Snow Beast

Chapter one

Sam sat at the table in the motel sifting through sites on his computer about strange occurrences when one finally caught his eye. He read a few paragraphs before looking over at his brother who lay stretched out on the bed watching a football game.

"I found one that looks interesting."

"Yeah, what?"

"Well there's something on here about missing skiers. It appears skiers have been turning up missing within a five mile radius on a mountain in Colorado." Sam read from the screen. "Several ski lodges have reported the mysterious disappearances of guests at their lodge. It appears the skiers went out on their own, or with others, but then broke off to ski by themselves and were never seen again." Sam looked back at Dean. "What do you think?"

"Could be interesting or it could be something explainable, like an avalanche."

"Well what do you think? Do you want to check it out?"

"Hmmmm ski lodge huh…?"

"You still know how to ski Dean don't you?" Sam smiled over at his brother.

"Yeah, I still know how to ski jerk, just haven't done it for awhile. How 'bout you? When was the last time you went skiing?"

"Well in my freshman year at college Jess and I went to Utah on winter break and got some skiing in." He smiled sadly remembering. "We had a good time….What about you, when was the last time you skied."

"Probably when I was fourteen and dad took us up to that mountain. It's been a long time."

"It's just like a bike Dean, once you learn you never forget."

Dean gave a little smile and nodded, not quite convinced. Sam had always been a better skier then he was. Even as kids Sam used to fly down the slopes while he took his time. Of course Sam was younger and more adventurous and only cared about the fun he was having, while Dean had been old enough to see the broken legs and broken backs and realized the sport could be painful and wasn't all that safe.

He remembered when Sam was about ten and had snuck out before dawn and climbed to the top of the mountain. Their dad had left them alone for the day and had left Sam in Dean's care. When their dad had come home the next morning and found out Sam was missing he hadn't said anything to Dean but Dean could see in his face how disappointed he was in him. As they left to look for him a sudden storm had come up and buried everything in snow. Sam had been missing for over a day and Dean had never been that scared before in his life thinking his brother might be dead. When they finally found him they saw that he had dug a small cave out of the snow to escape from the weather and had spent the day huddled inside, just like their dad had taught them. Dean remembered pulling his little brother out expecting him to be terrified but instead found him grinning, proud that he had made it through the storm alone. Their dad had been angry at Sam for going out alone but he had been furious at Dean for not keeping an eye on him. Sam had stood up to their dad that day and told him that it wasn't Dean's fault that he had snuck out early in the morning without his knowledge. It was the first time Dean had seen Sam talk back to their dad who didn't speak to either of them the rest of the day.

"Let me get dad's journal and see if he has anything in there about disappearances in Colorado." Dean said shaking himself out of his day dream.

He picked up the journal which had been on the table between the two beds and opened it up. He turned to the section marked disappearances and paged through it.

"Here's something. It says here that dad came across a snow creature while staying in Montana. He says it tends to attack loan skiers or hikers, devouring the bodies and leaving little if any evidence. Apparently it grabs a victim then takes them back to its lair where it strips off their clothes then dismembers them and lives off the bodies for the next few days before heading out to find a new victim. Dad says it also lives off what ever other wildlife it can kill. It can disappear for months or even years before attacking another human, or he says, it could attack another one the next day…you just can't tell. He says he tracked it by following the large footprints in the snow plus the really bad odor it gives off. He says you can smell it for miles if the wind is blowing right."

"Sounds interesting…. Does he say how to kill it?"

"He says it's very elusive but if you can lure it into a circle of flames it will be trapped inside and will be unable to escape due to its fear of fire. Then he says you can kill it with a shot directly into its heart with a silver bullet. Shooting it anywhere else outside the circle of fire will not kill it and only cause it to become enraged and it will begin killing anything it can get its hands on. He says here the creature only kills for food unless it feels threatened and that it prefers to stay hidden and away from humans. But he says once it has a taste for humans and realizes what easy prey they are it could stay in the same area picking off victims one by one before disappearing back into the woods.

"Hmmmm sounds sort of like a Sasquatch or a Yeti."

"Yeah but a big foot doesn't kill humans, at least not the ones we've come across. And dad has in here that this creature is only found in snowy areas while a big foot prefers thick woody areas. … A Yeti is a possibility but I never heard of one in the states only in Asia."

"Well what do you think? Want to give it a try?"

"Why not, it beats sitting around here."

"Okay, then we're off to Colorado." Sam typed Colorado and ski lodges into the search bar on the computer. He picked one that was in the area of the disappearances and then using one of their fake credit cards reserved two rooms. "All set." He looked over at Dean and smiled, he was actually looking forward to getting a little skiing in.

"Well then let's get packed, we'll pick up the gear we need along the way."