His Death and the Blood to be rePaid

By: Cliff Hanger and Pluki-Kun


His Death

"Get him!" cried an ANBU who was injured

"You're not going to get away!" screamed the partner of the injured ANBU

It was a cold rainy night in Konoha. And about a dozen or so ANBU members were out and about looking for a ninja that had crossed over to their territory without permission from another country. They had tried to capture the man, to find out his reason for this, but the man had attacked, and killed three ANBU, so now he was dangerous. And they still didn't know from which country he was from.

The ANBU had been trying to track him down for about three hours or so. And it was now that they finally found him. He had attacked his finder, who was the first ANBU to cry out. And his partner was now chasing him.

The man found himself in a clearing, looking from side to side; he had only a fewseconds to spare, before those ninja found him. What was curious about this particular clearing was the fact that there were some kunai on the floor, and hidden behind quit a few bushes… were some dummies with some kunai's right in the dead center.

He decided that the kunai would do him some good. So he grabbed some, then, out of nowhere, a giant shuriken shuting star swirled by, chopping off his right hand.

"AAAHHH!" the ninja screamed in pain, with his left hand, dropping the kunai, he clutched his right wrist, staring at his handless arm.

"Look's like we've finally found you" said a voice from behind, the ninja turned around to find two ANBU in front of him. He could not tell of their features, since it was hidden behind masks, but it was obvious that one of them was female.

"If you surrender now, there might still be chance that you will get your hand back, but that has to be decided within 100 seconds" said the female ANBU with much authority in her voice.

"Never!" the ninja said "As long as I am still alive, I will never turn myself in!" the ninja stood proudly, revealing his headband.

'Ninja from Hidden in Snow' both ANBU thought.

"And as long as I have my headband on, I will not let myself die by your hands" he was preparing to attack.

Both ANBU also got their weapons. The ninja jumped at them, making three more clones of himself, and attacking, two for each ANBU. But there was a reason that those to had ANBU masks, and that Hidden in Snow ninja did not.

These two had been resting while the hot pursuit started, so they were full of energy when they saw him run past, and knew it was up to them to capture him... dead or alive.

The female ANBU was very fine at using needles, and sending thousand down on the ninja was a peace of cake.

In one swift movement, the female ANBU sent four giant red parasols into the sky, and did a few hand signals.

'Shinobi Art Jyoro-Senbon! "Its raining Needles from Heaven!" (AN: Volume #7, page81 for more information)

All four of the parasols started twirling, and out of them senbon needles started shooting out in all directions, the female ANBU used her chakra to point them, all, towards the ninja.

But this ninja was quite skilled with a Japanese sword, and in one swift movement, was able to send theflying senbonback, but of course, some of them got him, but at least he had been able to deflect them none the less.

Both ANBU jumped away from the senbon that came back. The male ANBU started attacking with many things, and the female kept on using senbon needles.

'This ninja is very strong' thought the female ANBU

'Let's see how long he can last against two ANBU' thought the male ANBU.

So just like every unfair battle, those that had more on their side, won. And there was no exception on this battle. Both ANBU had been able to wound the ninja very badly, to the point were he was coughing out blood. But he was determined. He was 'not' going to die… but that's not what fate had in store for this ninja…

He lost his footing, and the male ANBU used this opportunity to pin him to a large tree with his own katana. Japanese Sword

Both ANBU had deep wounds, which would most likely make scares. But the ninja from the Village of Snow, was in mortal pain, and with fatal wounds all over, blood was coming from out of his mouth, missing hisright hand, deep wounds all over, and blood, that's all he was now… flowing blood.

He knew he was going to die, fate had this planed for him, and he would not be able to escape.

"B-by the time my v-village hears a-about this…"

"You will be dead" finished the male ANBU, he summoned out a sword that he was planning on using to finish off the ninja, giving the final blow.

'His eyes… they have… determination, no fear' the female ANBU thought, then looked down sadly 'and no regrets'

She looked at her male counter part, and knew that he was also looking at his eyes, she could just tell, it was a feeling.

"Ninjas like you, are not easily found" said the male ANBU.

And in the blink of an eye, the ANBU ran forward, sword clutched in his hand, pointing towards the ninja's heart. He looked into the eyes of his enemy.


