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In Her Dreams



She closed her eyes, unable to hold back the shiver that went through her as his hand ran the side of her body. She felt his silent laughter into the side of her breast where he was nuzzling her, he moved down placing kisses sporadically as he went, till he reached her knickers.

"These need to go I think," he whispered, hooking his fingers into the sides, and with her assistance pulled them down. Leaving her completely bare to his intense gaze, "Beautiful," he murmured. Pressing hot open-mouthed kisses against her skin, she let out a frustrated groan as he managed to avoid every spot she wanted him to touch as he moved back up her body.

"Something wrong little one?" He whispered, as he reached eye level.

She looked into his twinkling green eyes, "Nothing at all." She replied as she pulled him into a kiss, showing him just how much she wanted him. Hooking an ankle around his muscular thigh she moved her body against his. Tearing her lips from his she moved to below his ear, "Now," she whispered.

He heeded the advice and within moments she was once again filled with the sensation that only he could bring. One moment they were moving in sync just savouring the feeling of their coupling, and the next he was racing her to the peak, only to bring her back down again.

When he reached up and manipulated her breast in one of his large hands, she knew she wasn't far off, so wrapping her legs around his waist, she urged him on. Her head fell back as she neared the end, when she felt him shaking, she realised that he was going to follow her over the edge.

Cupping his face in her hands, she looked into his eyes. Not blinking from the unflinching stare. Keeping her eyes locked on his, she cried out as he sent her over the precipice. A few moments later he followed her with a groan. Rolling over onto his back he pulled her with him, keeping them connected he cuddled her close to him, as she tried to catch her breath.

Her eyes flew open as she heard a cars tyre screeching out of her window, it was then that she realised she was alone.

"Oh Merlin," she whispered. It had felt so real, she could feel every move he made, her body felt like it was on fire, and the throbbing between her legs wasn't fading. She quickly drew the hand away.

It wasn't like it was her first time having a dream like that. She had had others. Others that were much more vivid in detail. But him, why Marcus Flint?

To be continued...