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So beautiful Women

Special Agent Rebecca Locke got out of her car. Her blond hair floating as the wind was blowing on Los Angeles. It was early in the morning and by the look on her coworkers' faces, it was even too earlier. And the beginning of the autumn wasn't helping them. The first rains had fallen and the trees were starting to undress of their leaves. She slowly walked towards Melodie Sim and Danny Love, they were standing just in front of a little cosy house. Who would have thought that a drama would take place in this beautiful home?

"People can't wait for the afternoon to kill?" Rebecca heard Danny say. He looked quite angry that he was call at four o'clock in the morning. His arms were crossed in front of his chest and he was leaning on his car.

Mel who was standing just next to him, sighed and rolled her eyes. "Can't you just stop complaining? Have a little respect for the victim!"

"Yeah... But still, this is not an hour for waking people but also working!"

His coworker looked up as she saw Rebecca coming. A smile appeared on her lips. "Hey! We were waiting for you."

"Where are Paul and Web?"

"They're inside, I think they wanted us to wait for you because mister couldn't stop saying that it's too earlier." And she looked towards Danny who frowned, but kept his mouth shut. He really was too childish.

After an other complain of him, they finally entered the house. A strange atmosphere was floating in the air, and the fusty smell was making it more unpleasant. The entire house was dark, the shutters were closed and the lights were off. The hall was only illuminated by the weak light of the early morning. Mel patted Rebecca on the arm as she saw her stopping dead on her track. And she and Danny walked ahead and went upstairs, knowing that their coworker was going to follow them.

When Rebecca finally reached the bedroom where the team was, she discovered the body of their victim. Her body was lying on the big bed, her brown hair were covering her pale face, and her hands were facing the ceiling. She was wearing an old dress that grannies loved to wear. And the bare flesh of her fists were marked as if she had been tied.

"Our vic is Grace Keller. She was married and didn't have any child. Her husband discovered her after he came back of a business travel this morning." Paul read from his notepad when he saw Rebecca coming.

"How many days did his travel last?" The blond special agent asked while observing the dead body and the room around.

"One week."

Mel walked towards the windows and looked at the shutters. "Well, as it smell stuffy I would say that the victim died a long time ago."

Rebecca wasn't listening to them anymore. Her look was locked on the hided face of the woman. She put on plastic gloves and moved away the hair that were covering her face. Her beautiful blue eyes were contemplating the ceiling, her features were drawing an expression of horror, and her slim mouth was slightly open. Even if she was looking like that, she was still as beautiful as before.

But a voice took her out of her trance. "Why did the murderer hide her face?" Paul said, he was just standing next to her. She jumped as she heard his voice, slightly afraid.

"Well, her beautiful blue eyes are maybe the reason..."

Back at the FBI building, the team was sitting around the conference table. Paul gave everybody a folder and explained the case in hand.

"This is Olivia Carwood. She was single. The shutters of her appartment closed, and the lights off." He said, while showing at first the picture of a brunette woman, her evangelical face would have charm every man she would have met, but the paleness of her skin was telling something else. Then he changed of photo and showed it to everybody. This time, it was a blonde woman, her blue eyes looked empty, and her position was like the others. "Hannah Kelly, single. Her appartment was close like the others." He said putting the photos back in the folder. "They were executed of a bullet in the head."

Webb raised his head of the photos. "Rebecca, do the profil of the murderer." His tone was professional as always, but it was a deep voice.

She looked at him, the mouth slightly open. She took a deep breath and crossed her arms on her chest. "I think it's a woman, who is about thirty."

"A woman?" Danny said in disbelieve. "Why is it a woman? And not a man?"

"Women are more... tactful." Mel answered with a proud smile.

Danny rolled his eyes but didn't say anything else. Web made a gesture, telling Rebecca to go on. She nodded in response and continued.

"She must feel lonely, and she hates herself. She killed beautiful women probably because in her childhood she was humiliated by girls like that." She took an other deep breath between her sentences. "Her victims are probably women she'd just met. She follow them, observe them and wait until they're alone. She hide their faces with their hair, and made them wear old clothes to make them more ugly. By killing them, it's like if she kills the part she hates in her. She doesn't think she's wrong by doing this. She thinks it's the fault of her victim, they pushed her to do it, by the way they looked at her, or by the way they simply walked."

After silence settled in the room, Web raised of his seat. "Paul and Rebecca, go in the previous victim's appartment, it is still under seals. Mel, Danny, try to find if there's a place the three victims went."

The rest of the team got to their feet and walked out of the room. It was a strange case, with a strange motive. But almost all their cases were as strange as this one.