Title: Love me
Author: Christian2680
Fandom: The O.C
Rating: pg
Character(s)/Pairing: Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper
Summary: How Marissa feels about her feeling for Ryan. Set in season 1
Warnings: n/a
Notes: none

Wrong Face

Marissa sat on the school bench waiting for Summer to get finished with cheerleading practice. She glanced around the parking lot at the other kids and wondered why she never fit in with them. She was popular, beautiful, and rich, but she wanted something else.

Her eyes fell on Ryan Atwood and saw he was looking at her too. She smiled slightly despite herself. Everyone else made her feel like there was something wrong with her, like she had the wrong face or something, but Ryan seemed to look right at her. Like he could see her innermost thoughts and for some reason, she was fine with that.

Falling off the edge of the World

Marissa walked along the beach. It was so peaceful and calm at night. Her mind was going a mile a minute and she needed to calm down. Her heart was telling her to run away forever and never come back. She felt as if she was falling off the edge of the world. However, what she was really doing was falling in love with Ryan.

Dangerous Love

The feelings I have for Ryan are unlike anything I have every known, It feels like a dangerous love, but safe. How can I feel scare of it and excited about it all at one time? Even Summer thinks I've lost my mind, but I don't care. I love Ryan Atwood.


I can't sleep; I've had insomnia for days. I have to know if Ryan feels the same way or not. I know he does, but he hasn't said anything yet. We've talked, we've joked around, but nothing serious, I mean not like we kissed or anything.

Invisible Waves

Atop the Farris wheel, Marissa leaned over to kiss Ryan. It was the sweetest most passionate kiss she had ever shared with anyone. It felt like invisible waves coursing through her body. She didn't want it to end; she wanted it to go on forever. She felt the Farris Wheel moved beneath her and she pulled back. She and Ryan held hands for the rest of the ride. At least she had her answer now; he did like her!