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Prologue Athena looked at the man standing before her. The man who she'd come to love. The man she'd wanted for her own.

"How dare you not love me!" Athena said, angrily. "You belong to me. No one denies me." A firey red flame glinted in her eyes as she spoke.

"I do not love you. I will never fall in love." The man stated plainly.

Athena picked up the oil lamp by its gold handle and looked back at the man standing before her. A glimmer of a smile flickered over her lips.

"You shall live in this lamp until you fall in love. You will become the slave of any woman who shall rub the lamp. You will bring passion to any woman who shall ask. Your job is to make them feel good. You shall never feel an orgasm again.." Athena stated angrily. Her hand moved over the top of the open lamp slowly. "Since you say you never will, I suppose you shall remain there forever."

With a great whoosh, the man was transformed into a puff of smoke and disappeared into the golden lamp. His screams muffled when Athena placed the lid on the lamp. She set it on her stone table and touched the handle, she smiled smugly to herself.

This wasn't the first time Athena had done such a thing, and it certainly wouldn't be her last. She set the lamp on a shelf with half dozen others. She left the room, her footfalls echoing from the stones underfoot.

Chapter 1 (2000 years later)

Maria Martinez smiled at her best friend Peyton O'Neil as they ate dinner. This wasn't any place that Maria had eaten before. The other patrons looked a little 'off' to her, like they weren't quite what she would call normal.

She let her gaze fall lazily on the gold lamp that sat on the table. Peyton professed to be into magic, wizards, witches, and that stuff. Maria, herself didn't have the time to believe in childish things like that. She sighed as her friend got a grin on her face, Maria instantly knew Peyton was up to something.

"Maria you need to get laid." Peyton said, loud enough for half the busy restaurant to hear.

"Peyton I don't think they heard you all the way in China." Maria said, gritting her teeth. "I work all day. I barely find the time to go to dinner with you. When am I supposed to find a boyfriend? Besides I do not need another Donald."

"You're the oldest virgin on earth!" Peyton screamed. A few of the restaurant patrons looked up and snickered silently to themselves.

"I'm 22, I'm sure there are nuns a little older than me." Maria muttered again.

"I have the perfect idea." Peyton smiled. "You need a genie, well a love slave."

"A genie?" Maria asked. "You mean I get them to grant me three wishes, one being to screw me? Aren't genie's like girls? I do not go that way."

"Not genie. A love slave in a bottle."

"Yeah I think you've been getting something from a bottle, but it wasn't a genie." Maria laughed.

Maria watched the lamp fall to the floor and shook her head.

"I think you offended him." Peyton sighed.

"What is this about?"

"Your birthday present. You're 22, this is your present." Peyton smiled, picking up the lamp and handing it to her friend.

"A genie lamp? Oh sorry, a love slave lamp." Maria smiled, grabbing the lamp.

"Don't laugh, because you'll be thanking me eventually." Peyton smiled

Maria put the lamp in her bag and walked out to her car. She drove to her house, sighing. She wanted to go to a movie, maybe a nice shirt. A love slave? Was her friend on crack?