It had been four years since he and his brother had committed the ultimate taboo in alchemy. Two months since he got his body back after so many years. Two months after he used what was left of the stone to get his brother's arm and leg back. One month and two weeks since they used alchemy to restore their old home. One month since he discovered he was gay. One week since he informed his brother on his discovery. But it would be one more month until Alphonse Elric committed another dangerous taboo with his brother, Edward Elric.


Beautiful gray eyes shone back at his, he was entranced by those amazing good looks. The fifteen year old brunette stood taller than he remembered, and was much more good looking then when he was a young boy as well. Slowly he gazed up and down the teens muscular body, marveling at its beauty and sex appeal. 'How can there be anyone this good looking in the world, I mean really, it can't be legal' he thought to himself as the young man began to flex his muscles in front of him. 'who wouldn't want hi...'

"Al! Are you staring in the mirror again? Hurry the hell up I have to pee!"

"Oh! S..Sorry brother. I'll be right out." Alphonse blushed crazily as he opened the door wearing nothing but a towel after taking a shower. "Sorry again, it's just..."

"Jeez! I know your still getting used to your body but damn Al." Edward said as he rushed into the bathroom and slammed the door.

What could he say, who wouldn't be obsessed with their body after losing it for four years. Al was even more excited about the fact that his body had grown in the gate, before he and Ed had guessed about weather or not his body stayed the same or if it had grown, for a long time. The only problem was that Al wasn't used to all the hormones he had suddenly been exposed to, so for the first month or so he was very confused. But after a while Al got used to it, and was just happy he got his brothers limbs back as well. He was actually very surprised everything turned out so well, with all the trouble they got into.

After he put some cloths on for the day, Al quickly started breakfast. He was still getting used to how much hunger can hurt, and was afraid to feel that pain again since he had first had gotten his body back. Four years without a bite to eat can cause one hell of a stomach ache. As Al prepared the meal his mind wondered off, thinking of the past few weeks, and what had happened since. Thankfully Ed was able to resign from the military without much trouble given that fact that he was a friend of the new Feuher. They came back to Resembool and Ed and Al got jobs helping Winry with her automail shop, since Aunt Pinako was getting to old to handle the business by herself. He also came to terms with his sexuality fairly quickly and so did Ed, Ed actually didn't seem to mind at all, "Al your my brother, and I'll love you no matter what.". Al was very happy with how things turned out for the two of them. and kept getting the feeling that it was too good to be true.

But there was one thing that his mind found particularly interesting, the one thing that didn't fit in with his whole "fairy tale" ending. Al remembered the first time they spared since he got his body back. Ed took off his shirt in the summer heat, and even though he had seen Ed with even less clothing many times before, the mere sight of Ed's toned body in the afternoon sun was too much. He Almost lost the match! Sometimes Al would wake up at night in a cold sweat due to his dreams of the past four years, and then he'd go to his brothers room and watch him, just to remind himself that everything was okay. There was something about Ed sleeping that Al found intriguing, maybe it was how innocent he looked, he didn't know. He just liked to see him there safe and sound, and sometimes he would curse himself for thinking not so innocent things.

"Uh! Why do I keep thinking of that?" Al said to himself as he cooked the last few pieces of bacon on the pan. "I mean, it's just Ed. Not the damn gate!". Why, why couldn't he get those thoughts of Ed out of his mind?

After all the food had finally been prepared and the table set, Al realized that Ed had been in the bathroom for quite some time. Annoyed that the food was going to get cold he walked down the hall to the closed door. "Stupid brother! the foods going to get cold." he mumbled to himself until he reached said door.

He listened for a while, there was no running water so what the hell could he be doing in there for so long. ' Maybe he's touching himself...Ugh stop thinking of that!' Then it hit him.

"Edward! are you staring in the mirror again? Hurry up your breakfast is going to get cold." he said as he slammed on the door.

The door slowly creaked open, as a very flushed Edward immerged shirtless. "Heh, sorry Al, It's know...with my new arm and all."

Ed ate breakfast with a bloody nose that morning.


"Woah, what happened to your nose?" Winry said as Ed and Al came into the shop for work.

"Why don't you ask my crazy little brother." Ed said nudging Al with his elbow as he walked into the living room.

