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Takahashi Midoriko, history teacher, glanced up from the history book and stared stonily at the class, waiting patiently for the chatter to fade.

They eventually did, and finally, all eyes were focusing on her. Midoriko adjusted her dark-rimmed glasses and finally spoke.

"Class, please turn to page 546, Unit 11, which is the last unit we learn this semester. I'm sure you won't find this unit very dull like the other units. In fact, this unit is interesting...very interesting, indeed."

Her hazel eyes flickered towards a raven-haired beauty in the front row, then a black-haired boy sitting next to her. She could not help but smile, anticipating what to come.


Miyawaza Kikyo quickly took out her textbook from her backpack and was about to lift it onto her desk when something bumped into her shoulder, and something struck the floor with a loud clanging. She turned to find Tashio Inuyasha glaring at her angrily.

"Watch it, wench," he hissed scornfully, picking up his textbook from the floor and shooting her another icy glare before flipping his book to the assigned page.

She frowned and glared coldly at him, but said nothing.

Tashio Inuyasha...the school heartthrob. The model that boys envied and the eye candy for girls.

Kikyo couldn't see what was so great about him. Sure, he was decent-looking in a way, but that was no reason to bow down to him and treat him like a god.

Girls were memorized by his cool and cocky persona - which Kikyo personally found annoying; his wild, long locks of black - which Kikyo thought was a pathetic reason to like someone because long, black hair was common among both boys and girls; his deep hazel eyes - which was also another stupid reason because almost everybody in Japan had brown eyes; and his "drop-dead gorgeous," "open-your-mouth-and-let-the-drool-flow-out," muscular body, which Kikyo couldn't really care less about.

And of course, there was also the fact that if you dated him, you would be as popular as he was, despite the fact that you'd be yesterday's news when his other fangirls were done with you. But popularity was everything.

Popularity was such a stupid thing to wish for, Kikyo thought. Why couldn't people realize they too were special and wonderful in their own way?

Kikyo didn't care at all about popularity. She had three, only three but three good friends - Kagome, Miroku, and Sango. She wouldn't give up anything for them, much less than popularity.

Kikyo lowered her eyes to page 546 and began to read.


Unit 11

It isn't confirmed if this story is merely a legend or if it truly happened. No one knows if these events occured or not, but scientists have discovered many scientific finds that connect with the legend, which lead them to believe that this legend truly happened.

The Jewel of Four Souls or Shikon Jewel, is a magical jewel made up of four souls. The four souls described are from the Shinto philosophy of Naobi: Aramitama (Courage), Nigimitama, (Friendship), Kushimitama (Wisdom), and Sakimitama ( Love). When all united in one person, they unite to form a powerful balance within the soul that can be used for good or evil. The Shikon Jewel was created by the battle of the great shrine maiden Midoriko and a powerful demon.



Kikyo's eyes flickered towards her teacher, who wasn't smiling, but had a glint of amusement in her eyes as she watched most of her students raise their eyebrow and stare at her briefly before continuing to read.

It was just a coincidence, right?

Of course it was, Kikyo told herself calmly. Many people had the name "Midoriko."

Reassured, she continued to read.


The Jewel was controlled by various humans and demons for several centuries until it ended up being rediscovered by a demon exterminator in the body of a centipede demon named Mistress Centipede. After realizing what would befall upon the world if the Jewel were to be placed in the wrong hand, he and his men searched for a miko who had the power to purify the Jewel.

A miko named Kikyo...


Kikyo stopped abruptly, narrowing her eyes as she stared at the name. She could practically feel everyone's gaze boring into her. She shrugged off the uncomfortable feeling. Lots of people probably had the name "Kikyo." Satisfied, she read on.


A miko named Kikyo was found and entrusted with the guardianship of the Jewel due to her purifying powers.

Tsubaki, who was also a miko, placed a curse on Kikyo, saying that "a miko must abandon her heart to achieve power ... this includes love as well" and "You must extinguish love. You must never hold a man dear," or else she would "suffer an untimely death." But Kikyo was confident that she would never fall in love and, therefore, was not frightened or worried about the curse that Tsubaki placed upon her.

One day, she meets Inuyasha, a half-demon who tried to take the Jewel and use it to become a full-fledged demon.


Kikyo's eyes widened slightly. Inuyasha?

She could hear a lot of whispering right now, but she didn't dare look away from the name on the page. Kikyo and Inuyasha had a connection in this legend?

Finally, she snapped out of her dazed trance and read on. She wouldn't be able to understand anything if she kept stopping.


Therefore, he felt that if he were to become a full-demon, he would not be scorned and disregarded by his kind because of his human blood.

Although Kikyo immolized him every time he attempted to steal the Jewel, she could not bring herself to kill him. She felt that she and he were alike because they were both idled from their kind. Inuyasha and Kikyo would often be in each other's company to have brief conversations from time to time. Inuyasha followed her for a long period of time.

Kikyo and Inuyasha continued to spend more time together, and as they did so, they began to have feelings of love and affection for each other.


