't wait to meet him.

With a smile on her face, she fell into a dreamless sleep.

Author's Notes: Yashamaru is not an OC. He is really a medic-ninja from the village of Sand. He's the younger brother of Gaara's mother, making him Gaara's uncle. He accepted a mission to assassinate Gaara and Gaara killed him in the end.

I love constructive criticism or just plain criticism. Flames aren't bad either; I need to learn how to improve. If you have any suggestions, that works too. Thank you.