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Part 7
Torn Asunder
By Random1377

Maya could not turn away from the horror on the screen.

Though the angel had not even entered the atmosphere, it still managed to attack Asuka... was KILLING Asuka... and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.

Asuka's voice tore through her, "No! NO! Don't come into ME!!!" she started to shiver uncontrollably, Asuka's words touching deep, dark, hidden memories. "It's raping my mind!!" in HER mind, Maya could hear her own voice crying, -God... he's raping me...- "No..." she whispered, "No, don't let this happen... please..."

She was only dimly aware of Hyouga's voice to her left, "No good! It didn't have enough energy to get through its AT field!"

She felt like she was paralyzed, 'Can't someone stop this? Please... please someone save her' she tried to speak the words, but her voice was caught, trapped in her chest. Unbidden, the events of her senior year at university came flooding through her. The party... the man... the room... the pain... her unanswered pleas for help...

"Please!!!" Shinji's voice echoed through Central Dogma, "please let me go!! Let me help her!!!"

"Commander, can't we do SOMETHING?!?!" Misato's voice was desperate, reflecting her feeling of powerlessness.

In a daze, Maya heard the Commander's flat refusal, followed by his order for Rei to go into Terminal Dogma for the Lance of Longinus. -It will be too late then!!- her mind cried out, -it has to be now... it has to.- her thoughts raced and circled, a panicked tightness building inside of her. She saw Asuka, suffering and crying... she saw herself, hurt and broken... and she saw Shinji reaching for her, smiling, understanding. She began typing on her keyboard, her fingers shaking.

"Unit 01's restraints have been released!!" Aoba called out from his position, "It's moving to catapult four..."

Misato looked at the Commander, wetting her lips, "Shut it down... eject the plug." She said tensely, -What's going on?-

He typed on his keyboard, "I have no control, I've been locked out... I can't stop it!"

Ritsuko leaned over Maya's shoulder, "Maya... what are you doing?" she whispered.

The Commander rose to his feet, "That will be enough, Miss Ibuki. Stand down."

She ignored both of them, finishing the sequence on her keyboard and speaking swiftly, surprising all present, "Evangelion Unit 01, you are cleared to launch using route six. Retrieve Unit 02 NOW! Priority one, GO!" she triggered the catapult, sending the huge mecha rocketing to the surface. "Save her, Shinji..." she whispered, "please..."

"Security. Take Miss Ibuki into custody and confine her to her seat." The Commander's voice was cold and hard, "Rei... hurry."


The EVA shuddered as it reached the surface, the arrested g-force causing the massive machine to pull against its restraints. In the entry plug, Shinji's face was grim, -Come on, hurry up!!- he willed the doors to open faster.

As soon as his path was clear, he pushed the control yokes forward, concentrating on running. "Hang on, Asuka," he whispered, "I'm coming..."

He moved through the city quickly, approaching Unit 02's position with care, "ASUKA!" he yelled, trying to raise her on the Com system. He stopped short when the red mecha came into view, his jaw dropping open as he watched it shudder and twitch as if in pain. "God in Heaven..." he whispered, surveying the damage that the now discarded positron rifle had inflicted on the city.

Her scream brought him back to the task at hand, "Asuka! Can you hear me?" he looked for a way to get Unit 02 out of the beam of light it was being assailed by.

"Shin...ji...?" she sounded disoriented, "you... came...?"

He stepped around the perimeter of the beam of light carefully, answering distractedly, "It wasn't easy... Maya helped." -Maya...- he thought abruptly, still searching for an opening, -did you disobey orders?- the thought... chilled him, for some reason.

"Shinji... h-hurry... it hurts..." Asuka's voice was getting weaker as the attack took its toll on her mind and body.

-No more time...- he thought, -hope this doesn't hurt too bad...- he took a deep breath and stepped forward into the light, grabbing Unit 02 under its arms and yanking it backwards.

Unfortunately, the light followed them as they moved.

"AAAAAAAA!!!!" Shinji cried out in surprise as he felt something [tap] on his mind. He tried to move, but his limbs felt like they were made of plastic, stiff and useless.

He felt it [push] deeper into his mind, hunting through his memories. His body twitched, out of his control, as all of his life was laid bare.

[pain] he saw his mother, a fleeting image... he saw EVA, raging as it went berserk...