Love? Affection? Kikyo and Inuyasha?

Kikyo stared at the page. They HAD to be joking.

She could practically hear people stifle their laughs. She sank slightly lower into her seat, feeling embarassed and uncomfortable. Trying to ignore the stares and the giggles, she continued to read.


They both decided to use the Jewel so they could be together as humans. However, a demon turned them against each other and led them to believe the other betrayed each other, resulting in Inuyasha's slumber and Kikyo's death.

Despite the fact that many doubt the verity of this legend, it is very popular all over the world. Many are disappointed that this legend doesn't have a happy ending, but they still enjoy the vivid tales of the tragic love between Kikyo and Inuyasha, two legendary lovers who were both victims of fate but nonetheless, still in love with each other.


Kikyo frowned grimly and tried to ignore the snickers that filled the room and the glances that people shot her and Inuyasha.

It was just a coincidence, right? Lots of people probably had the name "Kikyo" and "Inuyasha." They weren't connected whatsoever to the legend, right?

Lovers? Kikyo shook her head bitterly at the sickening thought. The legend sounded pretty interesting and romantic, but why did it have to have her name? And why did Inuyasha have to be the name of her lover?

"Judging from the amount of chattering and giggling," Midoriko's sharp but calm voice silenced the storm, "I believe that you're all done, correct?" She adjusted her glasses again and stared sternly at them until they quieted down and squirmed a bit in their seats.

"Good. You may find it funny and ironic that there are names in the legend that are similiar to certain individuals. I assure you that this is merely a coincidence."

Everyone glanced at Midoriko, Kikyo, and Inuyasha, and looked like they were about to burst into laughter, but decided against it.

"For the rest of the semester, the daily work will resolve around the legend. Are there any questions regarding this unit?" She scanned the class. "Yes, Ayame?" she called on the red-haired girl with green eyes sitting in the front row.

"Are there going to be projects on this unit?"

"Of course. Koga?"

"Why in the world would Kikyo fall in love with a pathetic mutt like Inuyasha?" he asked taunting, grinning and flashing his white, sparkly teeth. The class laughed, while Inuyasha glared angrily at him and Kikyo stared at her desk in discomfort, aware of all the jeers directed towards her.

"I don't see what's so funny," Midoriko said calmly. "Koga, you should know that people's destinies are intertwined because they choose to be so. Inuyasha and Kikyo," Midoriko paused to stare coldly at the students who were laughing before they quieted, "chose to love each other. Any real questions?"

Higurashi Kagome, who was the one of the only ones, including Sango and Miroku, who were not laughing, noticed Kikyo's discomfort, but felt that she had to ask.

"Midoriko-sensei?" she called out from her seat next to Kikyo's.

"Yes, Kagome?"

"What really happens to Kikyo and Inuyasha?" Kagome asked curiously, ignoring the giggles that were stirring up again in the classroom.

Midoriko smiled with her stern frown frozen in place. "In due time, we shall know. Any other questions?" The class remained absolutely silent. "All right. Your assignment tonight will be the first four questions on page 547. Just the first four, class!" She wrote the assignment on the board, and the class scribbled in their agendas hurriedly. The bell rang, signaling the end of history class, as well as school.

The class piled out, muttering and whispering and occasionally pointing and glancing and giggling at Inuyasha and Kikyo. However, Kikyo ignored them, and in her hurry to get away from the crowd, tried to make her way through the herd of students in the hallway.

"Hey, Kikyo! Wait up!"

Kikyo obediently stopped and sighed slightly as she watched Kagome, Sango, and Miroku rush rather slowly up to her. Kikyo forced a weak smile.

"What is it?"

Kagome stared at her strangely. "What do you mean, 'what is it?'" she asked. "We always walk home together, remember? You were running off without us, so...yeahh..." Kagome shifted her bag, and Miroku and Sango nodded their agreement.

"Oh...I apologize." Kikyo bowed her head slightly in embarassment. "I...I was just..."

"It's okay, Kikyo," Kagome grinned. "I would be pretty mad and annoyed if that miko in the legend had my name, too."

Kikyo smiled weakly. "Yeah..." she muttered half-heartedly.

"It's such a coincidence!" Kagome practically bounced with excitement and happiness. "You're a miko, aren't you, Kikyo? And those two in the legend sound awfully like you two. It's so romantic!" Kagome giggled giddily. "I wonder if your love story will turn out like that...well, with a happy ending, anyway."

Kagome grinned, waiting for Kikyo's reaction. Kikyo frowned. So what if she was a miko that protected the Miyazawa shrine? Lots of people around here were mikoes too.

"What love story?" Kikyo shook her head. "There is nothing between us, much less love. Let's just go home now."

"Okay, whatever you say!" Kagome nodded, still smiling. It was clear she was never going to let it go, Kikyo sighed inwardly. Together they walked home.