"Well you shouldn't be such a hypocrite, you had it coming." Al replied as he gave Ed a soft push on the shoulder for the elbow jab.

"Yeah well, I still think you over reacted a bit."

"Knowing you Edward, you probably did have it coming." Pinako said as she made her presence known from the kitchen, pipe already lit and smoking. "I need you boys to go down to the post office, I've got some automail parts coming in. I need you to bring them back here."

"What? Didn't you just get some pieces the other day?" Ed said still annoyed from the earlier argument.

"Stop fussing and do what I tell you before I fire your lazy butt."

Al sniggered a little at the remark. "Shut up Al, you know what I'm talking about. It seems like we're bringing back automail parts from the post office every other day. What do you keep doing with all those things?"

"Don't tell me to shut up. And stop nagging, you know there are alot of people who come to this shop brother. They need those parts."

"What people? The only house near here is about half a mile away!"

"Stop being a brat and lets go!"

"Don't call your older brother a brat!"

Al was getting pretty annoyed with Ed now. "Okay I wont call you a brat, how about Midget!"

Al walked to the post office with a bloody nose that day.

"Stupid old hag, where does she keep all these damn parts?" Ed complained as he struggled to keep his balance with the large box in his hands nearly blocking his eyesight. Al remained quiet, obviously upset. "Oh come on Al, I didn't hit you that hard, don't be such a sissy."

"Shut up brother." Al replied, tone low and harsh.

"Fine, I've had enough fighting for one day." Ed decided to stay quiet for the remainder of their journey back to the shop. After a while the quiet between the two got him thinking of the past week. 'It's still hard to believe Al's gay. I mean, did he always know and not tell me. No that's not like Al.' Ed's mind countered 'Actually It's not that hard to believe, he's always been the more feminine of the two of us.' Ed looked over at Al, who looked deep in thought himself, as he still tried to process it in his mind. He remembered the day Al told him.

"Brother, can...can I talk to you about something?"

"Yeah, what is it Al?"

"Well, I...I wanted to tell you something."

Ed waited for Al to continue for a while before he realized that Al was having trouble with saying it,'It must be important' he thought. "What is it Al, is something wrong?"

"Well, no but...well..." Another long pause.

"Come on Al, you know you can tell me anything, that's what big brothers are for."

Al fidgeted for a moment before continuing. "Okay, but promise you wont be grossed out or anything." Al looked scared and nervous at the same time.

Ed began to worry. "Of course Al, come on its me, Ed."

"You promise."

"Yeah, I promise, come on, tell me."

"Okay, well I've been thinking about this for a while and..." Al took a deep breath before he continued. "I...I'm...I think I'm g-gay." Al stared at Ed, anxiously waiting for his reply.

"Oh." Ed replied after a while, honestly that's all he could say.

"'Oh', is that it, is that all you can say? 'Oh'." Al was getting very nervous 'Does he think it's gross, oh god I hope not. Please be okay with it, please' Al hoped.

"I mean, it's okay Al, theres nothing wrong with's just..."

"What...What, are you grossed out?" Al began to panic "YOUR GROSSED OUT AREN'T YOU. OH GOD YOU THINK I'M DISGUSTING." He was on the verge of tears.

"NO, NO! That's not it, its just I wasn't really expecting that."

Al sniffled "So, then you don't think I'm disgusting?"

"Al your my brother, and I'll love you no matter what."



"Woof, Woof!"

Ed suddenly returned from his memories when Den came running from the shop just up the road. "Finally we're almost there."

"Yeah." Al replied dully.

"Jeez are you still mad at me? Okay I know I..."

"No I'm not mad anymore."

"..." Ed looked Al, searching his face for any clue to what was bothering him now. "What is it Al?"

"I was just thinking, should I tell Winry and auntie Pinako?" Al looked slightly worried.

"Well, that's up to you Al."

"Yeah, but how do you think they'll react?" Al was looking back at Ed now, desperately waiting for his reply. Ed could tell this had been bothering him for some time now.

"To be honest Al, I don't think they'll care very much. They're pretty much our family, they wont judge you or anything." Al looked back at the shop, worry still heavy on his face. "Look if you want I'll be there with you when you tell them, will that help?"

Al's face lifted a bit. "Yeah, I think that will help. Thanks brother." Al gave Ed an ear to ear smile to reassure him he was okay now.

