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"No one came in the room, Tucker."

"Then how is it gone? Are you playing a joke on me?"

"No! No! Of course I'm not."

"Okay, so you put the letter in when we were both in the room, no one came in, and now it's gone? Honestly…"

"Yes, Tucker, yes! That's exactly what happened!" Sam stood up from her desk and lay down on her bed. "It really is gone."

"So, that means it went to the future and the one who's reading it is…"

"Danny; right."

"Wow… This isn't something that happens to us everyday." Sam glared at him. "Well then, what do we do now?"

Sam looked into space. She couldn't believe what was happening. She was pen pals with someone in the future. She had so many questions, but first she wanted proof.

"We wait."


"I'll see you later, okay." Valerie said, walking out the door.

"Okay." Danny replied. He walked up to her and kissed her simply on the cheek. She turned around and walked down the hall. "Be careful." He called out to her.

Valerie turned around and looked over at him. She walked back up and cupped her hand on his cheek. "I don't know why you always worry." She smiled.

Danny looked down at her bag, knowing inside was at least some kind of ghost hunting equipment.

"Then again, it's one of the reasons I love you so much." Valerie grinned and, without warning, kissed Danny fully on the lips.

Danny kissed back slowly, but as he was, his mind rushed. Inside it went crazy and he couldn't let Valerie know.

The kiss broke, and Valerie smirked. She went over to the elevator and kept the smirk until the two doors closed.

Danny rushed over to the phone. He dialed a phone number quickly and spoke.

"Hello? Elliot?"

"Hey Danny. What's up?"

"Listen, I really have to talk to you. In person, I mean."

"Um… Sure, man. Any certain place?"

"Nasty Burger in 10 minutes."

"Okay, bye."


Danny hung up. He had to talk to someone. Anyone, except his parents, about the letter he got today. He also wanted to talk to him about something else; the loss of spark between him and Valerie.


"So what? You didn't feel anything. By the time the priest says 'You may now kiss the bride' those sparks you lost are gonna be fireworks on the Fourth of July!" Elliot took a sip of his soda.

"Well, maybe." Danny thought.

"Is that it?" Elliot asked.

"Err… There are a few more things." Danny hesitated. "There's this… woman."

Elliot gasped. "Dude! You're cheating on Valerie?" He spoke a little too loudly.

"Shhh…" Danny hushed. He looked around to see if anyone heard that and tell Valerie. No one really heard it except a few teenagers who turned to look at him. "No, I'm not cheating on her." Danny spoke just as loud as Elliot to make sure if anyone heard it.

"Then what woman?"

"She's… from 1932, and I have a letter she wrote from her desk."

"Ha. Older women. Sweet." Elliot chuckled at his own joke.

"This is serious!" Danny said in a hushed voice.

"Okay, okay. What'd you do?"

"I wrote back, and she soon replied, then I wrote back again, and I just got her letter back today." Danny slipped an envelope across the table toward his friend.

Elliot spat out the soda he was drinking and laughed uncontrollably, earning himself a few more looks from the group of teenagers.

"HAHA! Okay, okay. You're telling me that some woman," His laughter overcame him, but he quickly gained control. "From the Great Depression is... sending you letters? Weird much?" Elliot was just lucky enough for the Nasty Burger to be packed, letting the sound of his voice drain from others.

"LISTEN!" Danny spoke up, but not too loudly. "It's true! Read it yourself."

Elliot skimmed the letter, but slow after, reading every paragraph, line, word, and letter carefully.

"Are you sure you didn't write this?"

"Yeah. I'm almost positive I didn't write it." Danny rolled his eyes.

"Well, this… really is weird."

"Tell me about it."

"And she wants proof! How on this green Earth are you gonna do that?"

"Maybe… I don't know. Something you could only get now. Like a laptop, but that wouldn't fit. Or an iPod, but no way am I going to send that."

"Here." Elliot gave him his PDA. "I don't really need it anymore. I got myself a BlackBerry." He chuckled.

Danny examined it. "So, you believe me?"

"Of course I believe you! Besides, this whole 'letter' thing is way too creative for you to make up."


"Come on. You know you agree with me." Elliot said. The two men paid the check. They walked out of the restaurant and headed for the park.

"Okay, one more thing." Danny started.

"Go for it."

"I told her I'm a ghost."

Elliot's face dropped. He stopped dead in his tracks, Danny was ahead by a few steps now. Danny turned to see him.

"… How could you do that?"

"Easy, I wrote it in the le-"

"NO! I mean, how could you tell some woman from the 1920s and not your own fiancé?"

"Loss of spark, remember?" Danny reminded.

"Dude, you're insane." He gave Danny a weird look.

Suddenly, a whip of Danny's blue breath came out of his mouth.

"Go to my house." Danny instructed, throwing the keys toward Elliot before running into an alley.

Two rings formed around him going vertically though his body. As Danny's normal attire of a dark red shirt and loose jeans to a tight, black and white jump suit. His gloves, shoes, upper part jump suit, and hair were white. The lower part of his jump suit was black. His right should was partially black with a white DP sign proudly sitting in it.

Danny Fenton, editor of Amity News and well known man in his city, had just become Amity Park's favorite ghost hero, Danny Phantom.

Danny Phantom lifted off in search of a mischievous spirit.

"Gosh, where is that ghost?" he quietly whispered to himself.

"Looking for us?" Two young, innocent sounding girls said from behind Danny. A floating Danny.

He turned to see two little ghost girls. One of them had pig tails and wore overalls. The other wore blue-fired pig tails and a vampire related outfit.

"Box Lunch and your friend?"

"Don't you know who I am?" The girl with the blue-fired pig tails asked.

"You do look familiar."

"My name's Amber. Maybe you're more familiar with my last name."

Danny looked at her suspiciously. "And that would be?"

"Masters or Plasmius."


"Ember McLain."

Danny's face dropped. 'Ember. Amber. How could I possibly miss that?'

"I went from freaked out to grossed out."


"How long does it take to write a letter?" Tucker sighed.

"Forever, apparently. It didn't take me that long." She and Tucker were obviously bored.

"So anything you want to talk about, Sam? Like when are you going to move out of your parents' house?"

"Ha. I really want to leave, but I can't."

"Why not?" Tucker asked.

"Grandfather is sick." Sam stated sadly. "I have to stay here and take care of him."

"Oh, that's right. Don't worry. It'll be okay."

"I really hope so." Sam leaned her head on the wall, where her grandfather laid across.

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