Pure White Eyes


Summary: Hyuuga Hinata was given the chance to go back in time. This time, she would be brave. This time, she would have confidence. This time, she wouldn't run away. This time, she would make sure Naruto loved her…

Setting: Some-what Alternate Universe.

Warning: Some things are made up, some people are OOC. Story is centered on Hinata mostly.

Disclaimer: Blah, blah, no own, blah, blah, and blah.

Author's Note: Oh yeah… I changed the summary incase anyone noticed. And a big, gigantic thanks to Dragon Man 180 because if I hadn't read his review, I would've totally forgotten about Naruto's reading problem. Thanks again.

Chapter Three

On the way back, Neji was just glad to be rid of Naruto's loudness while Hinata still had a slight blush on her face. She was also slightly smiling for she was happy she had given Naruto the books that would help him in the academy. But… why was Cousin Neji his first friend? Hinata didn't know it, but she was glaring at Neji and he looked disturbed. Oh wait, she was Naruto's friend too and that was enough. Her glare subsided and Neji still looked slightly disturbed.

"You are home." Her father said. It was obvious he had been waiting for her. She felt happier than she already was, if possible. Seeing Naruto again was the happiest thing that ever happened so far in her currently five year old life. But her father actually being overly-paranoid and worrying about her was a total plus.

Hinata just nodded along with Neji.

"What did you buy?" her father asked. If he was curious it didn't show.

"I… I bought… books… and some throwing weapons." Hinata murmured. This was all new to her. Her father never asked what she bought before because she never really bought anything. And… she didn't really want him to be disappointed for she was wasting money.

Hiashi just looked at the two kids before him, "Well. Go inside." His voice was still cold but he showed no distaste to the things Hinata had bought.

Neji had already gone inside, with the book Hinata bought for him. He went to Hinata's room door and dropped off the weights. With that, he went to his room and started reading—hoping it was useful.

"Father, here is the money…" Hinata said as she tried to give her father back the money-bag still filled with a lot of money.

Her father didn't take it, "It is fine. If you need more money just ask."

They were rich, she knew that well. But she didn't want to seem spoiled. She didn't want to seem rude either. She nodded her head gratefully and excused herself as she walked back to her room. Wincing, she had to pick up her weight bag and she dropped it on the middle of her room floor. She also dumped her books on the elegant, coffee table that was next to her bed. She then hid the money bag that her father gave her under her bed and quickly changed into her pajamas.

She was tired and she wanted to sleep so she was going to. Everything else would have to wait. With that in mind, she was in dream world.

Waking up wasn't that great. The day's bright sunlight shone so brightly from her open window that it hurt her eyes when she tried opening them. Almost immediately, she closed her windows and binds. Letting out a sigh of relief, she decided she should start wearing her weights and reading the books she bought. With that in mind, she changed into her everyday clothes, breakfast would have to wait.

She opened the bag filled with throwing weapons and weights. She took the lightest one which happened to be five pounds each. She took out her sewing kit and some fabric and started the process. This way, all she had to do was tie it around her arms, legs or stomach and it would also be easier to take off. The color of the fabric was a pale yellow. It reminded her slightly of Naruto's hair. With a light smile on her face, she gently tied each weight around each of her legs and arms.

She felt the weight immediately and she knew it would help her. It was a total of twenty pounds extra. It felt like a little too much seeing as she was only five years old but she was determined to get used to it. If possible, she wanted to wear even heavier ones in the near future.

She did her bed, her morning things, changed her clothes and winced ever so slightly due to the new weight. She wasn't used to it yet but it wouldn't stop her.

"Hinata, what's wrong?" her mother asked, her mother must've noticed her limping slightly while walking.

"I… I'm tired." Hinata mumbled. She wasn't lying because she really was tired because of the weights. She felt awful now seeing as Rock Lee probably could wear way heavier ones than she could. She decided she would not let it get to her. She was trying and that was good enough, at least for now.

Her mother looked worried, "Maybe the hospital incident is getting to you. Go rest for today."

She didn't want to rest. She was supposed to walk around and get used to the weight. It wasn't working though. And her mother's suggestion wasn't helping either. It was too tempting, really tempting. Hinata truly wanted to just sit down and stop moving. It would take her awhile to get used to the weights and at the moment, she didn't like the sound of that. But no, she couldn't give in to the temptation. She couldn't give up. It was… her ninja way!

"It's… okay mother." Hinata said despite her self-complaints, "I'm fine."

"If you really think so," her mother replied before leaving. She cast another worried glance at her young daughter before disappearing completely.

Hinata sighed, this really wasn't working. At the moment, Lee sounded like a god being able to handle this while she could not.

She would just have to try harder.

"It has come to my attention that young Hinata and Neji need to start learning how to read and write." Hiashi announced, "I will speak to the Hokage about hiring a tutor for an A-class mission."

"What? I hardly think anyone would be after the Hyuuga children's blood." His wife snapped, "I think there is no reason to waste money when they could simply go to an afternoon literature school."

"Now dear—

"Don't you dear me. You will sign them up for the free afternoon literature school that is offered to all children of Konoha and if you decide not to, I will not speak to you again." With that said, Hinata's mother left the room swiftly, giving no option of refusal to anybody.

