This is a trailer for my next story…I don't know when I am going to write it but hopefully pretty soon…suggestions would be nice…I sort of have an idea…but its not too clear yet…enjoy

Words in Italics are the voice over speaking voice


Coming Soon:

(the song Courage by Sarah Polley begins to play)

Troy and Gabriella's lives were perfect:

(cut to Troy and Gabriella in the musical, Troy ruling the basketball floor, and Gabriella ruling the Decathlon)

They had friends:

(cut to Chad and Troy goofing around)

(Kelsi, Sharpay, Ryan, Troy and Gabriella practicing for the musical)

(Taylor and Gabriella working on homework)

(Zeke, Jason, and Troy plying basketball)

They had family:

(cut to Troy eating dinner with his parents)

(Gabriella walking with her mom)

They had love:

(Cut to Troy kissing Gabi)

(Troy with his arm around Gabi)

(Gabi hugging Troy)

But what happens when the world around them begins to fall apart:

(Cut to Troy and Gabi fighting. Troy has had enough and storms out of the house)

(Cut to car wreck. There is a crushed silver mercedez up against a tree)

(Cut to a blurry vision of an ambulance)

(Cut to Gabriella sliding down a wall crying)

Relationships start to suffer:

(Taylor walks away from Chad crying)

(Kelsi slaps Jason)

(Sharpay yelling at Zeke)

(Mrs. Bolton fighting with Mr. Bolton)

Friendships break apart:

(Cut to Sharpay walking past Kelsi without saying a word)

(Cut to Jason and Zeke fighting)

(Cut to Gabriella walking away from Chad)

And just when it seems that life couldn't get worse, disaster strikes again:

(Cut to Ryan trying to kiss Gabriella. Gabriella slaps him and runs into the street.)

(Cut to Gabriella's point of view. Headlights of a truck are blinding. Blackout)

And the guilt and mourning cannot be controlled:

(Ryan holds a knife in his hand)

(Taylor gazes at a pill bottle)

It doesn't seem as if life will go on:

Ashley Tisdale

Lucas Grabeel

Corbin Bleu

Monique Coleman

Olesya Rulin

Chris Warren Jr.

Bart Johnson

Leslie Wing

Ryne Sanborn

Vanessa Anne Hudgens

And Zac Efron

So there's no
Simple explanation
For anything important
Any of us do
And yea the human
Consists in
The necessity
Of living with
The consequences

Under pressure
Under pressure

Courage, my word
It didn't come, it doesn't matter
Oh courage, my word,
It didn't come, it doesn't matter
Oh courage, my word,
Didn't come, it doesn't matter
Courage, it couldn't come at a worse time
(Worst time)

Courage: Come Tou Your Computer Soon


((Right now this is rated teen…im not sure but maybe it should be rated M…ur opinions please…))