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Chapter 6 Past Revealed

Pendragon stared silently into the flames sparking in the fire place in Loor's home. Loor and Saangi were sleeping soundly in the other room. Being the insomniac he was Bobby was up at two in the morning in deep thought.

They were taking too long to find the girl they needed to help stop of the Convergence. The teen quickly went over what the Creators had told him when all the turning points had passed. They had told him a prophecy of a girl being born into a rich family. She would be skilled and would know how to seal a Territory. The last tip they had given Bobby was that she was on one of the three Earths.

But the search was becoming futile and frustrating. There were millions of rich families on the Earths. Even with most of the Travelers and some of their acolytes searching for this girl, they were getting no where. A year had passed since then and no one had come close. The Convergence was quickly coming up fast and they had no one to save the Territories. Were all their efforts for nothing?

A loud knock on the wooden door jolted Pendragon out of his train of thought. He gave a small gasp and sprung to his feet while grabbing his staff. He swiftly made it to the door and asked suspiciously, "Who is it?"

"It's me, Alder! Open the door!"

"How do I know if it's you or Saint Dane or someone?" Bobby asked.

"Pendragon, please, she's unconscious and I don't know what to do," Alder said on the other side, breathless. "Just trust me!"

"Who's unconscious?" Bobby asked while cracking the door open a little. This was all Alder needed. He barged in with Kat's body in his arms. "Holy crap! Is she who I think she is? I told you to take her back to her Earth!"

"Our plans were rudely disrupted the second you left," Alder said while carefully putting Kat down next to the fire. Pendragon looked over her with his eyes wide. There wasn't a scratch to be seen. She only looked like she was sleeping.

"What is going on!" Bobby asked, confusion running deep in his voice.

"Pendragon, you won't believe it!" Alder said to him with a bright smile. "She's the one we were looking for! She is our gateway to peace!"

"Whoa! Back up. Rewind for a sec," Pendragon said while rubbing his forehead. "Let me ask you this one more time, Alder. What the hell is going on?"

"Who is this?" Loor asked while she and Saangi entered the room. The boys looked over to them with surprise. Loor folded her arms in front of her and narrowed her black eyes on Bobby.

"Let me explain," Alder said quickly before anyone else could speak.

"Yes, do that," Bobby said with a nod.

So for the next hour Alder told his story about what had happened to him and Kat for the past day and a half. The others stared intently at him as he told them about Kat actually sealing the Territory of Cloral. Pendragon then had to tell them his story about finding her in the slums of New York on Second Earth. Loor wasn't too pleased with his action and went on a rant about the rules of the Travelers, which Pendragon took in with a sigh.

"I didn't think she was the one because she was in the slums," Bobby said. He stared at Kat in deep thought.

"Maybe she used to be rich," Saangi suggested.

"But why wouldn't she tell us she was the Chosen one?" Pendragon asked. "A lot of Territories could be safe and sealed by now if she had told me this back at the subway station."

"And why did she pass out when sealing Cloral?" Alder asked. "The prophecy said she would have enough energy to seal a Territory."

"Yes, but not on her own," Bobby answered. "Spader should have been there with her. The Traveler from that Territory needs to be there for the sealing or it will have this effect on both Kat and the Traveler."

"Spader is most likely in the same state as Kat right now," Loor said.

"They'll be okay, right?" Alder asked.

Bobby smiled slyly while leaning back. "They are fine. Spader might not be too happy when he wakes up from his healing coma, but besides that, I wouldn't worry too much."

"I fail to see any humor in this, Pendragon," Loor sharply told him. The boy's smile dropped right away and it was now Alder and Saangi's turn to smile. "We need to know why she lied to us. The Creators did not tell us that she would be so deceiving."

"She never lied," Pendragon pointed out, "She just never told us she was the one."

"Maybe she is just a scared little girl," Saangi said bitterly. "She does not want to become the one to save us."

"Why else would she keep this away from us?" Pendragon asked with a deep sigh. "And who would willing be a Traveler for that matter?" He stared at the ground and added emotionlessly, "I don't blame her."

"I do not mind being a Traveler," Loor said boldly. Saangi nodded to agree with her. Even though she was only an acolyte, the girl had seen as much danger as any other Traveler.

Bobby and Alder glanced at each other with knowing smiles. Of course the two girls didn't mind. They were raised to kick butt since they were born. Alder had too, but it wasn't exactly in his blood. And let's face it, Bobby didn't have one ounce of bravery in his body before being forced into Traveler-hood. As the years went by, all the Travelers had accepted their fate and didn't complain about their profession in life. But if some of them were given the choice, many wouldn't have raised their hand to be picked.

"What is going on?" Kat suddenly asked. She shot to her feet and backed away from everyone, in full panic mode. "Where am I? This isn't sea world!" Her last line actually got a laugh out of Pendragon. His laugh brought Kat's attention on him. It took her a second to remember him. She then saw Alder and calmed down.

"You passed out," Alder told her. "I brought you here to Pendragon. We aren't on Cloral anymore, Kat."

Kat frowned, trying to compute what had just happened. She was still in a panicked daze. Finally she calmed herself with a worried sigh. She sunk to her knees and stared at the floor. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I should have told you I was the one you were looking for."

