Naruto: An Alternative Story

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""- talking

''- thinking

Prologue: The beginning of the legend

6 years ago, a Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked Konoha. With one swipe of one of its nine tails, it could crush mountains and cause tsunamis. "We have to hold it off till the Fourth Hokage arrives!" shouted a one of the ninjas as he through kunai at the fox only to have them bounce off its coat. Then the Fourth Hokage arrived and by sacrificing his own life he sealed the fox into a child who just had its umbilical cord removed. This is his story...

Present Day Konoha 6 years later

We appear over the peaceful village of Konoha, after the the incident, as it is called now, the Third Hokage, Sarutobi, declared that no person shall speak of the incident of the fox and of it being sealed into Naruto.

Naruto was running towards the playground, he was in a good mood today, the Third had allowed him to have his own fully furnished, room in the apartment just a few blocks from the Hokage Tower, also he gave him an allowance to spend every month. As Naruto arrived at the playground he noticed children playing, he tried to play with them, but their parents came and took them away. Even from that distance he could make out the words, "I don't want you playing with that boy ever" escape their lips, he didn't really care though he had always been treated like that, people would always stare at him with nothing but hatred in their eyes, some even told him to just roll over and die. But he began to become accustomed to such treatment, so he started to play.

A few hours later, two ninja with a fan-like pattern on their clothes appeared in front of the child at play. One had long black hair, with bags under his eyes, the other wore a ANBU mask. "So this is the brat everyone seems to despise." Says the first ninja, "Yeah Itachi, what should we do with him?" replied the other masked ninja. "We need to get him to the forest so we can get rid of him without anyone noticing, also" he said as he turned towards the street. "Also what Itachi?" "Nothing, lets get the kid and run." as Itachi said this, he lunged towards Naruto, stabbing him in his legs so he couldn't run, and a few more were thrown into his shoulders so he couldn't fight back, Naruto tried to scream but Itachi gagged him before he even had the chance. Then picking him up like a piece of trash, threw him over his should to his partner. Then in the blink of an eye, they disappeared. At the corner, was young Hinata Hyuuga, who had seen what had transpired, after she shook herself out of her shocked state she began to run to tell the Hokage of what had happened.

At the Hokage tower

Sarutobi was sitting in his office trying to settle upon some deal with the Sand ninja when... "Lord Hokage, news has reached us that the Naruto has been kidnapped by Itachi Uchiha!" one of his assistants shouted as he ran through the doors. "What, send a Jounin team as soon as possible!" ordered Sarutobi as the ninja quickly complied. "I just hope Jounin... will be enough." he thought.

Forest area outside of Konoha

"This seems like the place to do the deed." Itachi said as they finally came to a halt. "Itachi I don't know about this, what if we get caught, what if..." was all the masked ninja could get out before he sliced his head clean off. Naruto watched in pure terror realizing he would most likely be next he tried to move but the wounds on his joints hurt so much he couldn't move, all he could do was watch. Itachi pulled out some ninja stars and knives and hurled them in Naruto's direction. "So this is how my life ends." thought Naruto as he closed his eyes and waited for death. But just then Naruto heard clanging sounds, he opened his eyes to see what had happened. What he say in front of him shocked him beyond belief. He say a man with very long white hair, standing in front of him. He had deflecting the projectiles just by using one kunai. "Damn, Jiraiya, I wasn't planning on a Sannin showing up." He said as he disappeared into a puff of smoke. "Hey kid you okay?" he asked not even looking at Naruto. "I'm fine and my names not kid, its Naruto Uzumaki!" he said in a bit of a ill tempered manner. 'Oh so this is the fox child.' Jiraiya thought to himself, "Anyway your coming with me." "What! But why can't I go home?" Naruto said with a bit of a shock. "Because as of now if I were to return you, you would most likely be killed by that guy, and besides your wound is open." Jiraiya tried to explain to Naruto, though he clearly wasn't listening. "(Sigh) And if you come with me, I'll teach you some ninja technique to that next time you won't be nearly as caught off guard." "Really!" Naruto said almost immediately. All Jiryaiya did was smile and say jokingly, "Believe it." So he picked up Naruto and began to carry him off into the forest.

Hokage Tower

Sarutobi was pacing around the room immpatiently, just waiting for news on Naruto, then one of the ANBU members came in, "We were only able to track Itachi to a remote area in the forest, but after that there was nothing, we found one of his clan members with his head cut off there, and later according to Sasuke Uchiha, he killed the rest of the clan." he reported. "But what about Naruto?" Sarutobi said as he was tired of the news being put off. The ANBU member paused then said, "We weren't able to find a body but we were able to find blood there, we assume that Itachi killed Naruto and dumped his body off somewhere else." Sarutobi stood there in shock, but in his years of being a ninja he saw many things like this so he had become accustomed to such things, soon he turned around and dismissed the Anbu member. He then looked up upon the wall at four pictures. The first picture show a man with black hair, second a man with seemingly white hair, the third showed Sarutobi himself, and the fourth picture showed a man with blonde hair and blue eyes. "I'm sorry my friend, sorry for not only what this village has done to your only son, but also that I couldn't protect him." he said then turning back to his desk to do more work...

End of Prologue

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