The Second Chapter by popular demand!

Epilogue: To be or not to be?

It had been eight days since Jack's little secret was revealed and it still refused to be hidden away again, he had tried all sorts of dyes and make-up but none of them would stay on longer than a few seconds. So Jack decided to go to drastic actions…

He would simply lie in bed until it wore off, so there he lay curled up under the quilt hugging little teddy Jack which was a teddy bear that wore a red wig and yellow goggles

One of his jack bots came in with a sandwich and a glass of coke; it looked at him and went up to his bed.

"Sir will you please eat something?"

"I'm not hungry"

"Sir it has been two days and twelve hours since you last ate and even then it was of minimum proportions" It said "we are worried"

"Guess I did something right by giving you guys emotion chips" Jack muttered and then rolled over so he couldn't see the Jack-bot "Look I just don't feel well okay?"

"Shall I call the doctor?"

"Not unless they've invented a cure for albinism!" he grumbled and closed his eyes.

Back at the lair the Jack-bot came down to see the Chameleon bot standing there, the Jack-bot put the tray and food down.

"He's still feeling down huh?" the Chameleon bot asked the Jack-bot it nodded and looked at him.

"Sometimes I think he envies us, we can turn off these emotion chips in our head but he can't" it said "I wish there was something we can do for him, after all he's done so much for us"

"You mean despite us being thrown into countless battles where we're bound to get turned into scrap metal?" Chameleon bot demanded.

"He gave us AI so we can think for ourselves and emotion chips, he even put a back-up system into us so when we get destroyed our A.I are relocated into the main computer so we can just go back once we're fixed"

"True…still…hey I got an idea" The Chameleon bot said.


"If the Shen-gong-wu Reo Reverso did this to him maybe if we used the Reversing mirror on him it'll reverse the effects!"

"Logical plan however there is one flaw in your hypothesis" Jack-bot said.

"Oh yes the Sadistic jerks with 'Holier than thou' complexes also known as the Xiaolin Dragons" Chameleon bot grumbled but walked to the door anyway. "That is a good point the probability of the mission succeeding is very low however…" he looked down and then at the Jack-bot.

"I'll go and try and get it, see if you can sir to eat something later, he's going to make himself malfunction at this rate" Chameleon bot declared it turned into a bird and flew out the door…

Meanwhile the Xiaolin Dragons were meditating.

"Hey has anyone noticed we haven't seen Jack lately?" Clay said.

"And your point is?" Raimundo asked "The less we see of him the better"

"I just can't help but wondering if we hurt his feelings a bit, we were kinda nasty to him about his…"

"Freakiness?" Kimiko giggled.

"Condition" Clay said sternly "How would you like it if we all laughed at you if you were like that?"

"Well for one I'm not, and two Jack Spicer was a freak even before we learnt of his little colour problem!"

"I still believe he is a ghoul from the underworld"

"Hey Clay why you defending him all of a sudden?" Raimundo demanded "you thought so just as much as us!"

"Yeah that might be but I didn't go a' screaming 'Oh my god he's a vampire now!' I had a little bit of restraint!" Clay said just as Master Fung came in, they got up and walked over to him.

"My pupils I've noticed that we have seen less of Jack Spicer of late, the last time was when you went to get the Shen-gong-wu did something happen?" he asked.

"Jack Spicer is really a ghoul Master Fung he is probably hiding until the sun sets so he may suck the blood from innocent people!" Omi cried Master Fung looked at them with a confused look.

"Omi partner Jack told us what was wrong with him, he's an albino that's all" Clay sighed.

"Yeah but he still looks freaky, it like someone forgot to colour him in!" Raimundo chuckled.

"Perhaps you should have a taste of what's it like to look different from other people" Master Fung said and the Xiaolin Dragons looked at him as he held out his hand to show a metal ball, a puff of gas erupted out of it and hit them on the face. Seconds later four Xiaolin dragons collapsed around Master Fung feet.

Master Fung's chest opened up and with a load of whirs and clicks changed into Chameleon-bot, he tied them and then hauled out a box with 'Kimiko' printed on it, he picked up a bottle.

"My master finds it very upsetting that you think of him different because of the way he looks, perhaps I should change that" and he began to work…

Jack was still curled up in his bed, his stomach felt knotted up and roared with hunger but he didn't care at that moment he felt like dying. Just then Chameleon Bot came in and if it could it was smiling.

"Master I have something you would like to see" he beamed.

"Oh really? What?" Jack demanded but the Chameleon bot merely grabbed his hand and pulled him out of bed.

The Chameleon bot took him to the temple and Jack instantly covered his head groaning.

"There is no need for that sir" Chameleon bot said happily and pointed to the meditation hall, they went in and Jack stopped when he saw the Xiaolin Dragons still tied up and was now just waking up.

"Oh…my…God" he said and couldn't help but laugh out loud; Raimundo woke up and tried to leap up only to wriggle and fall down. The other woke up too to be faced with a big board covered in a cloth; Jack was still reining in his giggles when Kimiko glared at him.

"Jack what are you doing here?" she demanded.

"Well usually it's to steal your wu but this time I think it's a little bit of revenge" he said and with that whipped away the cloth.

They all screamed at what they saw…

Clay's hair was dyed bright green and was gelled to be the shape of a star with five prongs sticking out of his head. Raimundo was dyed pink with purple streaks which were styled into a Mohican! Kimiko's hair looked like it was dragged through a car wash and it looked like Chameleon bot had used nearly every hair dye he could find. Omi had a massive rainbow coloured afro wig glued onto his head!

Jack was rolling around laughing while the Xiaolin Dragons were swearing in Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese however Clay just sat there looking very thoughtful.

"You know I think we kinda deserved this"

"We deserved this!" Raimundo shrieked "Clay look at us we look more freakish that Jack and he was born like that!" Chameleon bot and Jack got up and walked towards the vault.

"You know Jack it'll take us a few secs to get out of this" Kimiko snarled and Jack grinned and looked at her.

"I know and it'll also take Chameleon bot a few secs to e-mail photos we took of you while you were asleep to every evil doer we know and then some!" Jack grinned "So gives us half an hour to help ourselves and then feel free to break loose" he giggled "By the way I love your hair"

Kimiko screamed blue murder at Jack as he walked out, he and Chameleon bot helped themselves to the wu.

"Sir I have obtained the Reo Reverso and reversing mirror, we could use it now if you like" he said but Jack shook his head.

"Nah a couple more days with white hair is far better than a couple of months of walking around with those hairdos!" Jack cackled "Now I wonder what Chase Young's e-mail address is?"