[fear] he saw himself, cowering in a shelter during the fourteen angel's attack... he saw Rei, lying in his arms as the third angel attacked, her blood covering his hands...

[loneliness] he saw his father, walking away... he saw Maya sitting on her bed, telling him to leave...

At the last image he screamed, "NOOOOO!!!!" and around him Unit 01 echoed his cry...


In Central Dogma, Hyouga looked up from his terminal, "Something's happening! Unit 01 is spreading its AT field, and... oh my God..."

Misato looked over his shoulder at the screen, "Is that... is that possible??" she whispered.


Shinji opened his eyes, surprised that he still could, and looked out. He could only gasp at what he saw.

In front of Unit 01 and Unit 02, an AT field could be seen, containing the beam of light that shown down from the sky. Upon closer inspection, one can see that there were actually two AT fields present... woven together in a tight mesh.

"Shinji...?" Asuka's voice drew his attention away from the spectacle before him.

"Asuka... are you ok?"

"I... think so." Her voice was weak.

A loud whistling sound made him look up. He was just in time to see what looked like a straight bolt of red lighting shooting upwards into the sky, dispersing the cloud cover and arcing into the atmosphere. Abruptly, the beam of light disappeared.

Shinji turned to see Unit 00 standing some ways off, its arms at its sides, gazing after the lance it had just thrown.

He carefully righted Unit 02, activating a com-link, "Can you stand, Asuka?"

The red Evangelion leaned forward a little and then straightened out, "Yeah, I think I can make it..." there was a moment of silence, "thank you Shinji. And thank you, Miss Ibuki... I owe you one."

The voice that answered turned Shinji cold, "Miss Ibuki is not at her post, Second Child, return Evangelion Unit 02 to its cage immediately. The same order goes for you, Third Child." Unit 02 began moving ponderously toward the cage, its pilot not capable of doing anything but obeying.

"Father?" his hand clenched into a fist, "Where is Maya, Father?" he said angrily.

"That is none of your concern, return now." His voice was slightly... amused.

"If you won't let me speak to her," he warned, "I'll come for her, father... I will! Maya, are you ok?" he yelled, hoping she was nearby.

"Detach the external power," Gendou ordered, to his son he said, "Don't threaten me, Third Child, it would be most unwise. As to Miss Ibuki... she is... unavailable."

"I'm not kidding," his voice was barely above a whisper as the Unit went to internal power, "and since you refuse to tell me if she's ok... I'm coming for her... and you." He brought the control yokes forward once more.

"Increase the pressure of the LCL again, put him out." Gendou said smoothly, appearing bored with the conversation.

Aoba shook his head, embarrassed. "I... don't know how... Maya is the only one besides Doctor Akagi trained in that system... Unit 01 is beginning to move towards Central Dogma along route fifty-five."

"Doctor Akagi..." Gendou looked at her expectantly.

She looked at him, and then at Maya, "Do it yourself." She said quietly, backing her friend. When, exactly, Maya had become her friend Ritsuko didn't know... but she felt liberated at the idea, and the idea of standing up to the man she hated... and yet loved so deeply.

Gendou never showed any trace of emotion, "I see. Very well." He spoke louder, taking full command of the situation, "Rei... Unit 01 has been re-designated as an aggressor and is moving toward this location. Intercept and detain it. It has four and a half minutes of power remaining... you must not let it reach the command room."

If the girl was surprised, she hid it very well, thought Maya thought she heard a note of hesitation as she spoke, "Understood."

"Unit 00 has detached its cable and is moving to intercept along route fourteen... it should meet Unit 01 in the main shaft in two minutes." Hyouga said, his lips numb. -This can't be happening...- he thought.

"She'd better be safe, father..." Shinji said shakily.

"Or what, Third Child?" Gendou sounded amused, still feeling that control was his, "You'll kill me?"

Shinji's voice pitched low, "No, I'll hurt you... I would never kill, I'm not like you..."

Gendou's smile faded slightly, "Rei's progress?"

"She's almost there..." Aoba said quietly, "thirty-five seconds."

As the two mecha drew closer to each other, Ritsuko looked at Maya. She sat in her chair calmly, despite the five armed guards that had surrounded her. Speaking low, Ritsuko said, "Why did you do it, Maya?"

The younger tech met her eyes, "Because... no one should have to go through that..." she blinked hard, fighting rising tears, "and because no one came to save me..."

