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Rose knew from the look on the Doctor's face that he wanted to say something. After seven years at his side and four years as his wife she had learnt to read him like a book. Right now, as he sat staring out of the window of the cab the smallest muscle was twitching in his cheek and his lips opened and closed ever so slightly every so often. His eyes darted from the view out of the window, to the back of the drivers head, down to his pinstripe trousers which he was worrying a thread in with twitching fingers. Rose reached over and took the offending hand in hers, running her thumb over the back of it.

"Doctor, what's the matter?"

The Doctor looked up at her with the expression of a child caught with its hand in the biscuit tin, his brown Bambi eyes wide and innocent.

"Why should anything be the matter?" he said, the London accent that escaped his lips even so many years after his regeneration still made Rose double take for a split second. She still didn't know how she'd coped with the change in the man she loved but deep in her hearts she knew that the love she bore for him was deeper than any appearance.

"You've been fidgety since we got in here and you're about to worry a hole in your trousers. I know something's up, tell me."

The Doctor reached up and flipped the switch on the head board of the London Black Cab so that the driver couldn't hear their voices.

"I was serious," he said softly, "Back at the flat when I said I wanted to take Susie to Ancient Egypt."

Rose was startled by the seriousness in his tone, ten minutes ago he had laughed with her at the idea when she had found the Tutankhamun book in her mother's living room but now his face was more serious than she'd ever seen it in either of his forms.

"Oh," was all she managed to utter.

"You think I'm mad?"

"She is only three," said Rose, "Most of it will go over her head and Egypt was just so dangerous back then, plus we can't exactly guarantee that if you pick a relatively safe time that the TARDIS won't land us in a war zone. I just worry that you forget that Susie's not pure Time Lord. She doesn't bounce like you do, she inherited my weaknesses."

"You have no weaknesses," said the Doctor softly, "Look, it was a stupid idea. We can take her to that theme park on Saturn that she likes instead, save the history for when she's a bit older. Forget I said anything."

Rose smiled as he turned his face away but she felt the grip of his hand loosen somewhat. She had known parenthood would be tough on them both, having to leave the adventures behind for fear of leaving their child an orphan but they had both decided it was what they wanted. When Rose had fallen pregnant she had agonised over telling the Doctor, making him a husband had been one thing, making him a father was a different matter. It wasn't romantic when she finally told him, he didn't immediately swing from the TARDIS rafters claiming to be the happiest alien in the Universe. The conversation had started simply enough, the Doctor joking that she should be used to the bumps of the TARDIS by now and that all this motion sickness she was getting really was ridiculous. Rose, partly offended by his assumption that she would ever get motion sickness in her own home, had blurted out with no great dignity that her reason for throwing up every morning was his fault for knocking her up. This had silenced the Doctor who had stood dumbfounded, his face a strange mix of laughter, disbelief and tears. They had talked for hours over whether or not to keep the child but finally, despite all his protestations to never become domestic, the Doctor had laid his hand on Rose's still flat belly and spoken to his baby.

"Welcome to the TARDIS littlest Time Lord."

Their joy when Susan Jacqueline Tyler had been born, onboard the TARDIS much to Jackie's dismay, had been unbridled. Rose had glowed in motherhood and the Doctor had become even more protective than he had been before. The little bundle with two strong beating hearts had mellowed him and Rose had often caught him in the middle of the night with their child in his arms, pointing out planets to her from the TARDIS' glass roofed observatory. He even began telling stories of Gallifrey and Rose felt her heart lighten as he did so without pain. Tests in Susan's first year had confirmed that her Time Lord DNA was strong enough to allow her three regenerations, ironically enough to match her father's remaining lives and Rose took comfort in the thought of their being someone left to take care of him when she had died. It had seemed since the birth of Susan Rose's mind had dwelled all the more on the years she had left. Despite being young she knew that as she aged her Doctor would not, he may or may not regenerate as would her daughter but Rose would grow older and older. The Doctor had assured her he would find a way to extend her life if he could but even if he could not they would make the most of the time they had. He was strong and steady at her side, embracing domesticity for the sake of his wife and child.

Recently though the Doctor had been getting twitchy. They still travelled, with their daughter in tow and occasionally ended up running for their lives but more often than not they avoided trouble, opting for notoriously peaceful planets for the sake of their infant. Of course Rose enjoyed the quiet times with her family but adventure was in her blood as much as it was in the Doctor's and she missed the adventure. Rose smiled to herself as they pulled up outside the restaurant to see Mickey and Trisha waiting for them, waving. She watched as the Doctor went to them, hugging them both as Trisha playfully scolded him for being away for too long. Rose decided that domestic bliss was suddenly very boring, it was time for an adventure.


