Day 6: Saturday 1/2

" Hey there missy are you lost?" a middle aged man asked with a wink.

" No… um-" she started.

" I didn't know I died because you sure look like an angel sent from heaven," another male in the crowd pushed the first and whispered sexily (or tried to) at her. She grimaced and stepped back. What a stupid corny pick up line!

" Wow babe, you lookin' fine!" another hormonial male from the back shouted without shame. She narrowed her eyes at the numerous pairs of eyes ogling her- heck she could tell some were already undressing her in their dirty perverted minds!

Sakura glared daggers at the ridiculously large group of horny men in in front of her. (Honestly, she couldn't understand how many guys could fit into this itty-bitty restroom.) Thanks to the enclosed space, the young kunoichi could even smell the strong unpleasant aroma of tuna, sake, onions and other atrocious smells from their breath. The look of the bathroom didn't help make the smell better either.

' Who in their right mind would color restroom walls, puke green and brown/yellow for their urinals? Sakura thought horrified as she examined the urinals further and quickly turned her eyes away in disgust.

Ok, that definitely wasn't brown paint on the urinals...

She continuously tried to push her hand behind her back in hopes of escaping the male bathroom of hell. Sadly, the ring glowed a faded green and urged her forward; earning weird looks of curiosity from the men around her. She was so close to the exit!

" Is that a ring on your finger babe?" one young boy from the front took a step forward; eyeing her finger (or more likely the ring) like it was some sort of demon from hell. Which was exactly what Sakura thought of it at the dreaded moment.

" Don't tell me your taken babe? Who's the bastard that hooked up with you?" the man glared at her hand again in disgust, as if he would be a better partner for her.

She swore on her grave, that Uchiha Sasuke would find her shoe shoved up his bum if he doesn't show up any time soon.

' Grrrrr… Sasuke you ass, you better come and get me. Or. You're. Dead!' she growled.

" It's none of your business," she glared hotly at him. Her love life (or lack of in her opinion) was no one's business but her own.

" Yeah, gorgeous, he's not good enough for you!"

" Date me instead, it'll be worth it," someone else shouted, as they crowded around her in a circle.

Sakura looked back at the men surrounding her, hoping to find any familiar face that could possibly get her out of this mob. Sasuke, Naruto, Lee, hell even Gai-sensei! Anyone would be fine! It's not like she was fearing for her safet but rather the opposite. The young kunoichi couldn't promise not to do anything rash, especially in a room full of rabid males. Sakura's eyes narrowed, straining to see at the back of the crowd. Wait a sec? Did she just see a white mop of hair?

But before she could glance again, the crowed of ravenous men advanced forward, tightening the space around her. Great, just great. The one time she decides to dress nice for an occasion, she finds herself hounded by the wrong guys.

Sakura glared at her feet. ' C'mon move back already! It's just a stupid ring infused with chakra…. We can…make…it…arg!' she thought in frustration.

Slowly her feet began to inch backward, a thin sheet of sweat forming on her forehead from the effort. ' Yes!' she thought, feeling victorious, ' almost there!' But before she could reach for the handle, a large full hand rubbed the small of her back and slowly moved lower.

The kunoichi froze, as the hairs on her neck stood up in utter disgust.

" Hey there sexy babe, why don't we get outta here and go some place more private, hmm?" the deranged voice of someone crazy (and she says crazy, because no one is stupid enough to touch her unless they wanted to break their neck) spoke behind her.

Sakura shook, her fists getting ready to connect with the soon-to-be-dead-person behind her.

" I'll give you the best fu-"

' THAT'S IT, PUNCH HIS LIGHTS OUT!!' Inner Sakura roared.

Suddenly, the crowd of males began to take a step back from the shaking kunoichi who's fist apparently glowed a bright green. She grinned evilly at them and was about to turn around aiming a punch straight at the guy's face, but then raised an eyebrow in question. They all pointed a shaky finger behind her, stuttering as they backed to the wall slowly.

" I wouldn't want to finish my sentence if I were you…" a deep silky voice behind her whispered. Sakura didn't have to turn around to know who was behind her. She involuntary shivered from the tone of his calm voice, but Sakura knew that underneath the calm monotonous voice was the clear threat that he would surely follow through.

