Here are some drabbles and short stories (450 words or less) crossing Danny's universe with others - a sadly underdone concept, in my humble opinion.

Danny Phantom and his friends have an agent in this quantum reality. It isn't me. It's Butch Hartman, and he's a much cooler guy than I am.

We'll start with Buffy the Vampire Slayer - specifically the Halloween episode that seems a de facto requirement for writers of the genre, with the latest popular twist of including Dawn. (Which, I might say, works rather better than Xander as Danny.) There's a timing disconnect between DP and BtVS. Solve it as you wish. Ethan did...

BtVS belongs to Joss Wheldon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox.

"Dawn Phantom"

Ethan smiled as the young girl left with her costume. It had taken some hard work to get, but she was perfect for it.


Danielle Masters, aka Dani Phantom, looked around, stunned. A moment before, she'd been raiding Vlad's kitchen - assisted by the Dairy King - and she'd been in her human form. Now she was in an alley, next to a soldier, things were scurrying everywhere -

"Xander! XANDER! DAWN!"

- there was a ghost rapidly approaching -


When Giles smashed the bust of Janus, nobody noticed that Dawn, after snapping back to herself, had been briefly surrounded by two rings of light.

These are all what I call "Adopt-A-Plot-Bunny Fics". While the stories themselves are mine, I encourage others to find inspiration in them. If you wish to either expand the circumstances of the story, or do a sequel exploring the consequences, there's no need to ask - Just Do It. :-)