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"Will you shift your skinny Time Lord arse!"

"Shift your skinny human arse, I'm waiting for you dear!"

The sound of a shell hitting the ground came too close to Rose's ankles for comfort. She shoved the Doctor onwards, catching onto his long coat to pull herself along. She heard him laughing in front of her, enjoying the chase and the escape as much as ever. She loved the freedom of it all, the freedom they'd have for the next three hundred years, together, the Doctor and his plus one. The TARDIS loomed into view and they were beckoned inside by frantic faces. They hit the hard metal floor and the doors slammed closed behind them. The TARDIS hummed into life, her pilot dancing round the console, her long black, leather coat flaring out behind her.

"You guys cut that one a bit close," said Susan, her blue eyes burning out at them but softening when she took in their bedraggled appearances, "You look a mess."

"We have just been in a war zone," said the Doctor running a hand through hair that was now flecked with patches of grey as he regarded his twenty year old daughter, her long black hair down her back in plaits and her frame, slim and athletic. She resembled his old form so much, although had been saved the ears and nose, quiet and intelligent. The Doctor mark two as she was affectionately called now, another lonely angel content to roam the universe, "Thanks for the save though."

"Anytime, should have left you behind for being so daft though. Next time you want to go to Zilick Alpha please refrain from doing so in the middle of a civil war," said Susan, walking over to her parents as the TARDIS silently guided herself through time and space. She pulled Rose to her feet, loosening a twig from her hair, "Please don't tell me you two were making out before the shelling started?"

Rose blushed and the Doctor beamed as Susan pulled a disgusted face and several cries of disgust echoed from the two younger occupants of the TARDIS. Jack and Romana Tyler, the terrible twins as they were better known, pulled disgusted faces at their parents, mock gagging in all their obnoxious teenage glory.

"That is sick," said Jack, "Mum's in her forties! Gross!"

"Hey!" said Rose with mock affront but failing to do anything but smile at her children, ruffling Jack's wild dark hair, "Still got the body of a twenty year old though and will have for a hell of a long time, don't you want a little brother or sister?"

"Not if it means you guys pashing it," said Romana, her liquid chocolate eyes clouding over in shame, "Its disgusting, Dad's nine hundred!"

"Nine hundred and twenty-five to be precise," said the Doctor, "Now stop analysing us or I swear to God you guys will be so grounded and miss out on the meteor shower on Pluto!"

The twins closed their mouths tight, giggling at the knowledge that the one thing their father would never do would be ground them. Despite how much they misbehaved the Doctor would never keep them from the adventures they all shared, their nomadic existence around the stars not just a way of life but a rebellion against New Gallifrey and its determinations to once again curb her saviours. The TARDIS rasped for attention as she began to materialise at their destination and Susan returned to her place at the console, quiet and grave but smiling gently to herself. The twins scurried over to the captains chair, fussing against each other for space before gripping on for dear life, knowing the TARDIS liked to throw her occupants about whenever they got a little out of hand.

The Doctor wrapped an arm around Rose's shoulders, smiling as she reached up to ruffle his hair playfully, the smile on her face filling his hearts with the joy it always brought.

"Not a bad life," he said looking down at her.

Two deep pools, gazed back up at him, still as youthful and beautiful as when they first met, "Better with two," she said softly, "Or perhaps…six?"

"You're not…?"

"I am, think we can handle another?"

"Always," said the Doctor bending down and capturing her lips as the TARDIS juddered softly to a holt. He smiled against her lips as he heard the twins groan and Susan run off the details of where they'd landed. His smile turned to a frown and then an excited grin as he heard his eldest's words.

"Err…Dad…we've gone a bit wrong. We're not on Pluto. We're in Cairo."

Rose looked up at the Doctor, her smile mimicking his as she raised herself on her toes to sing softly in his ear.

"Only just once more

To this desolate shore

Last boat along the river Nile…fancy catching the night boat?"

The slam of the TARDIS door was the unspoken answer as all five Tylers ran out into the sun drenched dunes of Egypt, knowing they'd blend in despite their fashions. If anyone had been listening in the silence of the console room they would have heard a delicate sigh and perhaps, just the soft singing of something ancient carrying on Rose's song.

"Just pokes at wet sand,

With an oar in his hand,

Floats off down the River Nile,

Floats off down the River Nile."

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