Hello my fan's of Naruto... I bet you all are wondering what this urgent message is about... well the news is not great...

Naruto: An Alternative Story... is now, I believe... a circle in the drain... its jumped the shark... basically, its dieing a slow and painful death. Now then, before you all begin to turn into hysterical lunatics, allow me to give my reasons for this belief.

1. My Naruto. Now then, I know what you're wandering 'what the hell is wrong with his Naruto?'... well the obvious reason is this... he's become overpowered. Now then, as many know I absolutely cannot stand a story of any kind with an uber powerful main character who can pwn just about anyone he faces. The weights, the early training with Jiraiya, and with Auron, has turned my Naruto into a unrealistically powerful nut. I absolutely hate this.

2. The NaruxHina... Though I intially hated how Kishimoto had held off the NarutoxHinata relationship for so long... I realize now that I have done the most idiotic thing a writer could do, and that was, of course, to hurry the relationship to such a degree... also, there is absolutely no drama in the relationship (or any of the relationships in this story for that matter). I solved the problems that were in the relationships far too quickly... even for my own taste.

3. The Story. Though the story is original in some small manners, it is original. However... I find myself hard-pressed to think of a future for this story. Writing this story, while keeping it accustomed to my own beliefs on how a story should be written, would be impossible at this point. As, already, the story has many factors in a story that I do hate. Also... another problem... TOO... MUCH... COMEDY! While a good amount of comedy is good, too much of it, like this story has, will destroy the integrity of the story (in fact, in many ways, it has). A reviewer has warned me many times of my over-use of comedy... its only until recently that I have realized that he was correct... Another problem I find with this tale is the, as before, the amount of perfection in it. Besides the cannon faults of the characters... I have made my characters almost perfect... and even the flaws (drinking, blackmailing) have not been made into serious faults. Another problem... the lack of backstory. Now, ordinarilly this is good for a plot twist. However with this is a problem, because I have used this in order to make my Naruto stronger, and stronger, and stronger... I don't believe I need to go on.

4. My Feelings... I do not feel that I can continue writing this story... because I cannot stand to read this story. Its true, I have actually read over my story recently... and walked away thinking 'What kind of crack fic have I spent two-and a half hours reading?'. If I am not even able to enjoy writing this story... then the purpose of writing this story is naught...

Now then there are reasons to keep on writing this story, of course.

1. It was my first story... however this is also a good reason to get rid of it, since you're first story isn't always you're best.

2. Its my most popular... but I'll be able to get another story all those reviews...

And I know what you all are thinking 'COME ON YOU DON'T HAVE TO GET RID OF IT, YOU CAN REPAIR IT!'... I'd hate to say it, but the amount of repairs that would be required in order to fix this mess of a story would, not only force the story to go an entire 180 for it to work... but it would also take an amazing amount of time... time that I do not have due to my other stories.

So I am sorry everyone... very sorry... but it is time for me to face the sad reality... however I must move on. I have other stories for my readers, stories that will one day, I hope, become great stories. I would like to apologize to the fans of this story... but unfortunetly It must be done.

Sorry, Arganaut.