The female ANBU did not turn her head away. This was the end of a man who lived full out. (AN: BTW Kakashi said that in Volume #4, page: Right before Sasuke comes back to life) He had been a very worthy opponent.

The ANBU saw the look of eternal pain, and saw the light leave his eyes, the man died… with a small smile on his face.

Both ANBU looked upon the ninja, and then heard a rustling noise, and out of nowhere a man popped out from behind a tree, completely lost.

"GASP! Oh Kami-Sama!" the man practically screamed, looking at the pined to a tree ninja.

Within seconds, ANBU were everywhere, also shocked at the site before them… but hey, you can't tell because of their masks.

"Is that him?" asked the voice of Tsunade coming from behind the ANBU who made way for her, she walked up to examine the fallen ninja, and his eyes were still open. With tender hands, Tsunade closed both his eyes shut. And looked towards the two mostly injured ANBU.

"He refused to come quietly didn't he" Tsunade said, turning her head away from the two nods of the ANBU.

"He had determination in his eyes, no fear" said the female ANBU, Tsunade turned to them "And no regret anywhere in his eyes, he lived is life full to the end" she finished.

Tsunade seemed quit shocked at her words, and looking at the ninja again, and saying in a low voice "Ninja like that are not easily found" but of course, they all heard her, some snickered. Suddenly they all felt a very pissed of and angry aura. They turned to look at the man who was glairing daggers at the ANBU that snickered.

"H-How D-Dare Y-you!" he was so mad, he couldn't speak properly.

"Sir?" Tsunade asked getting close to the man; many of the ANBU were prepared to protect their Hokage.

"HOW DARE YOU KILL MY BEST NINJA!" Tsunade jumped back, the male and female ANBU jumped in front of her.

"What?" Tsunade had not expected this at all.

"Who are you?" the female ANBU demanded

"I am theTakeuma of the Village Hidden in the Snow, I came here with a few of my best ninja" he looked at the dead man who was pined against the tree "He was my best, and now you have taken his life!" theTakeuma stood higher "If we do not get our revenged for his death, than there will be war between our to great nations" the eyes of every ANBU went wide, and looking at Tsunade's face said how they all had their faces. Pure and total shock.

"W-what?" Tsunade didn't know what to make of this.

"But, our nations are allies, ifwe lose you, we will sourly lose the war that we are going thru with the Sound Village!" the female ANBU stated.

"I don't care, you have spilled the blood of my best man, now there must be blood to repay, and it will be done just has you have done to him" theTakeuma of the Snow Village stated pointing a finger at the ninja.

"What, you want our lives?" the male ANBU stated.

"In my country, if one ninja is murdered without even being on a mission, in that country, their Hokage" he said looking at Tsunade "must chose somebody worthy, in the same stature as he was" he looked at his fallen comrade. He was going to get revenge for his death.

"If you do not give us somebody, than war is upon you. But if you give us somebody, that is willing to die for their nation, we will stay allies"

"HonorableTakeuma of the Village Hidden in the Snow" Tsunade said, moving across the ANBU to stand face to face with the other Hokage "I would like to ask you more questions, but this is not the time nor place to do so, please come to the tower, eat and rest, then we will talk more about this of witch you speak" this was not a question, it was an order. The Hokage nodded understanding, but then looked at the ninja.

"We shall clean him up for you" said Tsunade, the Hokage nodded once again, and followed her to the tower.

They didn't get a chance to talk, as soon as they arrived, theTakeuma fell to the floor, he had a high fever. They called in some Medic Nin to watch over him. Tsunade sent some ANBU to look for and bring the ninja witch the Hokage said came with him.

Two days had passed. Everyone had found out about the Ninja of Hidden in Snow, about theTakeuma also being there. In no time, the other Shinobi that had come with theTakeuma presented themselves.

Everybody also knew about the blood that would have to be shed to avoid war.


Authors Notes:



stilts (takeuma. All Winter). The toy; lit. bamboo horse.

We think that we like to suffer. Anyways, after deciding that this story was to long for a one shot ( the moment it is 22 pages long) we've decided that its going to be a short story of mostlicky 3 or 4 pages long.