The chatter around the table had followed the usual pattern. Trisha had rambled on about her and Mickey's forthcoming wedding, making the Doctor and Rose promise for the thousandth time to make sure they were there. Rose had told everyone about Susan's latest escapades, including the moment when she had decided to pick up her Daddy's sonic screwdriver and attempt her own repairs on the TARDIS only to result in them spinning at the edge of the universe for a week as the Doctor rewired the majority of the main console. Their adventures, or lack thereof were discussed, and several old adventures Mickey had taken with them were raked over again with Mickey once again trying to claim that he wasn't responsible for this explosion or that alien escaping.

As talk turned onto more trivial things, to Rose's dismay the recent football scores, she decided it was time to throw a spanner in the works.

"So…" she said, loud enough to get the attention of everyone at the table, "Trish, are you and Mickey going to take a holiday before the Big Day?"

Trisha smiled widely at the mention of the wedding, "We would but we can't really afford it. It's a shame because Mickey still has two weeks leave to take from Torchwood even after the leave he's taken for the wedding and if he doesn't take it by August they won't transfer it to next year."

"Vultures," said Mickey, "Got me running ragged just because I know you guys."

"How about a holiday on us then? Cash in your two weeks leave at the Workhouse and come on holiday with us, " said Rose, casually sipping her wine as she saw the Doctor's eyes widen in surprise, "We've got plenty of space haven't we dear?"

"Sure," said the Doctor warily.

"There you go, plane and hotel in one. We can go where ever you like. If you can't think of anywhere I have a bit of an idea where you'd like."

Trisha threw Mickey a pleading look and smiled when he nodded, "That would be wonderful, I've never actually gone anywhere in the TARDIS. Well, where do you think we should go?"

Rose smiled wickedly, "I was thinking we could do Egypt…TARDIS style of course."

Both Mickey and Trisha sat back in shock as the Doctor launched himself across the table to press a sound kiss to his wife's lips.

"Rose Tyler, you are wonderful!"


The TARDIS was wonderfully quiet, only the soft hum of the stationary engines and the ships own little tweets and sighs could be heard in the vast time ship. Rose snuggled deeper into the Doctor's arms, pulling the massive duvet up to her chin, cocooning into the warmth. No noise came from the bedroom next door. They had returned to Jackie's after dinner to find their daughter and her grandmother curled up together on the sofa, the television chatting softly to itself. Rose had tutted fondly at the thought of how Susan, who she had put to bed herself, had managed to weasel her way out to watch television in the night. Deciding not to break up the happy picture before them the Doctor had flicked off the television while Rose draped a blanket over the two sleeping forms.

The TARDIS had welcomed them home with a customary flurry of beeps as the lights came up and the rooms warmed to accommodate them. Rose had patted the ship fondly before being whisked into the arms of her husband and carried off to their bedroom, glad for the element of privacy so often lost with a three year old on board.

Rose smiled at what had happened afterwards as she ran a perfectly polished nail over the Doctor's chest.

"You still awake?"

"Mmmm," was the only reply.

"Was that a thank you earlier?" she said, her tongue poking out through her teeth as a cheeky expression fell over her face.

The Doctor opened one eye and looked down at her with a half smile, "Do I need an excuse to take my gorgeous wife to bed?"

"No but…you did seemed pretty pleased when I mentioned Egypt to Mickey and Trish," said Rose, her fingers teasing the hair at the base of his skull, "I think its high time we had another adventure don't you? I've missed you Doctor."

The Doctor gave her a baffled look, "How can you have missed me? We've spent all of five days apart since Susie was born."

"I've spent three wonderful years with Theta Tyler by my side, three wonderful years as a wife and a mother but all I want right now is to have my Doctor back, my reckless Time Lord. Do you know what I mean?"

Rose felt his arms tighten around her, "I know, I've missed you too. Be nice to just be The Doctor plus one again for a little while, run screaming for our lives and save the day with seconds to spare…"

"…Go to planets I can't pronounce the name of…"

"…Get kidnapped by evil space pirates…"

"…Find yet another use for the sonic screwdriver…"

"…Learn new and interesting swear words that the TARDIS won't translate…"

Rose giggled, "Like you need to get a filthier mouth," she said with a sigh, "But it's a dream isn't it? At the back of our minds there'll always be Susan."

"She'll grow up soon enough."

"Then I'll be old, you'd have to go without me," said Rose, her laughter fading.

"Rose, you're twenty-seven! By the time she's thirteen you'll still be in your thirties, still plenty of time for adventures. Besides, you know I'm working on that problem and I can figure anything out," said the Doctor pressing a kiss to her forehead, "Don't worry yourself so much."

"Its hard not to," she admitted softly, "Sometimes I don't know why you put up with me?"

"That Rose honey is the easiest question you've ever asked me," said the Doctor closing his eyes as the TARDIS dimmed the lights to black, "I put up with you because I love you. Now go to sleep, big day tomorrow."

Rose closed her eyes but knew that sleep, even in the Doctor's arms, would be elusive.

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