How unnerving he sounded.

" Kami! Isn't that Uchiha Sasuke!?" one of them asked, surprised.

" That's him, right?" one man whispered.

" Yeah, betrayed Konoha. What was the hokage thinking letting him come back here?" another man spat the words quietly.

Sakura abruptly turned around, walking toward the man who disrespected Sasuke. A scowl forming on her face. " Who do you think you are? You have no right to-"

A hand shot out to grab her wrist. " Let's go Sakura," he ordered in an impassive voice. She hesitated for a moment then followed the Sasuke's wishes.

The kunoichi glared across her shoulder one more time, before quietly following the silent Uchiha out of the stalls.

Honestly, he had absolutely no idea why he agreed to this.

He could be at home right now, getting some sleep. Surely anyone in his position would rather be sleeping their troubles away than being dragged to a pointless annual tradition, that-

" Hurry up!"

Or he could be watching the white mounds of clouds in the sky, simply basking in the quiet the forest had offered behind his home. Or even a game of shogi with Naruto ( who is impossibly idiotic in Shikamaru's opinion) would be a better choice than this.

" Kami, move faster you lazy ass! The entrance is right there!" she yelled.

Shikamaru sighed for the umpteenth time that day, rolling his eyes toward the sky. His teammates irritatingly loud voice grated through his ears like sandpaper. At this rate, the young chunnin wondered if he would lose his hearing at such a young age.

Maybe he could still turn back. ' C'mon brain, think of something to get me out of this,' he thought. If only he could get the woman's iron grip off of his wrist and maybe he could make a quick escape to the forest, or possibly lead her on with a clone.

But then again if he were to do any of that, he'll most probably have his ass handed to him by the obnoxiously loud woman.

" How troublesome…." He muttered, while an exuberant Ino pulled him with the strength of a bull. Why did he decide to go to this meaningless festival anyway?

" Shikamaru you are so lazy! Hurry up for kami's sake! Were already late because of you and now you want to be even more late! The others are probably here already… arg! Hey are you listen-" Shikamaru chose to ignore Ino's mindless ranting about his laziness from here.

Hell, he had a truckload of that jabbering from his mother everyday. He sure as hell didn't need a repeat of it from his teammate.

He was brought back to his senses when the pulling stopped. Blinking slowly, Shikamaru saw Ino's hands on her side looking extremely disappointed with him. The lazy chunning narrowed his eyes. ' Damn her, she's using that guilty trick again…' Shikamaru thought looking at anywhere but her. Last time she had used the power of her baby blue eyes, and pouting lips, he and Choji had been forced to help clean her garage for the whole day. By help, he meant clean her garage. By themselves.

Oh the joy.

" Stop it with the face Ino, it won't work." Shikamaru said to the blonde, finally looking back at his extremely quiet teammate.

" If, if you don't want to come Shikamaru I understand." She lowered her eyes on the ground.

" Sorry for forcing you," she muttered quietly. The young Nara's eye's widened at hearing the blonde's apology. Apology… apology… apology…Shikamaru couldn't believe his ears. She actually apologized, and gave him his freedom to choose.

Damn her. She's really upset with him.

Ino turned her back to Shikamaru, sighing softly. She really wanted him to go with her to the festival. After all she'd spent so much time fixing herself that morning just for this occasion and for him- the young woman halted her thoughts, a soft blush on her cheeks.

' Hell no! Stop that before it gets out of hand Ino! Get it together. ' She reminded herself, mumbling soft curses at her stupid thoughts. She wanted to go to the festival to-to meet the others and have fun. Exactly.

Shikamaru looked at his teammates back, slowly walking toward the festival. Sighing deeply, he began to catch up to Ino, passing in front of her.

Looking over his shoulder, he lazily replied, " What are you waiting for Ino? Hurry up." The blonde woman grinned widely before taking her place to his side, easily slipping into her normal bubbly self.

" Oooh Shikamaru you won't regret it! There are so many rides here and everything! See! Look over there!, and I want to ride that one later too! " she talked animatedly as they walked in the festival.

" Troublesome woman…" he muttered quietly as he glanced at the bubbly blonde beside him, and back onto the festival streets and booths. Why did he agree to this again?

