A/N: This is basically JD's thoughts during the scene with him and Veronica on the front steps. It's not offering anything new, but I just felt compelled to write something...unfortunately, all I have to present is this joke of a drabble. But if at least one person gets something outta this, I'll know that not all is not lost...

Disclaimer: Me no ownie.


At that moment you don't know whether to fuck her or strangle her, but you will admit one thing, she's certainly one clever little bitch.

Well you suppose you already had insight on that fact…but fuck.

You think if she wasn't so staunch on saving the various sheep of Westerberg High, she'd make an excellent partner. You saw the potential in her, even on that first day in the cafeteria. But now that potential is going to be wasted on "the greater good of man", or whatever glossy piece of bullshit she's jumping to preserve.

It's fucking unbelievable, really, it is.

As far as you're concerned, she'sa blatantcontradiction equipped with a pulse and great tits. Ever the shameless hypocrite; ready to say what she wants but never quite capable of seeing it through.

You know your actions would be considered drastic by most, and meaningful by few, but at least you're willing to stand by them.

And while you realize that dying a martyr for a lost cause is a bit of a stretch in comparison to what you had originally intended, you're more than prepared to go out like a smug bastard.

And judging from the lazy expression on her face, she's more than ready to witness it.

Clever little bitch, indeed.

- конец (end)-