The days passed by quickly. Hinata was mostly found in her room doing what, nobody had known. She had written a 'do not disturb' sign outside of her door. She had also, searched through her books for a 'silencing' technique so any noise from her room would not be heard outside but any noise outside would still be heard inside.

While in her room, she had tried to stretch and meditate. Along the way, she had also tried to walk up her walls using chakra. She had improved her chakra control and among other things. Her strength with weight had increased. She was wearing heavier ones now and it felt natural.

At the moment, she was currently packing up a few books along with some brushes, pencils and papers.

Knock. Knock.

"Hinata, please do hurry up."

It was probably one of her cousins of one of the branch houses. She heard the footsteps leave immediately after that.

Knowing it was no use talking in her room; she opened the door and dragged herself out. Her bag in hand, she quickly rushed towards the front exit where everyone was waiting.

Cousin Neji was there, glaring at her, but he didn't anything due to her father and mother presently beside him along with two other branch members.

"Neji knows where it is, so he will show you Hinata. Lead Neji and I expect Hinata to be back right at the dot." Hiashi stated. He left no room for objections. It was clearly an order not a question.

"Yes." Neji replied, expectedly. He started walking off and Hinata followed straight after. The other two branch members had come along to watch over them.

"Neji is becoming more tolerant of Hinata." Hinata's mother murmured, "I wonder where that change has come from. He usually glares at her longer even though he thinks we cannot see it."

Hiashi nodded his head, "Hinata has become different since that incident."

"It is almost as if—

A crying voice interrupted their thoughts.

Hinata's mother eyes rose, "I must attend to Hinabi." She quickly rushed back into the house with Hiashi following right after.

All questions about Hinata's change forgotten.

Entering the Literature Classroom was different. Hinata had never been here before. In her 'old' past, she had been tutored. She didn't know what she did to create this change. Maybe it wasn't her that embarked this change, maybe it was something else. Shaking her head, all thoughts left her mind.

There were many desks and tables. Actually, there were more chairs than tables. Big tables, with many small chairs surrounded them. There were a few desks here and there and bright light that filtered the room. An air-cleaner was seen placed near the corner. Stacks of books were seen on shelves along with stacks of paper and pencils. It was different to say the least, an experience she never yet experienced but was about to.

Kids were seen sitting on the small chairs, chatting amiably and then her eyes wandered and she saw—Naruto.

Her pure white eyes widened as Naruto started jumping up and down and shouting, "Hinata! Neji! Over here!"

Hinata looked at Neji, who simply raised an eyebrow. Neji had shown no indication of moving towards Naruto, so she felt she had to. Hinata quickly walked over to him and placed a smile on her face.

"Hello, Naruto-kun." She mumbled softly. Her voice feeling like it would break. She had not seen him for awhile. But it felt so long and finally here he was before her.

"You must be new." A voice stated out of the blue. Hinata looked up, startled. It was another little girl just like her around her age. She had pink hair and big emerald eyes and an overly-large forehead. Hinata recognized her in an instance—Haruno Sakura.

"How do you know?" Hinata asked. She was careful to show no indication that she knew the other. It would not do well for her position.

"Well…" started Sakura, "You see. That's Naruto."

Hinata blinked.

Sakura came closer to her and whispered in her ears but it was so loud that practically everyone heard, maybe even Naruto, "My parents said that… you shouldn't be friends with him or even bother to go near him. They said he was a waste of space."

Hinata was angry, she was about to say something but surprising a voice she thought would never speak had spoken.

"What would you know? You are so annoying." Snarled a cold voice, it could only belong to one person—Sasuke.

Sakura had tears forming around her emerald eyes, biting her lips—she looked like she was going to cry.

"Get lost." He bit back.

"Sasuke, you don't have to be so mean!" snapped another. The person quickly moved in front of Sakura. It was Yamanaka Ino with her short yellow hair and her tiny clips. She folded her arms and her blue eyes glared at Sasuke, challenging him.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, choosing to ignore her.

"Sakura, it's okay." Ino said as she tried to comfort the other girl, "He's just trying to act cool like his brother, Itachi."

Sasuke's snort could be heard here.

"Ino… thank you." Sakura replied shyly, while thinking, 'That boy… was really cute even though he was mean…'

"Let's go sit over there and wait for the teacher to come." Ino said, pointing towards empty chairs and tables.

"Okay!" Sakura replied with a bright voice as they both went to the other side.

Hinata looked at Naruto and she felt shocked. Although Naruto had heard Sakura's comments he was still smiling cheerfully at her. She was surprised but she felt like she wanted to cry for him. Oh… Naruto must be hurting deep inside but he was hiding it.

"I'm Sasuke." Sasuke interrupted her deep thought.

"Neji," Hinata's eyes snapped towards the voice. When did her cousin get beside her? That was fast. She had never noticed. Her mind had been preoccupied.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto!" shouted Naruto.

Sasuke glared at him, "I'm sitting right beside you. No need to yell, idiot!"

"I aint no idiot!" Naruto yelled back, his eyes blazing.

"Actually, it is 'I am not an idiot,'" said a clear voice. All the kids in the room looked towards the voice—it was Umino Iruka.

Author's Notes: Sorry for the long update. I was really lazy. Uh… anyways, I messed up on Hinata's age. She is currently five, not seven. Uh… the story will speed up soon, I'm just not sure when.

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