"Good, don't worry, everything will be okay." Ed gave him a smile in return.

Al suddenly blushed and looked away. 'Huh?' Ed thought 'What was that about?'. But before he could ask they were already nearing the front door, when Winry yelled to them from the balcony.

"Hey, is that it? Is that all of it, are you sure you didn't leave anything?"

"Yeah this is all that was there." Ed replied squinting because of the sun as he looked up at her.

"Are you sure? We really need those parts today."

"Yes! I'm sure"

"Are you absolutely sure, one hundred percent?"

"YES! Jeez, don't get your panties in a twist."

Al saw the wrench flying through the air and ducked in time, unfortunately Ed didn't.


"Seven O'clock boys, shops closed. Go home and get washed up, Winry and I'll start diner." Pinako Took a long drag from her pipe as she saw the large lump on Ed's head. "Ed! Stop taking that ice off your head, that bump will get pretty bad if you don't."

Ed grumpily raised the bag to the rather large lump on his head, he didn't really like how cold it felt. "Damn it, Winry."

"Well if you didn't have such a bad mouth I wouldn't have hit you." Winry said matter-of-factly as she emerged from the basement.

"Okay, but did it have to be that damn wrench again. I swear, do you carry a bag full of them with you in your pants or something."

"Shut up and go get cleaned up for diner." Winry replied with a small smile as she started toward the kitchen.

"Yeah well if you were a boy I'd..."

"You'd what?"

'How the hell did she hear me, I barely heard myself!' "I said I'd..." Suddenly he realized she was holding another wrench.'What the hell! She didn't have that a minute ago!' "See, where the hell do you keep those damn things?"

"HURRY UP AND GO GET WASHED UP OR YOU WON'T EAT AT ALL TONIGHT!" Winry warned as she raised her wrench menacingly.

Al, who was watching nearby, looked to where Ed had just been seconds ago to find nothing but empty space. "What the? I didn't even hear him open the door!"

"Yeah, your brother puts on a tough act but he's really terrified of me." Winry smirked "I'm just that good." Winry gloated

"Yeah I'll give it to ya kid, you sure taught him." Pinako added.

"Thanks granny what can I say." Al swore he thought he saw a glow around Winry, kind of like Major Armstrong's.

"Yes yes good job, now, go start dinner."

Suddenly the glow was gone. "Okaaaay" Winry sighed.

Before Al left he took one last glance at Winry 'What the? Where's her wrench?' on the way home Al wondered if Ed was right and Winry really did have a secret stash of wrenches she kept hidden somewhere in her pants.

Al walked into the house to the sound of running water 'Ed must be taking a shower'. Suddenly the image of a very naked Ed with hot steamy water running down his neck, to his shoulder, then down his back, lower, and lower, and then...'UGH, stop it, stop it, stop it. stop thinking of that Alphonse!' but it was too late for that, Al could already feel his pants getting tighter.'Oh no, think of something, anything. Um, Uh, oh! I've got it! Auntie Pinako in a bikini.' Al stood still for a while as he processed the image he just thought of. "Eeeewww!" 'yup that did it'. Al's pants fit just fine again. Al started down the hall to his room but before he reached said destination the bathroom door opened to his side.

"Oh hey Al, bathrooms all yours." Ed stepped out in nothing but his towel, and Al couldn't help but stare at his long blond hair as it stuck to his toned chest muscles and around his wet nipples.

Ed noticed Al's face was getting really red all of a sudden. "Hey you okay Al? Did Winry hit you with that damn wrench?"

Al suddenly snapped out of the trance he was in. "What? Oh, no she didn't." Al's face was burning horribly.

"Are you sure your okay? Are you getting sick or something, you don't look so good."

'Oh, but you do.' "Uh no, I'm fine really." There was an awkward silence as Al stared directly into Ed's eyes, fighting his urge to go lower, turning a brighter shade of red with each passing minute.

"Um, okay. I'll go get dressed then." Ed said after a while. 'What was that about? Al's been acting strange lately.' Ed padded to his room leaving Al standing in the hall.

When Ed was finally out of sight Al burst into the bathroom. "Auntie Pinako in a tight bikini, auntie Pinako in a tight bikini, auntie Pinako in a tight bikini."

Al took a Very, Very cold shower that night.