Before you begin reading it must be known that if you really want to catch the jokes made in this story, it is advisable that you read 'Bath Time' and 'Bath Time 2: Back in Bubbles' so that your understanding of the story's plot will flow more smoothly plus it's a really funny story by one of may fav authors Kerichi. And that I'm 1000 for Kish x Ichigo so I hope you enjoy it and please review cause I don't want to continue my story until I know my flaws in the first chapter. Arrigato!

Chapter 1

We find our love birds Masaya and Ichigo on their second date alas, dinning in one of Japan's finest restaurants. After her first disastrous attempt at preparing a meal for her Aoyama, Ichigo decides to let Masaya spoil her a bit and take her out so they can have a delicious, enjoyable dinner without any interference from a certain green-haired alien. So with the help of her ever lovable (and eavesdropping) mother, Ichigo found the sexiest cocktail dress she could wear. A halter, chenille dress with a tempestuous X-cut leading to her lower back and the designer gown ending just below her 'curves'! By some miracle of Buddha, she managed to control those wild red curls of hers and twist them into a French bun. Of course, her bangs refused to stay put, but strangely enough it complimented her outfit better than expected. Masaya wore a navy blue blazer that suited his Kendo body quite handsomely.

The setting was picturesque with the two lovers affably gazing into each others eyes, stealing smiles in between courses…oh Ichigo thought it was going to be a night to remember! But boy was everyone oblivious to the fact that they were being watched by more than passers-by.

It was time to order dessert, Ichigo's favorite meal of the day. She quickly skimmed through delicacies from cheesecake to trifle in search of her desired chocolate tipped strawberries. To hide her disappointment, she pretended that she wasn't really hungry and told Masaya to go ahead and order for himself. Then she left a puzzled Aoyama to go onto the restaurant's balcony for some fresh air. As she approached the railings, she saw the most peculiar yet delicious thing…a plate filled with chocolate tipped strawberries! "How is this possible?" She quickly went inside to query with a waiter about her discovery.

"Excuse me sir but there's a dessert plate on the balcony's railings and I can't help but feel it was left for me as chocolate tipped strawberries are my all time fav," she said.

"Why yes ma'am you're quite correct," replied the waiter ever so sweetly.

"But I don't understand it, it's not even on your menu?" asked a bewildered Ichigo.

"I'm quite aware of this, but you see the chef received a tip earlier on from a fellow that said a certain red-haired guest of ours would do anything for this delightful treat. But don't worry seeing that he paid, and quite handsomely to make sure you got it. Enjoy your dessert!" and on that note Masaya approached Ichigo solemnly. Oh my gosh please tell me that he didn't hear the conversation! It was indeed clear that Masaya did overhear what was aforesaid.

"So, do you know who might have sent it for you?" asked a rather calm, but deeply upset Masaya.

"Aoyama I truly don't know…I mean…other than my parents you are the only person I know that knows my secret sweet tooth for chocolate tipped strawberries!"

"Okay, I believe you. Let's just enjoy the night then more than ever now that you've got what you've wanted."

Gently touching his hand, Ichigo replied, "He's already here." It was a loving gesture to try to console Masaya after being humiliated like that, but even her genuine words weren't enough to heal his wounds for the night. Afterwards, he dropped her home, politely escorted her to her door and gently kissed her on her cheek. His bitter-sweet kiss proved to Ichigo that Masaya was truly upset about what happened earlier on and Ichigo vowed to find the culprit and humiliate him worse than how he embarrassed her Aoyama.

It was getting later by the minute and all Ichigo wanted at this point was to take a hot bath and forget all about this evening. Ironically, before all this happened all an ardent Ichigo wanted was to never forget her 'suppose to be special' night out with Masaya! As she entered her bedroom and began to undo her dress, a hand touched her shoulder. She immediately leaped forward, tied back the dress and swiftly turned around to see that it was only her mother.

"Hi darling didn't mean to startle you there. How was your date with Masaya?" she said with a twinkle in her eye.

"It was splendid reidou (N.B reidou: mother), I really enjoy his company," replied Ichigo half-heartedly.

"Who wouldn't, I mean the boy's a hunk and so gentlemanly…is something wrong otome (N.B otome: daughter)?"

"No mom, I've just had so much excitement today I don't think I have the energy to make conversation now," she sighed.

"No problem, we'll talk in the morning. Goodnight otome" and Sakura bid her well with a kiss. With that notion, Ichigo hurriedly set the bath tub and began to undress…again. As she prepares to take off her black, lacey lingerie she once again had a visitor in her room, one she definitely didn't want to see her in her undergarments.