Oh yeah, he didn't. But then again...he just did.

" Sasuke-kun you should've let me go! That guy was being rude-" Sakura countered.

" It doesn't matter." He retorted, looking as nonchalant as ever. But Sakura wasn't ready to let it go.

" Still, he should've minded his own business. He has no right to judge you like that."

Sasuke stopped abruptly, making the kunoichi halt on her steps. He was looking far off in the distance, as if remembering a past memory. Then his deep black eyes focused on her, a slight smirk on his lips. Sakura almost took a step back.

" And who does? You?"she furrowed her eyebrows at his comment.

" I never said that," she said.

" It sounds like you were implying it, " he retorted.

She glared at him. " Sasuke-kun we were talking about that guy's opinion. Not me."

" Your opinions are more interesting."

" My opinions hardly matter." She countered. Sakura knew that was a complete lie, but she wasn't about to let the obstinate Uchiha win this verbal argument.


" Is that your answer to everything?"


" Ugh."

Sasuke continued to walk on towards an alley in the festival (ignoring Sakura completely), aggravating the kunoichi to no end with his one-word answers. How the hell was she suppose to understand his limited vocabulary?

Sasuke looked out toward the outstretched booths laid out for them. It was noon, and if he was to commence with his plan, he might as well add the rides and prize giving for a bonus. This was all for her after all.

Everything was silent for a while, Sakura looking at various booths containing stuffed animals and such, while Sasuke glanced at the numerous lines of people filing for rides. When suddenly…


Sakura stopped walking as she noticed that the stoic Uchiha was no longer walking with her. Sakura looked to her left and right until she finally turned around. She looked at Sasuke's narrowed eyes and snorted, trying to keep the laughter at bay.

" S-Sasuke-kun…um…your…h-head," Sakura said in between breaths. She looked at the scowling Uchiha as he slowly reached for the top of his head, where a small plastic ramen bowl sat.

" Hey Sasuke-teme! Sakura-chan!" an energetic soon-to-have-his-ass-kicked Naruto bounded towards them. Sakura swerved her body to the side to see the energetic ball of blonde running toward them with a wet spot on his groin (which Sakura didn't even want to ask about)…and what's this?

" Hinata-chan?" Sakura echoed curiously. The Hyuga girl looked redder and warmer than Sakura had ever seen her, as she shyly walked behind Naruto. ' I wonder what's made her so flustered like that,' she thought. ' It's probably something Naruto did.'

" H-hello S-Sakura-san….S-Sasuke-san," Hinata muttered, blushing hotly.

" Dobe…." Sasuke growled, as he took the small ramen cup from his head, grasping the plastic cup with enough force to almost break it.

" Teme!" Naruto shot back, glaring and smirking at Sasuke for his little victory.

" What the hell was that for Naruto?" He hissed, picking up a stray of noodle on his head. Luckily the ramen bowl was empty except for traces of noodles on the sides. Sasuke clenched his fist, attempting to smack Naruto when Sakura intervened.

Sakura walked toward Hinata surprising the shy girl by putting a palm on her forehead. " Oh Hinata-chan! Your temperature's really high! Do you have a fever?"

The said Hyuga blushed even redder as she began to twiddle her fingers like she used to back then. Should she tell Sakura? Hinata was sure that the pink-haired medic would keep it a secret. Hinata nodded quietly, and urged her and Sakura away from the two guys.

" What's wrong?"

" W-well S-Sakura-san, N-Naruto-kun and I w-were on our w-way to the r-r-roller coaster ride when he b-bought m-me an I-ice cream cone…" Hinata explained, while looking onto the ground. Wait a sec, wasn't she afraid of fast moving rides? Sakura nodded and smiled. " That's sweet of Naruto, so what else?"

Hinata looked down. " H-he, g-g-gave me… V-V- Vanilla flavor," she whispered. Sakura's eyes widened. " A-and, I..I lost c-control," Hinata muttered softly.