Opening the glass window to let in some fresh air, Kikyo closed her eyes and felt the cool breeze pass over her. Moonlight leaked through the window and illuminated the room with its ivory glow. Kikyo walked over to her backpack and took out her history textbook and binder.

Kikyo pulled out a fresh sheet of lined paper from her binder and opened her history book to page 547. After she wrote the necessary things to write in the top right hand corner of the page, she lowered her eyes to the questions.

1. Name two things you would like to learn about in this unit. Explain why.

Kikyo narrowed her eyes and pondered hard. Well...she'd like to know how the heck a jerk like Inuyasha could ever fall in love with someone, much less a girl with her name, and have her love him back. And she'd also like to know why Kikyo didn't kill him and put him out of his misery.

But of course, they were both answered already. They loved each other because they "chose to," quoting Midoriko. And the answer to her second question was in the legend. Oh well...

She sighed inwardly and her pencil dug into her paper as she wrote:

The first thing I'd like to learn about this unit is Inuyasha's past because his past is a complete mystery and I am drawn to things I don't understand and know much about. For instance, what happened to his parents? Did they despise him like everyone else? From whose blood did Inuyasha get his human blood from?

The second thing I'd like to learn is Kikyo's past because, like Inuyasha's past, it is a complete mystery and I would like to uncover the secrets of her past. For instance, what happened to her parents? Did they die? Or did they abandon her? Did she choose to become a miko or not?

Kikyo sighed inwardly. Well, it was pretty much true. She was particularly interested in their pasts. Well...mostly Kikyo's. She couldn't care less about Inuyasha.

2. What is one thing you dislike about this legend? Why?

Kikyo tapped her pencil thoughtfully. Well, the fact that Inuyasha's lover had her name. But of course, she restrained herself from writing that.

The one thing I dislike about this legend is the ending because it ends with two lovers being torn apart forever. They will never have the chance to reunite and realize that the other did not betray them.

3. What is the one thing you like about this legend? Why?

The fact that Kikyo always immbolized Inuyasha and had the advantage over him. If only she could rub that in Inuyasha's face...

The one thing I like about this legend is the strong bond of love between Kikyo and Inuyasha. It shows that even though their bond of trust may have been broken, their love for each other will never die.

It was a pain to write that, but she did so, anyway.

4. Do you believe that this legend is true? Why?

Of course not. She didn't even want to think about the verity of the fact that she and Inuyasha were lovers.

Why was she so bothered, anyway? It wasn't as if she and Inuyasha were those lovers, right?

Kikyo shook her head and bent her head over her paper as she wrote.

I don't believe that this legend is true because the events are very unlikely. This legend is probably spun for the innocent minds of children and romantic people.

Kikyo closed her textbook and placed her homework in her binder. She glanced at her clock, which read 9:52. It was getting late.

After closing the window, she collasped onto her bed and pulled the covers up to her shoulders. It wasn't long until she fell asleep.


"Why...?" a voice called out softly, shaking with anger and sadness.

"What...?" Kikyo stood, squinting in the darkness, trying to find the source of the voice. What was this place? In the darkness, it felt so cold...so cold, yet there were hints of heat licking about her everywhere. She shrank back a little and scanned the darkness in confusion.

"TRAITOR!" the voice screamed out, her voice dripping with anger and dumbfounded confusion. The word echoed throughout the darkness, and the deep agony in the voice made Kikyo shiver.

"I don't understand...what's happening?" Kikyo cried desperately, her hands crossing and clutching the fabric at the top of her shirt.

"Curse you...curse you...curse you...INUYASHA!" The name came out even stronger and filled with even more bitter hatred.

"I-Inu...yasha?" Kikyo's heart froze. Who was this person? Why was she so angry at Inuyasha?

"I trusted you, Inuyasha..." the voice continued in a sad voice that deepened into anger. "I really, really trusted you!"

"What's going on?" Kikyo shrank back and her eyes frantically tried to peer through the darkness.

"WHY...? Why did you betray me, Inuyasha? Why..." The darkness shattered, triggered by that one question. It crashed through the empty walls of the darkness, drowning out everything in her mind, swallowing and absorbing everything into its abyss, leaving only one word echoing.



"...Inuyasha!" Kikyo sat up in her bed, sweat trickling down her neck and face. Hurriedly, she wiped the sweat off her skin and looked out the window, relieved to realize that it was merely a dream. But in that dream...it felt so...strange. Like..she could feel the pain that came from that maiden's voice...

Then it struck her. That woman's voice...it had to be Kikyo, the miko in the legend! And she was cursing at Inuyasha for betraying her...

Kikyo shook her head to shake out some of the dazed confusion and fear. But why did she dream about that? Was she somehow connected to the legend...no, impossible!

It was just a coincidental nightmare, she told herself firmly as she finally got out of her bed and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her sweaty face. She was so bothered about the legend that she allowed it to corrupt her mind in her sleep...yes, that was it.

But she couldn't get rid of that feeling...the fear and confusion that she could both hear and feel the pain in Kikyo's voice...