"Enjoy your dessert kitty?" whispered a mischievous Kish in such a sensual tone it brought shivers down her spine.

"Can Pistachio do that with a whisper?" he said with a proud smirk. Ichigo was infuriated, mostly with herself for letting Kish take control of her body like that! And she hated him more for being ever so accurate. She longed for her body to respond like that with Masaya, but it had a mind of its own…and a heart for Kish.

"What are you doing in my room?" she yelled and spun around and shoved him away from her.

"Nice outfit," Kish replied with a raised eyebrow and a smile painted onto his face. With that remark Ichigo glanced at herself and realized she was in her lingerie! She shrieked and scurried to find her bathrobe.

"Get out now!" she screamed and was personally escorting him out her window when a fatherly voice outside her door stopped her dead in her tracks.

"Ichigo, what's going on in there?" asked a very tired and annoyed deifu.

"It's nothing dad…uhhh…just this…this uhhh…this cat! right, a cat jumped in my room uninvited and I'm shooing him…I mean IT out. Sorry to wake you, I'll be quieter now!"

"This 'cat' isn't going anywhere unless you want your father to come up again." Furious, Ichigo stomped her foot on the ground, forgetting what she told her father.

"Ichigo!" yelled an angered deifu.

"Sorry!!!" "Kish, I'm tired and all I want is my hot…BATH! I LEFT THE WATER RUNNING!!! In a flash Ichigo flew to the bathroom and stopped the water just in time.

"Bath time again, koneko-chan?" asked a sly Kish as he posed, leaning on her bathroom door.

"I'll never get in a tub with you!" cursed Ichigo.

"I recall you did indeed do such wearing a swimsuit my dear. Let's omit it tonight shall we?" he grinned and as he approached her waist to untie her bathrobe, Ichigo quickly slapped away his hand.

"That only happened by force!"

"But you didn't seem to mind it one bit." he said and softly laughed at the memory. Then, his joyous face suddenly became very grave. "Ichigo, I know you want me. I saw that expression on your face when you realized what was on the balcony, a face filled with shock yet filled with admiration at the thought that someone left for you what you craved for the most, what wasn't even thought of by the chef to prepare as a dessert, and it was all for you! That son of a bitch Pistachio couldn't care less if you ate dog food and you know it!" Kish said with such passion in his eyes it almost brought Ichigo to her knees.

"A…A…Aoyama cares for me, what are you talking about and stop calling him Pistachio!" she countered after composing herself from Kish's speech.

"If he does then why didn't he bring you the dessert instead of me?" he replied, moving closer to Ichigo with every spoken word.

"Because he doesn't have that kind of money to bribe…wait a minute…how did you get money?" she retorted, which made Kish jump back a bit.

"I robbed a bank," he replied dryly.

"You WHAT!"

"Just kidding! Pai has discovered a way of cloning your money for our use when and if we decide to visit earth, although it's much more fun to steal it!" teased Kish.

"Oh you…" but before Ichigo could even think about finishing her sentence, Kish grabbed her by her waist close to him and pressed her against the rim of the tub.

"Koneko-chan, you know I love you and would give the throne to Pai or Tart and stay here with you whether you want me here or not because just one glimpse of your breath taking face is enough to put me through the night. But a glimpse isn't enough now koneko-chan, I want you all to myself! I want to treat you like the queen you are, shower you with gifts day and night and make love to you till we can't breathe! I want to fill your world with love and ecstasy and to grow old with you and even then you'll never stop being the most beautiful woman to me and I'll always love you koneko-chan," replied a passionate Kish. His crystalline eyes now looked like golden pools as tears began to form in them. Ichigo couldn't help but be moved by his words, so true and meaningful.

"But what about Masaya? I can't leave him…" uttered a shaken little kitten.

"Damn Masaya and damn me koneko-chan! What do you want? Be honest and don't give a shit how either of us feel when you make your decision because it's not what we feel, it's what you want!"

"I…I want…" and as she gazed deeply into Kish's eyes she gave him her answer. With one swift hand onto her robe and another caressing her face, Kish kissed her deeply and undid her robe with such ease Ichigo was immediately aroused and up came those ears of hers! As her robe fell to the floor, Kish began to use his free hand to caress her ears as well and did she ever love it. He broke their kiss gently and whispered in her ear "I knew you'd come to me" and abruptly vanished, back to his home planet, leaving behind a bewildered Ichigo, feeling very flustered and looking as red as a…you guessed it…Strawberry!

As she slowly began to recover from her moment of passion, she whimpered to herself "Why did you go?" and then realizing he wasn't going to return tonight, proceeded to take her now cold bath.

………but her cry didn't go unheard……….