'Now that explains everything!' the kunoichi thought. What was so dreaded about the harmless vanilla ice cream you say? Sakura knew exactly what happens to Hinata when she's given anything with vanilla on it. Sakura experienced the full power of the Hyuuga one time back when they were younger. She had invited Tenten, Ino and Hinata to a sleepover party at her house and offered Hinata vanilla ice-cream. Hinata was impossible to handle and after the party, let's just say her parents had grounded her for a month, and their neighbhours had sent angry letters of complaints.

It was embarrassing, and even more so for the Hyuuga girl.

It was the exact same case with Lee, except his "energetic outbursts" would be triggered from a single drop of Sake, while Hinata's were Vanilla flavored ANYTHING. And instead of being drunk like Lee, Hinata would experience a sudden outgoing personality that only awakens when eating vanilla anything.

" W-what happened Hinata?" Sakura hesitated, knowing the Hyuga heiress was extremely embarrased. Had she done something humiliating? Declare her undying love for the blonde infront of a crowd? Kiss him passionately? Strip tease? Sakura sweatdropped at her thoughts, knowing the Hyuuga Heiress still had an ounce of control at the least and would never do such a degrading thing, even when faced with a sugar high. Right?

As if it wasn't already humanly possible, Hinata blushed even deeper as she whispered low to Sakura. " After e-eating th-the ice-cream, I p-pushed N-Naruto-kun t-to the r-roller-c-coaster ride and w-we rode it and I s-screamed loud obscenities of a-a-approval... then a-after t-that, I-i made N-Naruto k-kun w-win me a t-teddy bear... and I accidentally stepped on his f-foot, "

Sakura smiled in sympathy" Well that's not too bad-"

"A-After I d-dropped a r-ramen bowl on his p-pants." Ouch. Okay, now she knew where that wet stain on Naruto's erm...area had come from.

" Oww, that must've hurt..." she muttered, feeling sorry for the Kyuubi boy who was a victim of Hinata's sugar high.

Sakura gaped, wincing at the image of Naruto having hot ramen drop on his pants.. Hinata was almost near to tears. " I-I'm so a-ashamed Sakura-san... N-Naruto-kun P-probably hates m-me..."

The knoichi patted Hinata on the back. " Naruto would never hate anyone much less you, and for little things like that. Heck, he probably enjoyed the ride, and he probably wanted to buy you that bear anway. I'm sure that ramen wasn't too hot, and I bet his toe is already healed, " Sakura stated trying to ease the girl, while glancing at the blushing blonde boy that was yelling at a glaring Uchiha.

" T-that's n-not it..." Hinata mumbled shyly.

" What is it then?"

" I-I... after I s-s-stepped o-on h-his t-toe, and d-dropped t-the r-ramen... I..." she trailed off.

" What?"

" I h-h-hugged him and k-k-kissed his cheek in a-apology..." Hinata whispered quickly. Sakura blinked in utter shock at the very bold act Hinata did for the idiot. She grinned at the shy girl, laughing in happiness. " Hinata-chan, congrats! What in the world are you worried for? Naruto probably fell in love with you now!"

The Hyuuga girl reddened and smiled softly, when all of a sudden the boy in question came running to them. " Sakura-chan? Hinata-chan? What are you guys talking about here?" Naruto asked curiously.

Sakura smiled slyly at Naruto, and deciding to spare the girl more embarrasment, dropped her plan to tease him about the incident...for now. Instead, she turned her attention to the numerous bandages on his tanned face.

" Ne, Naruto, why is your face covered with scratches?" Sakura asked absentmindedly, looking at the grinning blonde, who happened to be watching Sasuke. The Uchiha gave Naruto a stern don't-you-dare look.

His grin couldn't have possibly stretched any wider. ' Payback Sasuke-teme!'

" Well you see Sakura-chan, teme here had asked me a favor yesterday for someone…" he drawled out, loving the way the Uchiha's eye's narrowed. Sakura looked back and forth from both boys, oblivious to the intense exchange of messages they were giving each other.

" What favour?"

" It's nothing." Sasuke quickly spoke.

" If it's nothing then why can't you tell me?" Sakura countered back.

" Yeah teme, I think Sakura-chan would appreciate knowing what you-" Naruto made choking noises as Sasuke jammed the small ramen cup into the loud boys mouth.

He smirked.

