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The silence had already settled in the room for many minutes. The unknown woman was looking at Rebecca with penetrating eyes, she wasn't going to co-operate with her. Don't enter in her game, she will suggest you lots of things but don't trust her... She stayed there in front of her, trying to read into the rookie agent. Satisfaction was growing in her, as the minutes were passing. She had fight against it for too long, she should have listened to it before. It was after all pretty easy to read in the victims, and the blond agent wasn't an exception. She saw her thinking a lot, but about what? She will never go out of this apartment, so why was she trying to make a plan? All stupid girls always think that there's still hope... "What if we sat down first?" Rebecca finally suggested with a little smile, breaking the tense silence. "We will be at least more comfortable."

The woman looked at her quite convinced. Do as if you were listening to her and play with her... She is so shallow that she won't see it... Then she observed around and found the idea pretty good, as she smiled too, making her behaviour even stranger.

That's when Locke understood. She wasn't silly at all, or acting for revenge, even if it was part of it. The way she suddenly changed of mind, was revealing her secret. She was in fact sick, and it's difficult to talk with people like that. Even reading in their mind was hard. Well, she was schizophrenic. But Rebecca had to talk, to make the time past, and then maybe try to be some kind of friend with her, that was the only option. So she continued to smile, as if she was with a close relation. "So, what do you want from me?" She asked with a free and easy tone, trying to be convincing. But, the women didn't seem to want to speak, and was definitely ignoring her.

Suddenly a voice came out of nowhere. Turning her head towards the door, Rebecca immediately recognized who it was. "Rebecca!" Of course, it was Paul. She looked up towards the woman, and saw the fear in her eyes, she was starting to panic. But she turned towards her and forbade her to speak. "I know you're here. Open the door !" Paul's voice shouted.

The woman breathed deeply, trying to calm herself. "Answer, but don't forget that I have a gun…" She whispered slowly.

Rebecca closed her eyes and finally spoke up. "No… Leave me alone." She didn't want him to understand that something was wrong, he mustn't come in, if he did, she will probably kill him.

"Who is with you ?"

Looking towards the woman once again, Locke answered quickly. "Nobody."

"I know that there's a woman with you."

Then, the blonde agent felt a hand grabbing her collar and pulling her towards the bedroom. Closing slowly the door, the woman sat down just behind Locke, in order to use her like a shield, and waited. Tense was growing more and more, Rebecca closed her eyes once again, all this stuff would only have a tragic end…

They heard Paul slamming the door and entering, his footsteps approaching more and more. All she wanted to do now was running towards the door and shout at him to stop. But she couldn't. That's when the handle slowly turned, and a gunshot rang out.

Quickly opening her eyes once again, she discovered with horror Paul on the ground, his shirt covered with blood. Then a second gunshot sounded in the room, and the sound of a body falling came after. Rapidly turning around, Rebecca saw that the woman had committed suicide. But there wasn't enough time to think about it. The blonde agent ran towards Paul who was agonizing and put her hand on his wound. Panic was rising in her, she knew something like that was going to happen, but she wasn't fully prepared for it, especially if it was him who was injured. "Calm down… Locke…" Paul said, trying to appease her, but that didn't seem to work, as her hands started shaking. "Just calm down, and call for an ambulance okay ?" This was a pretty ironic situation, the injured one was giving order to the other one, while it should be the opposite situation. Quickly taking his cell phone in his pocket, she dialled 911 and called for an ambulance.

After putting the cell phone on the floor, she put her free hand on his forehead and looked at him, completely frightened. Paul could see that she had never been in such sort of situation, which made him smile. "It's okay, it's not that serious." He said trying to hide his pain. But Rebecca wasn't really convinced about what he said, as her fear was rising more and more. Feeling it, Paul knew that he had to speak about something else, then maybe she would calm down a little bit, especially as there wasn't any good reason to be that scared. "You know I didn't regret this kiss…"

The blonde agent's eyes looked in his, hesitating a little bit. "Neither did I…" She finally said after some minutes of hesitation.

"Then after that, will you have a diner with me ?" Paul asked, his voice full of hope. He smiled at her, as if he wasn't even injured.

Rebecca finally smiled too and even laughed a little. "Sure… But Karen ? What would she says ?"

"Karen and I… got divorced…" He said a bit sad, but he didn't regret it. Now that he was with Rebecca, everything was better.

That's when the paramedic came in, and finally took care of him. Mel and Danny entered into the apartment just after them, and walked towards the blonde agent. When Paul passed them in the stretcher, they both smiled at him. "Good to see that you're still alive." Danny said while Mel sighed, this was the thing to say.

"See, that's a real man!" He exclaimed to her partner. "Taking the bullet for his princess!"

Mel rolled her eyes, before pushing him into the room. "Stop talking for once." Sitting next to Rebecca they looked at her, a bit worried. "Hey, are you okay ?" Melodie said, pulling the agent out of her thoughts. She knew what she was thinking. "Don't worry, it's not pretty serious, and his a big guy." She added with a reassuring tone.

"Yeah, you'll see. In two weeks he will be in full possession of his senses." Danny said too, and then he stood up. "So let's go to the hospital, before he gets grumpy for being there. I don't want to be the victim of his boredom." He joked before leaving the apartment with Mel and Rebecca.

Arriving at the hospital, the nurse told them that Paul was already in a room, waiting for them. It wasn't really serious, he just needed a couple of week of rest. Entering happily, Mel and Danny smiled at him and started joking about his bravery and Danny's one while sitting.

"I'm sure if it had been you Danny, you wouldn't even have entered into the apartment." Mel teased, with a big smile on her face. "You would have waited for the back up!"

"Hey, be careful of what you say ! Well, I'm sure you wouldn't have done better than me."

"But you don't deny the fact that you wouldn't do it."

"I didn't say that…"

Slightly listening to them, he looked at Rebecca, meeting her eyes too, she looked a bit ashamed of having been so panicked. She was sitting not far from his bed, but closed enough for him to take her hand. A smile crossed their faces, as they looked back at the two others who were now arguing. At the door, Web was looking at them, his usual stern look on the face. He didn't seem very happy, especially when he saw Rebecca's and Paul's hands. Leaving the room, he walked down the corridor, letting them alone.


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