"Riku, what do I smell like?"

The question from the brunette startled the silver haired teen sitting on the paopu tree beside the asker of the question. What did Sora smell like? Riku would never forget. All of the times the two had slept in the same bed as children, cuddled innocently close, Riku would smell the sea soaked into the soft tanned skin, the faint aroma of the paopu fruit, and sometimes oddly enough, butterscotch and vanilla.

Realizing that Sora was intently waiting for an answer, Riku almost cursed as he felt his paler cheeks tint a light pink. "Why do you want to know?"

"Well..." The brunette stated, glancing away and moved his dangling legs a bit. "I saw Wakka and Tidus on top of the shack back there, and Wakka kissed him right here." He stated, pointing to the nape of his own neck. "And he said that Tidus smelled like bananas and cream."

Riku silently swore he was going to castrate both the red head and blonde for almost tainting his younger best friend's 'innocent mind'. "I...-I don't know what you smell like." He lied easily, leaning back against the curve of the tree, practically laying. He was soon shocked to move, as he found sweet sapphire eyes staring down into his own sea green ones, Sora keeping himself propped up with an arm over the other's shoulder, and the other over his head, frowning faintly.

"Can you smell for me and tell me?" Sora pleaded then, honestly wanting to know. Riku's throat worked to push down a lump that'd risen in his Adam's Apple. Riku was unable to answer for a moment, before he stared away and spoke; "I can't tell when you're that far away.

He'd been taught, in the darkness...take advantage of every opportune moment he had. He would do so now, even if it meant taking silent advantage of Sora's innocence. At least he'd be able to spend a moment, if just a moment, close to the other. The brunette complied, and Riku's breath was knocked out of him for the moment as the younger dropped his hold above him and landed lightly on the other horizontally.

In reaction, Riku's arms wrapped up around the smaller body, tugging Sora up to rest his nose in the crook of the other's neck. The familiar aroma engulfed his senses, and the only murmur then from the other's lips was;
"You smell like the light."