" Why don't you and Hinata go have more ramen?" He asked politely. He looked at Hinata pointedly. " Right Hinata? Just add it to my tab in Ichiraku." He took Sakura by the wrist and sped off to a different direction, the sound of Naruto's colorful vocabulary echoing off into the distance.

" Ne Sasuke-kun, what was Naruto talking about?" Sakura asked, subtly opening the topic. But the Uchiha caught on to her actions.

" It's nothing Sakura forget about it." He mumbled, edging her forward to the line. In a hasty attempt to escape Naruto's jabbering pie-hole that threatened to expose his plans, Sasuke pulled Sakura to the closest ride that he could find, which was this gigantic circular object.

What was it that they used to call this death trap? Oh yeah, a Ferris wheel.

" You said that before. What's the big deal?" she asked exasperated, directing Sasuke's attention back to her.

" Hn."

" You tell Naruto, so why not me?" she asked.

" Quit it Sakura," he warned. Why does she keep prying for answers? Knowing Sakura, she was never usually this nosy about other's business. She must've gotten this side of herself from Ino.

" No," she answered.

The line moved and the pair took a step.

She sighed and looked away. " I get it, you don't trust me," she mumbled angrily. Much like a sulking child in Sasuke's opinion.

" It's not like that."

One more pair entered the Ferris wheel that looked much like an antique object with rusty colored hinges in Sasuke's opinion. That thing looked liked it was older than it was allowed to be, and he sure as hell didn't remember seeing it on their way here. Strange.

" Sure it isn't. You and Naruto have always been close ne?" she grumbled, obviously annoyed.

They came up in the front of the line and as Sasuke handed the tickets to the booth manager; his eyes narrowed suspiciously.

" Thank you sir, and enjoy the ride!" the too-cheery man smiled at them, or at least he thought so. (He couldn't tell from the high collar the man was wearing. ' How odd,' the young Uchiha thought as he and Sakura entered the ride, remembering the white mop of hair the booth guy had. ' He looked very familiar, but I can't quite place it.'

His, there's-something-weird-going-on-here senses were tingling like crazy.

Sasuke looked at the irritated young girl in front of him, obviously displeased. He sighed inwardly; not liking the mood Sakura has gotten into.

" Sakura, " called her.


" Sakura." He tried again.


He sighed, growing impatient.

" Sakura. Look at me," he spoke sternly. The kunoichi slightly turned to him, glaring sideways and giving him the –what-the-hell-do-you-want? Look. He held her eyes with his own, making Sakura's features soften. 'Why in the world is he looking at me like that?' she thought, her pulse racing faster in her veins.

" I trust you," he whispered sincerely. Well it sure as hell sounded sincere. Sakura blinked, then smiled.

" I trust you too Sasuke-kun," she whispered. Comforting silence overtook them, as the ride slowly took them to the top, at least until the small cage-like seat they were in began to wobble.

This didn't bother the Uchiha much, knowing that something this old will most likely sway and cringe like an old closet, but as he looked across from him, Sasuke noticed Sakura's "tense" form and furrowed his brow.

Sakura's green eye's darted left and right, her fists digging into the leather seat, while despite the cool breeze (the Ferris wheel they were in had no roof and only metal bars around them) blowing through them, she was sweating.

" What's wrong Sakura?"

The kunoichi didn't seem to hear the call, as she looked frantically at the rusted hinges of the door, then quickly at the open roof of the ride. She tried to ignore the menacing sways and creaks of the car.

' Oh dear Kami, why is this stupid piece of junk swaying so much?' Sakura thought frantically.

' Exactly because it's an old piece of junk!' Inner Sakura answered back with a growing panic in her voice.

Their seat swayed even more as a gust of wind blew past them.

' AHHH! Holy mother of-! We're gonna fall!' Sakura panicked inwardly, clutching the leather seat so roughly it was about to tear.

' SOMEBODY LET ME OFF THIS THING!' Inner Sakura screamed.

"Sakura! " Sasuke spoke louder this time, finally earning the kunoichi's attention. " What's wrong with you?" he asked.

The kunoichi gulped. " S-Sasuke-kun, this Ferris-wheel s-seems unstable," she spoke in a shaky breath. She looked over the bars and noticed how extremely tiny everyone looked from below, and how someone could fall to their doom if they were to accidentally fall of the side of the seat.

