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Answering Your Call

Chapter 1: Caught in the Act

Sakura sat their patiently in the back of the room waiting to be dismissed. Looking down at her desk, her eyes caught in other one of the sexual matings in her beloved romance novels (not to be confused with Kakashi's dirty books) . How she would dream it was her and Sasuke in these books. Unconsciously, her own body betrayed her as her free hand slid down beneath the desk and under her skirt. She bit her lip, fighting back a moan, as two fingers caressed her opening above the fabric of her soaking panties.

Little to her knowledge, onyx eyes caught all of this only a few desks away. He could feel his own needs growing as he watched her continue to play with herself. The stroking moments of her wrist only slightly visible, but the building pleasure in her jade eyes was unmistakable. Studying the object of his desire, his eyes caught the heat rising in her face.

Suddenly an echoing thud was heard, all attention was averted to the man giving the lecture who announced the end of the lesson and class. Why Tsunade thought they needed to brush up on safety was a mystery to her.

Sasuke turned back to his desire to find her sitting up right and putting her things away, tucking a strand or pink hair behind her ear. The flush still present on her face.

Gathering her things, she felt eyes upon her flesh. Looking up, she saw none other than her heart's desire, Sasuke, staring at her with lust filled eyes. Fear filled her as she thought to herself. Had he seen her? The man dismissed them and left the room himself. Placing her bag around her small shoulders, she walked to the exit of the room and raced out of the building. Afraid he would question her.

Later that night

Stepping out of the shower, Sakura dried herself off and wrapped her body in the comfort of the damp towel. After what happened today she needed a good rinsing. Coming onto her bedroom, her body went into full shock.

There, upon the window sill sat the man she had dreamt about since she saw him. Face shadowed by his ebony bangs. "What are you doing here?" she asked trying to keep her voice as calm as possible. Stepping off the window sill, Sasuke walked towards her never saying a word, eyes filled with need and longing.

He would never admit it but he had always wanted this, what he had seen earlier had thrown him over the edge. Reaching her finally, his arms encircled her, feeling her body close to his. "I saw you touching yourself," he whispered, his voice dark, seductive as his lips slowly trailed her neck. His hands moved to open her towel that was around her. In one swift movement, the towel flew off landing across the room. "I couldn't resist answering your needs." He said, holding a shivering girl in his hands, ready to do his will.

Picking her up, he took her to the bed and gently laid her down. Covering her body with his own, he brushed her lips with his own. "I'll make all your dreams come true." he whispered to her as he kissed the junction of her neck. Suddenly, he slipped his finger into her opening touching every sensitive nerve.

"Sasuke!" She cried out, digging her nails into his upper arms, begging for more. Answering her cries he continued, trusting his fingers into her soaking sex, pumping her. Her juices covering his hands as he watched the pleasure once again grow in her eyes. Calling his name, her wall tightened around him releasing herself.

Pulling away for a second, her body cried in disappointment, but lit up again as she watched him remove his own clothing. Sitting up, she drank him in as he exposed a perfect chest and a manhood any man would be proud of. Sakura pulled him down so that she was now in charge.

Looking down at him, she slowly traveled down his body reaching his hardened staff. Jade caught ebony, giving him a wicked smile. She touched the tip of his shaft. Taking her shy tongue and licking him, her hands gently caressed him, running up and down his hot length.

Sakura sucked and licked, while her one hand glided up and down his staff. He was in heaven as her tongue circled the head. He stopped her, while he was panting in pleasure.

Grabbing her, he pulled her back up his body so that she straddled his hips. "Not yet," He said with a smirk. Turning her over, she now lay beneath him, Sasuke's still hardened staff begging for entrance as it stroked her inner thigh. His lips met hers once more as his nimble fingers made her wet again.

Spreading her legs wide, he positioned himself in front of her opening and waited for her approval. She looked up at him with pleading eyes, "Please, I need you in me." He smiled. That was all he needed as he glided his hard length into her. She cried out in sheer pleasure as he filled her completely. He took her lips with his and thrust his shaft into her. He continued to ravish her lips, sucking and biting onto her, and she to him in return. After releasing her lips, he continued thrusting into her burning core, gradually getting faster and faster. Increasing every wave pleasure he could give her.

"Don't stop. It feels soooo good!" she cried out, grabbing onto his back begging for more, matching his thrusts with her own.

Feeling her wall wrap around his not length he hissed into her ear. "You're so tight! You feel good inside!"

With each mindless thrust their bodies came closer to climax. Coming closer and closer, she threw back her head and cried out "Sasuke!" as she exploded release all over his length. Still thrusting, he finally came to his own release, spilling himself inside her.

He collapsed upon her then turned both of them over so that she lay upon his chest. Both panting for breath taking in all that had just happened. He listened for her even breathing that told him that she was asleep.

"Sakura, the things you do to me," he said as he kissed her softly on the forehead.

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