Summary: Gibbs is talking to a new recruit on Anamaria's ship about the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, and his famous disappearance.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately the only place Cap'n Jack can be mine is in my dreams.

A/N: I just wanted to write something that was one-sided dialogue, and figured this would be fun. I really like the ending, and think it's sweet, if I do say so myself.

Whatever happened to Captain Jack Sparrow, you ask? Well, no one knows for sure, he just disappeared one day. Many think the Pearl finally failed her Captain. Others think he might have died in battle, or of sickness. Still others say that Norrington finally caught up with him, and met the end of a noose.

Me, you ask? What do I think? I think that he's still out there somewhere. You see his mother was a gypsy, and was well versed in witchcraft. Some think she cast a spell to make him immortal.

No, it's not outlandish, haven't you heard all the tales? He was shot twice in the chest, and left with just scars to show for it. Also, one time, while fighting one of the Ships in the Spanish Armada, Jack was stabbed in the belly, and just got up and continued fighting. He's had so many near death experiences, there's no doubt in my mind that he can't die.

Sadly, no one has seen him in years, not even his old crew. He just up and left in the middle of the night whilst they were staying in Tortuga. No one knew why he left, or how he was able to man the Pearl alone.

Yes, he was a bit odd, but not crazy. He knew what he was doing when he left. Sometimes, when out at see, I've seen a black ship, which, upon closer inspection only vanishes into the fog.

Me, I think he's still out there with his Pearl. He loved the ship more than any woman, it's only right he's still with her.

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