Hard Lessons

Dark Lady Devinity

Warning: This is really pathetic.

There are hard lessons to learn in life and there's no easy way to learn them. Children have to learn that some things are dangerous and sometimes the only way for them to learn that is through broken arms and skinned knees. Teenagers have to learn that life won't always be perfect and they can't have their way all the time. They might not make that sports team or stay together with a boyfriend. Adults have to learn that they can't be perfect and that their children aren't always going to need them. They have to learn that marriage takes work. Everyone, child, teen, adult, has to learn that not everything is forever and that everything dies eventually.

You have to learn that the cat will never be accepted into the Chinese Zodiac. You have to face that you're too hot-headed to actually beat Yuki and that the rat will always have the words that ignite your temper and throw your abilities off. No matter what you do, what you say, who you love; there are those who will always think you worthless. Learn this.

It isn't supposed to be easy.

However, that does not mean that every hard lesson has to be a negative learning experience. A hard lesson can be so possible on a person. Is it not hard for a child to learn to ride a bike, what with the skinned knees and shaky start? Yet that child does master the bike eventually and now has something to be proud of and something to tie him in with other children. Teenagers with broken hearts learn to love again and they learn how to handle a relationship based on what failed and what worked for them when with a former boyfriend. Adults let go of their children and see that the child can really become something good and strong on their own. They haven't failed as a parent.

And you. You've learnt something too, haven't you? It's there in the way you look at her and she smiles at you. The little onigiri loves you for who you are as a person, not what some legend says you should be. Maybe its romantic love, maybe it's just friendship, but she loves you and she has taught you how to love yourself. Even if you only love yourself a little. Through it all, you have found yourself a father and people who are willing to be friends with you. Despite being a "worthless monster", you have learnt that you have the ability to laugh and smile and be loved. You've become calmer, (somewhat), and you can forgive.

It has hurt so badly to get this far. Yet here you are. Hard lessons and all.