Sakura's breath hitched, imagining a pink splotch on the ground, which looked very much like her head.

" Sakura, are you afraid of heights?" Sasuke asked across from her. Honestly, he couldn't believe a ninja- much less a strong high-ranking one like her- could be afraid of something so trivial as heights.

" N-no! Th-that's stupid!" she mumbled half-heartedly, and then squeaked as their seat stopped roughly at the very top. The Uchiha was taken back as well by the sudden stop of the ride, looking down at the booth to see if something went wrong. ' What happened? Why'd it stop?'

He could see the Hokage Mountain clearly from the top, as well as the expanding houses all over Konoha, and the view was breathtaking. Sadly he didn't have the time to enjoy the scenery.

He narrowed his eyes, recalling the white haired booth guy. ' That idiot better not have anything to do with this' he thought. Suddenly the car groaned and rocked back and forth as another gust of wind blew their seat.

" Ack! –gasp- S-Sasuke-kun w-what the hell happened!?" Sakura yelled, panic taking over her features. The Uchiha quickly turned his attention over to the gasping kunoichi in front of him.

" Sakura, calm down. It's probably nothing-" he spoke as he tried to calm her down.

Their seat swayed again.

" Oh Kami! What the hell is happening!?" Sakura yelled in a distraught voice, her eyes darting quickly from their seat and onto the ground far below. Sasuke furrowed his brows in thought. If the ride kept going like this, Sakura would become even more alarmed.

' Damn, what do I do?' Sasuke thought inwardly.

' Duuuuuuudee, she's totally afraid of heights!' Inner Sasuke commented.

' You retard, don't you think I know that?' Sasuke snapped.

' I'm just stating the fact! Sheesh!' Inner Sasuke pouted. ' Well, what are you waiting for, a pajama party? Help her!'

' If I knew that, I wouldn't be talking to you!' Sasuke growled inwardly.

' Oh riiigh…' Inner Sasuke mumbled.

' You're absolutely useless,' Sasuke commented dryly.

Their seat jerked again violently, causing the kunoichi to scream in a high-pitched voice as she was flung out of her seat toward the Uchiha in front of her. Sasuke reddened slightly as Sakura tightly clung to the front of his shirt like a vice, trying to ignore the fact that their chests were touching. ( A/N: Oooh Sasuke you pervert you! XD)

" Oh Dear Kami!" Sakura yelled, clutching the fabric of Sasuke's shirt.

"Sakura calm down-" Sasuke started, grasping Sakura's palms.

" Ahhhh!"

" Listen to me-" Sasuke spoke again.

" For the love of Kami, somebody bring me down!!" she shrieked in his ear as the car tilted to Sasuke's side, threatening to fall. He completely ignored Sakura's neck hovering over his face.

" S-Sakura, seriously, calm down." He muttered, a faint blush on his cheeks. If she didn't regain her wits, they would both fall down.

He had to get Sakura's attention now before they're combined weight throws them off balance, yeah that was it, and totally not the fact that his male hormones were acting up from the close contact.

" Sakura shh!" he ordered. " Try to calm down!" he ordered sternly. He wasn't too comfortable with what was happening to this ride (or to the person who was running it either) but he knew that Sakura wasn't helping the situation.

He was so going to kill the guy who managed this death trap of a ride.

Now back to the matter at hand. How in the world do you calm down a female ninja that's afraid of heights? Sasuke narrowed his eyes, finally grasping an idea. It could work, after all, it was taught to them countless of times. He ignored the tingles in his arms as he grasped her shoulders.

" Sakura," he called the kunoichi. Her frightened eyes turned to him.

" So, you um, like the color pink?" he asked seriously. The kunoichi stared dubiously at the Uchiha in front of her. ' Why in the world is he asking me about the color pink?' she thought in confusion.

Sasuke smirked inwardly as he saw the confused look on Sakura's face. 'Yes!' he thought. Operation distract Sakura-so-she-won't-panic-and-fall-off-the-ride plan is working.

" Huh? I…guess…?" she answered lamely, relaxing from the sudden random question.

" And how does that make you feel?"

She raised a pink brow. " What?"

