What's a Bob-Sickle?

Disclaimer: I do not own signs, or any of its characters. In fact, I hate this movie! I used to be terrified of it! This is just a little joke, making fun of it. So forgive me if, in your opinion, I insult the movie.

Merrill held the bat high above his head, the creature looking at him, revenge taking over its dark eyes. The small boy hung loosely from its skinny arms.

"Swing hard Merrill, SWING NOW!" The father of the boy screamed, his eyes shining with fear and anger.

"No Uncle Merrill! Not like this!" Bo stepped forward, her face lighting up with excitement. They all turned to look at her. "I want a bob-sickle!"

"A what?" they all said in unison. (Except the creature, who made a sort of clicking noise)

"A Bob-sickle!"

"What's a Bob-sickle?" Merrill asked, looking puzzled. Bo giggled and rolled her eyes.

"Well, you see, I named the alien Bob, and if liquid gets on 'em, he freezes up and dies." She laughed again. "Isn't that hysterical?" Her father looked at her.

"If we get through this, you're getting therapy… angel my ass, I think those nurses where on drugs." Bo giggled manically and skipped over to the alien. She lifted her leg and peed all over the creature. It let out a raspy scream and dropped the boy on the floor with a thud.

"Ow." The boy mumbled. His father ran over to him.

"I thought you where having a freaking asthma attack!"

"No, I just couldn't breath." His father sighed.

"You, my son, are even dumber than water boy over there." The boy smiled stupidly, showing two large buckteeth.

"Meanwhile, Bo was still laughing and peeing on the alien, who was now huddled into a shriveling ball on the floor. Merrill was watching while eating popcorn, pausing once in a while to take a sip of water, which was conveniently perched on top of the TV. After Bo finished, the whole family hugged and lived happily ever after, (Until the aliens returned five years later, killing them all with poison gas) and that night, while the rest of the family watched TV, Bo enjoyed her Bob-sickle.

The End

A/N: Yes, I know this is incredibly stupid, but Signs scared the crap out of me and I needed to concur my fear somehow… right? Please R&R! I want to know what people think of my stupidity.