Couple: Hinted Taiora

Genre: Poem/Romance

Rating: K+

Summary: A poem from Sora's p.o.v.

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or any of the characters.



So what is happiness?

How can you describe it?

I know it's an emotion

But it cannot be defined

Sadness is when you're down

So is happiness when you're "up"?

No, that's does not sound right

It cannot be defined

Anger is when you're blinded

So with happiness can you see?

That still does not sound right

It cannot be defined

Love is when you're floating

But with happiness you don't sink

It is so hard to explain

It cannot be defined

What makes me truly happy?

What is the light in my life?

Deep in my heart I know it

Is this how it's defined:

Happiness is when I'm happy

I smile, I laugh, I'm high

There's one thing that makes me happy

This I can define:

You make me happy

You make me smile

I love you my dear Taichi

You're my happiness, defined