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Gateway to Peace

By: Pixiegirl13

Chapter 1 Destiny Is Here

Ripping open a beef jerky stick wrapper with her teeth, Kat could hear the racing of footsteps on the stairs to her left. Her stolen midnight snack was quickly put on pause as she scrambled to her feet with a quiet swear coming from her lips. The abandoned subway station was hers. She didn't know any other bum in these streets that would fight her for the smelly, noisy place anyways. What idiot would be stupid enough to try and get it from her now?

Well, the person sure wasn't trying to sneak up on her. He was panting heavily and raced down the cement steps of the subway station taking two at a time. Kat flew to her feet and took out her knife. Preparing for a fight, Kat put her long light brown hair in a messy pony tail and crept up to the side of the steps. Just as Mr. Stupid Ambusher was in her sight, she tackled him roughly to the ground and pinned him there, her also stolen expensive knife pressed up against his neck.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you now, idiot!" she hissed down at him. In the dim light of the full moon outside shinning in, she could make out the teen's sharp features and hazel green eyes stare up at her with surprise. He was strongly built. He had to be if he wanted to steal her spot in the subway station. She was known in these parts.

"Nevva?" he asked dumbly.

"Freak!" Kat spat down at him. "I don't speak stupid. But you're a good looking stupid person, so I'm giving you a chance to plead your case. Talk."

"Yeah, not Nevva," the boy said with a frustrated sigh. He then grabbed Kat's hand with the knife and actually was able to kick her off him. Before Kat knew it, she was flying through the air and landed on the cracked tiles a few feet away from the boy. She sat up in a daze and stared at the guy with a puzzled expression planted on her face. He was stronger than she had thought.

"It seems like you have met a friend, Pendragon," another voice sounded from the steps. Kat picked herself up with an angry growl. Now there were two of them. She didn't have much of a chance now to keep her hideout. But she was going to fight till they threw her out of her home.

"Leave this person alone, Saint Dane," the boy named Pendragon said to the new arrival. The man, who Pendragon had called Saint Dane, was tall with a pointy chin. He was bald with red fire looking lines on his head. His ice cold eyes were what stood out the most, though. They cut through Kat as if she was only a measly bug. Just his one glance sent a shiver down her spine.

"Oh, but I can't do that, Pendragon, and you know it," Saint Dane said calmly down to the boy. "You do remember what I did to the other nuisance who said this was his home a few years ago. I wonder when the next train will arrive." He smiled evilly down upon both of them.

Pendragon looked uneasy as he glanced over to Kat with fear in his eyes. She stared boldly back at him and listened carefully as he retorted, "You're not after innocent street girls, Saint Dane. Leave her alone. But I guess you'll get rid of any girl sense you can't find the one you're looking for."

"You guys suck," Kat spat at both of them suddenly. They both looked her way with surprised looks on their faces. "You come down here to interrupt my midnight snack, not to steal my place, but to go have a conversation that I'm clearly NOT following! Just…get out! I'm sick of people."

"Man, I wished that worked on him," Pendragon muttered. His eyes went wide as he saw Saint Dane pull out a pistol from his jacket. Kat didn't waist time at throwing her knife at the man. Her skillful aim was dead on and managed to lodge itself in Saint Dane's wrist. Kat stood, dumbfounded, as the man didn't even flinch. He simply plucked the knife out and threw it away. He chuckled wickedly as he brought up the gun.

"Great!" Pendragon hissed sarcastically to himself. He raced to Kat's side and grabbed the girl's wrist. "Move, girl!" he yelled at her while pulling her out of the way. The bullet whizzed past her head and a giant boom echoed off the walls. Pendragon yanked her toward the tracks with determination set in his eyes. Kat decided that running from the guy with the gun was a great idea and followed Pendragon with matching speed.

"A train is coming!" she yelled at the teen. She pointed down the tracks and sure enough, the light of a subway train was heading their way. She didn't want to cross the tracks when there was a chance she would be run over by one of those things.

"It's better than getting shot down by the maniac behind us!" Pendragon yelled back at her. The whole station seemed to vibrate as the train got closer. The two jumped down into the tracks and Kat could feel her teeth rattle and her ears protest against the sound of the subway's tremendous speed.

Pendragon got to the other side of the track first. He lifted himself up and put out a hand to help Kat up. She ignored his help and lifted herself up and took off once she was on her feet. "You're welcome!" he yelled at her as he grabbed her wrist and yanked her a different way into the station. They both glanced back and saw that Saint Dane couldn't do anything to them because a whole train was speeding past him on the other side of the tracks.

"Now to get past the quigs," Pendragon said as they ran blindly into a tunnel.

"And I wish I knew what you were talking about," Kat said. "Who was Psycho dude back there? And where the heck are we going?"

"Psycho dude would be called Saint Dane," Pendragon answered over his shoulder, "But you don't have to know that. Actually, it would be smart to forget both of us after this."

"What next, Pendragon boy?" Kat asked him with a smirk, "You're going to wave your hand and say this is only a figment of my imagination and forget it, or flash me with some gadget and tell me to get a job and find a good family as I stare stupidly at you?"

Pendragon actually laughed at her sarcasm. He stopped next to a wooden door with a star symbol carved into it. He then said with a kind smile, "We part from here. I go in here, you keep going that way and you'll end up at another subway station. Sorry for interrupting your midnight snack."

Kat stared at the symbol on the door with wonderment in her green hazel eyes. It was the same one on her shoulder that had been there since her birth. She had seen that kind of simple sketch of a star many times. But what was it doing on this door in the middle of nowhere?

"I guess splitting up would be good for both our health, huh?" she said with a shrug. "You're still a freak, though."

Pendragon folded his arms and laughed again. "You don't know the half of it. Now go before Saint Dane finds us or the quigs come?"

"What are quigs? They sound like some nacho sauce or something," Kat asked. She got her answer when a giant black dog lashed out at her from somewhere in the darkness. She screamed in fright and jumped back. Pendragon swore as he saw that they were both surrounded. There was no choice. Kat had to come with him if she was going to live.

"Come with me," Pendragon said as he grabbed her again and shoved her into the room behind the door. He came in after her and they both leaned against the door as the quig dogs tried to bang it open by jumping into it. "They are going to kill me for this!" Pendragon muttered harshly to himself.

"Yeah, I guess your parents wouldn't believe you if you told them you were late to come home because of some rabid dogs and a psycho path Saint something chasing you and a slum girl," Kat said matter-of-factly.

Pendragon looked over to her with confusion. She shrugged at him and then winced as the door almost opened from a hard hit on the other side. The boy finally made up his mind about something and dragged the girl away from their spot into the middle of the dead end room.

Before Kat could ask another question, Pendragon yelled at the top of his lungs, "Denduron!"

"Dendo-what?" Kat asked as jumbled up music hit her ears. Her eyes went wide as she looked down as saw that she was floating above the ground. She screamed and wrapped her arms around Pendragon's waist in total horror. She looked up into the boy's eyes and asked seriously, "Are you Superman?"

"No," Pendragon answered. He sighed before saying, "I'm just one dead meat Traveler who is right now breaking a very big rule. Good thing the person I'm taking you to is usually calm." Kat started to hyperventilate. "Calm down, person!" Pendragon yelled at her as her heard her breathing in and out at a fast pace than normal. "This shouldn't be scary soon."

Kat screamed again as a bright light suddenly flashed down on them.

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