" How does that make you feel?" he repeated.


" Well?"

" Well ...if I have to live with a pink hair color for the rest of my life I might as well like it," she answered.

He nodded thoughtfully, praying that the ride would soon move along before he ran out of distractions. Suddenly, a loud electronic voice boomed from the P.A in the festival, which to Sasuke's distaste, was the voice of the booth operator guy:

" Sorry for the inconvenience, but it seems that the –static- Ferris- wheel ride is having some technical problems," 'No shit! Get on with it!' Sasuke thought irritated.

" We'll try to fix the problem as soon as possible, so sit tight and we'll turn on the ride for you guys once it is working properly. Thank you for you patience,"

Sasuke became even more suspicious. Did he just hear a chuckle in the background?

Suddenly, their car tilted to the right where the combined weight of the two shinobi was focused, making Sakura yelp again in fright.

" ACCKKK! S-Sasuke-kun we're gonna fall!!!" Sakura shrieked. Sasuke regain his composure and attempted to distract her again.

" Sakura, calm down! If you were scared of heights why didn't you say anything earlier?"

" I-I'm not scared of heights! J-Just the fact that I m-might fall!"

He rolled his eyes. " Obviously not if you were clinging on to my shirt like it was a life jacket," Sakura blushed and immediately noticed the position they were in and almost jumped back to her seat, blushing red.

Suddenly the ride shook to life and in no time they were slowly making they're decent to the ground. The obnoxious operator guys voice roared back on the P.A, an amused tone hidden in his words: " Well it seems that there was a minor error in the controls and that the ride has been fixed. I hope you all enjoyed the experience, and we hope to see you again!" the voice ended.

Slowly and surely their car slowly swerved downward, earning a sigh of relief from both shinobi.

Sakura looked over the metal bars as the ground came closer and closer into view, when she heard a snicker. Sakura tried to keep her blush at bay, as she saw Sasuke looking at her with a gigantic smirk on his face. She growled.

" Shut up Uchiha,"

"I didn't say anything,"

" I know what you're thinking so quit it..."


As they got out of their seat, Sasuke quickly walked toward the booth glaring daggers at it at the same time. " What's wrong with you?" Sakura asked worried, her pale face regaining some color.

He answered without looking back. " I have a feeling that technical problem wasn't unintentional." ' You're dead, you're dead, you're dead…' Sasuke thought inwardly.

Suddenly, the P.A. crackled to life as a woman's voice announced herself. " Uchiha Sasuke, Imioi Mushino, and the rest of the contestants that signed up for the festival's annual eating contest please report to section B. We will be starting in 10 minutes, and you wouldn't want to miss the grand prize!"

" Everyone hurry before we start without you!" the electronic woman's voice answered. " And that means you Uchiha!" she muttered in a serious tone.

Everyone around the two shinobi turned to look at the lone Uchiha who's eyes widened at the message.

The Uchiha froze in his spot, his fingers twitching uncontrollably. What. The. Hell? Sakura cautiously walked closer to Sasuke, feeling the killer aura surrounding the boy.

" S-Sasuke-kun… I didn't know you entered an eating contest," she mumbled behind him. The sun was starting to set as the lanterns in the festival lit one by one.

The Uchiha was extremely silent for a moment until he spoke menacingly, " I didn't…"

Somewhere hidden…

" Hahahaha! –Hic- did you see-hic the look on that boy's face!?" a woman chortled drunkenly.

" Hai! Hai! I've never seen him that red in his whole life," the mysterious male voice answered.

" Well, who do you think will crack first?" She asked.

" Hmmm… I'm thinking he will. After all, we have seen some miraculous things these past few days that I never thought he was capable of doing. My bet is on Sasuke," he answered confidently, challenging the female before him.

" Ha! Sakura will be the one to crack first! Did you see that move she pulled on him while they were stuck up there? It was a move of brilliance! Besides, that Uchiha brat is too stuck up to realize what's happening here. The male mind is as stupid in this subject as they are in sex!"

" Alright, who ever wins the bet owes the other 1000 yen and they have to do something embarrassing for a day. Are you up for it?" she asked.

The male was quiet for once, observing the two shinobi below. " Alright, you're on."

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