"We are just wondering why you didn't tell us," Pendragon said softly.

"When I was young, a man came to our mansion and told me I would save a lot of people one day," Kat said with no emotion to her voice. "He told me to prepare for the right time. He told me to train and soon everything would come clear to me."

Tears flooded her hazel eyes. She gritted her teeth as memories came back to her. "At the time I was excited to help others. I considered myself a superhero of some kind. I asked my rich parents for lessons for everything from physical combat to more subjects in school. I wanted to be the best!"

"What happened?" Loor asked softly. This caught everyone else off guard. Usually she was unemotional and stern. But the subject was hitting home to the warrior girl. Loor could relate a little to what Kat was saying.

"It all came crashing down," Kat said with a small sob. "When I was 14 my world started to change. I started to get visions in my dreams telling me what I should do. They taught me how to seal what you guys call Territories. The visions sometimes told me to do better mentally or physically in my training or actually what to train for. Then just a year ago, a vision told me to leave my family. It was the first time I didn't obey it. I refused to leave my parents and siblings.

"So then they were yanked away from me. A week after that vision, I was at a late night hunting thing with some people. Hunting was one of the skills my visions told me to do. But as I was dropped off at my house in Beverly Hills, and as I was walking up my driveway, my mansion exploded."

"Whoa! You must mean your house caught on fire. It couldn't have just exploded," Bobby said. He had actually seen the footage of that one mansion burned to the ground. They had said everyone in the house had died. "The news…"

"The news lied," Kat hissed back. "The truth is that the house exploded. It knocked me out and when I woke up a saw him."

"Who?" everyone in the room asked, caught up in the girl's story.

"A man was standing in the flames of what used to be my house," Kat said. "I couldn't make him out through the fire and smoke, but I know it was him who did that to my family. All I really remember of him is that he had the evilest smile on his face as he looked me right in the eyes. And his eyes were cold. Like…"

"Saint Dane's," Bobby answered for her bitterly. Everyone else nodded. They knew the guy all too well. It was now no surprise to them that Saint Dane had done that to her.

"After that I went into shock and insanity for a few months," Kat said, shaking her head. "Everything I had ever known had been wiped away. I was scared to restart, so I ran. I spent so much time training I hadn't developed close enough friends, so I lived as a homeless person after the explosion. I got drunk a lot of nights and became a druggie. I didn't want to train anymore. I didn't want anymore visions. I didn't want to save anyone. I had quit.

"It was just two months ago that I hit rock bottom," Kat continued. "I had moved to New York because staying anywhere near Beverly Hills would bring up memories I didn't want. I had no money left for drugs. I had nothing and I was nothing. I couldn't even walk a block to the soup kitchen. It was then that I suddenly had another vision. It told me to carry on and all would be well.

"I remember sitting there in that alley one day in the pouring rain. I was wet, starved, bitter, weak, and pretty much the most pathetic thing you have ever seen. It was then that I thought I could only go up. It was either get up and move on or die there. It was the hardest thing to do in my life, but I got to my feet and slowly walked away.

"I found an abandoned subway station that day," Kat finished up. "I started to work at random places for money, stole some food, or ate at a soup kitchen in the morning to survive. I fended off my small home with my years of training. But I didn't get involved in a gang or communicated with anyone unless I had to. I would be ready when the day came to save these people, but I wasn't going to risk the lives of anymore loved ones in my life.

"That was why I didn't tell you I was the chosen one. I was afraid I would become attached to you guys and then have to see you all die! But it didn't work! I still became friends with someone even though I didn't want to. I'm just afraid you all will get hurt!"

Bobby glanced up to Alder and saw the teen was looking at Kat with deep sadness on his face. It was clear the two had become friends. He looked over to Loor and Saangi. They were both staring at the ground, trying to process the information Kat had just released to them. Loor nodded to Pendragon to tell him the matter was in his hands.

"You won't have to worry about us getting hurt, Kat," Bobby told her. "We've been in this business for a few years. We've actually been looking for you for a full year now. And it is fine you didn't tell us. All of the Travelers have suffered emotionally over the years, some as bad as yours while others not so much. I lost my whole family. Loor and Saangi lost their mother. Alder lost his brother."

Bobby paused as he let the words sink into Kat's brain. He smiled warmly at her and said openly, "We are like one big, dysfunctional family. How 'bout you join us?"

Kat looked up at Bobby with confusion on her face. She had told him of the trouble she would cause him and his team, and yet he still wanted her to become apart of them. She just didn't understand why he would put all his team in danger. Maybe they were in the same boat as her.

But the girl decided to trust the other teen as she smiled at him. She suddenly wrapped her arms around him and hugged him while sobbing happily. At first Bobby didn't know what to do and was too surprised to react. He then finally hugged her back with an awkward look on his face. He noticed the others smiling slightly at him.

"You okay, now?" he asked her as she pulled away.

"Besides feeling like an idiot because of what a sobbing mess I am, I'm fine," she answered. She wiped away her tears with the back of her hand and gave a small sigh. She had finally found people who didn't care how weird she was. She had found her new life, and she was ready to start over.

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