The blonde's eyes widened as she realized what she was being told. Her heart went out, "Oh... oh, Maya, I'm so sorry..." she wanted to comfort the girl, but the security guards would not let her near.

Maya smiled slightly, but it quickly disappeared, "Let me speak to him..." she said quietly. No one spoke for a moment, caught up in the tension.

On the screen, Unit 01 could be seen descending swiftly through the main shaft, leaping the last hundred yards to land with a crash.

Bringing the machine to its feet, Shinji looked for the fastest route to Central Dogma. It was his idle glance upward that saved him. Throwing Unit 01 to the side, he barely managed to avoid Unit 00's feet as Rei touched the blue behemoth down where he had been standing only seconds before.

"Ikari," she addressed him calmly, "surrender your Unit... I do not wish to harm you."

His eyes narrowed and he looked at his reserve power, "Don't get in my way, Ayanami." He knew that Unit 01 was more than a match for the single-eyed prototype... but he did not have the time to engage her. "I don't want to hurt you, but I won't let her come to any harm..."

In her entry plug, Rei's eyes widened in surprise, "She would not be harmed, Ika-"

Shinji didn't give her the chance to finish. -Sorry, Rei...- he thought, bringing Unit 01's leg around in a swift, brutal arc, and cutting the blue mecha's feet out from under it. Quick as a flash, he dropped onto the prone machine and pinned its arms at its sides.

His mind raced, -If I do this, I can still reach Maya before I lose power.- His voice was taut, "Can you hear me father? You'd better cut her nerve links, or I don't know what will happen to her!" Unit 01's shoulder compartment opened, its progressive knife flipping down for him to grab.

Maya's voice burst over the intercom, "Shinji, NO!"

Rei watched in helpless wonder as the purple robot drew its blade and brought it down swiftly towards Unit 00's single optic sensor. She closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable pain. It never came. Cautiously, she opened her eyes, finding the humming knife hovering inches from her Unit's face.

"Maya? Are you ok?" Shinji's voice was trembling as adrenaline rushed through his veins.

"Yes Shinji... but this has to stop." She licked her lips and went on, "I'm glad that you saved Asuka, but if you keep going they won't let you pilot anymore."

"I don't care!" he yelled, the blade inching slightly closer to Unit 00, "I don't care about piloting, I care about you!"

"Shinji... I know you hate it, but if you don't pilot..." she paused, "if you don't pilot, who will protect me?" she hated herself for saying it, and for the small gasp he uttered, "If you stop now, Commander Ikari says he will not punish you or Doctor Akagi..."

He heard her hesitation, "But... you'll be fired... won't you?" his throat felt dry.

Her voice was sad, "Yes... but I won't go to jail."

Shinji drove the blade into the floor next to Unit 00's head with a frustrated cry. Slowly he brought the mecha to its feet as the timer on his power supply reached twenty seconds, "I understand..." he whispered, waiting in defeated silence as the timer counted down to zero and Unit 01 slumped forward lifelessly.

Rei brought Unit 00 to its feet, considering Unit 01 as her own power ran down. She thought of his words, and the way that his affection for Miss Ibuki had ruthlessly been used against him. She stared hard at Unit 01, until her own Unit went silent. She had many questions to ask him.


Shinji stood still, handcuffs locked firmly in place around his wrists. If looks could kill, his father would have been dead (of course, he would have died long ago).

"So..." Gendou spoke quietly, "we find ourselves here once again."

Shinji glared silently in response, hoping that Maya was alright.

"As I've said, the purpose of this meeting is simple. I wish to ascertain what your intentions are at this time. Will you comply with the statement given you?" He spoke as if it was a job interview and he was considering an employee.

Shinji spoke quietly, his voice crackling with rage, "Where is Maya? She had better not be hurt, father, or-"

"I have kept my word, Third Child," Gendou spoke sharply, "Moreover, she has been permitted to retain her position as Doctor Akagi's protégé, against my better judgment."

Shinji's eyes went wide with confusion, "Why...?"

Gendou's eyebrow quirked up, "Are you complaining? My reasons are my own. I'm sure she will be more than happy to tell you, since you are obviously 'involved' with her. Now, I want your word that you will live up to your end of this arrangement."

Shinji looked at the floor, reciting quietly the words he had been given, "I will pilot Unit 01 so long as it is required, and I will not make any further hostile movement towards you or any other NERV personnel... unless so ordered by you." The last part left a bad taste in his mouth, but he had no choice.

Gendou smiled thinly, "You are dismissed."


As soon as he was un-cuffed, Shinji ran to the command center to find Maya. Seeing that she was not there, he ran to her office, where he found her staring at her desk. He stood panting in the doorway.

Maya looked up from her desk as she noticed him, a thousand conflicting emotions flashing across her face. Finally it settled on polite indifference, "Asuka is ok, I take it?" she said flatly.

"Asuka's safe thanks to you." he said, finally catching he breath. Maya nodded but said nothing. He licked his lips as he decided to speak his mind, "Maya... can't we go back to the way things were two weeks ago? Can't you let me be close to you?"

Her mask of indifference shattered like glass under his direct question, letting her uncertainty show through, "Shinji... I just... I don't know if I can be close to anyone right now. Maybe... maybe you should forget about me, I'm not good for you." she looked way from him, putting her hand over her mouth.

"Maya..." he said, stepping closer to her, "I... understand now..."

She looked at him sharply, a trace of fear in her eyes, -He can't know... how could he?- the idea that Ritsuko may have told him at some point after the battle never occurred to her... nor did the fact that he had experienced a violation as well. "I... don't know what you mean, Shinji..." she said with forced calm.

Shinji knelt at her feet and reached out, taking her hand. She flinched slightly, but let him. "Maya... I would never hurt you..." he said quietly, placing her hand over his heart, "I care for you too much. And I'm sorry if I moved too fast... it won't happen again, but please let me have another chance."

She looked down at him, then away, "I... don't know..."

"Maya..." he said softly, "I'm not him."

Her breath caught, "W-what?"

"I'm not him, Maya... I'm not the man who hurt you." He gently rested his head in her lap, "I could never hurt you... ever... I would never make you do something you didn't want to do. Please believe in me..."

She looked at his head, his hair still coated with dried up LCL. All the feelings that flowed through her during the fight crashed over her again and she let out a strangled sob.

Shinji looked up at her, "Please let me make it right..." he whispered. He rose slowly, never taking his eyes off of hers, and kissed her softly.

Her senses collapsed at the touch of his lips, and she threw her arms around his neck, returning his kiss as she wept.

"It's ok now..." he said, stroking her hair carefully, "it's all ok..."

He held her as she cried, kissing her and whispering words of comfort. Eventually she told him everything. How she had been at a party with her boyfriend in college, and how he had forced himself on her, ignoring her protests. Shinji's throat tightened at her recounting, and before she was done he was also in tears.

When they finally managed to get themselves together Maya held Shinji and whispered, "Will you stay the night with me? I promise I won't ask you to leave again... will you, please?"

Shinji tensed, remembering the agony of the last week, but he nodded. "Just to sleep..." he said, kissing her neck, "I want to prove to you that I'm not like... him."

"Thank you..." she said, holding him tighter. "Shinji... I... want to do those things too," she pulled back and looked at him, "with you... only with you. Will you wait for me? I want to feel... everything..." she blushed brightly, "but it may take me a while to... to get past this..."

"I will wait as long as you need, Maya." He said honestly, punctuating the statement with a kiss.

After Shinji had showered and changed, they went back to Maya's apartment and talked quietly for some time. Then they went into her bedroom and lay down fully clothed, side-by-side. They said nothing, satisfied just to enjoy the mutual company. Finally they drifted off to sleep, their hands clasped firmly together.

In the middle of the night, Maya awoke with a start, shivering as her dream faded. A gentle hand reached up and stroked her back, "It's ok, Maya... just a bad dream..." she looked back to find Shinji smiling at her with sleepy eyes, "lie back down..." She did as he asked, letting him fold her in his arms and hold her until the shivers went away. She drifted off to sleep with her head on his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart.

She had no more nightmares that night.

End of book 1

Author's notes: This marks the end of book 1 of my Maya/Shinji story. Book 2 will focus more on the other's reactions to their relationship through the final episodes of the show and End of Evangelion, though I will still spend some time exploring their romance. I expect Chapter one of book 2 out sometime in the next two weeks (gotta spend SOME time on my other, neglected fics ;) ) Oh, and to the reviewer that said he/she was not going to read anymore - man did YOU pick the wrong time to drop a story... ;)

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