Author note: Fluffiness abounds…Thank you to everyone for reading! This is a bit surprising and bit short, but I really wanted to close this out with a firm ending.

Rabastan watched as his little sister put on her robes. Her hair, a deep rich brown, cascaded over her shoulders in small curls. To say he was proud would be a gross understatement. He watched this little girl grow right before his eyes. He couldn't believe that this day arrived. He and his sister, Emilia, have been so close. Their parents were only children and practically demanded that they share this bond with open hearts and open minds. It was a special relationship, one that he would always treasure.

"Are you ready, Em?" he asked.

She turned to look upon her big brother with a tear in her eye. "Yeah, I think so. I'm just nervous."

He chuckled. "There's nothing to it. Just walk into the Great Hall with your head held high and let the ceremony do the rest. I'll be there for you."

Emilia looked down at her trembling hands. "I wish Dad could be."

Rabastan took the few steps it took to reach his sister and envelope her in his embrace. "He will be, love, in one form or another."

Hermione's hands were also trembling. It was a joyous day for her. The day she truly let go of her baby girl. She had once thought that she would get to share this day with her husband, but alas, he couldn't hold on long enough, passing away just six months earlier in his sleep.

She always wondered why. Wizards were known for their long life, but Severus' was cut short. In the twenty years that she had him, she loved him. And that was enough for her.

She turned to see the guests arrive. Almost everyone had come. Ron and his wife were flanked by their twin girls. Harry and Ginny arrived hand in hand, her belly protruding once more. This would make their sixth. Several others had come to join in the festivities.

She gave them all a warm smile and turned back to the front of the hall awaiting for the ceremony to begin.

He was pacing again. He couldn't stop. He waited so long for this day and now that it was here, he was nervous. Would he forget his lines? Would he forget how the ceremony was to be performed? He had been practicing for hours and it all seemed perfect, but he was unsure of himself.

"Watch me fuck this up," Draco said as he placed the flower on his lapel and exited the small room.

A few minutes later, Emilia began her long trek down the walkway, following several friends in similar long robes. Hers was a little different, but that was the point.

"If everyone would please rise," the Minister of Magic, Arthur Weasley, said, his long white beard bringing about memories of Albus Dumbledore to everyone's minds. "Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in life. A chapter that has many wonderful experiences and many joyous adventures ahead. Those of you who have been blessed with this new beginning know first hand how sacred it is. Please consecrate this ceremony by raising your wands and saluting the powers that be for their blessing."

Everyone in the hall did as he requested, the power of which illuminated the entire room with small sparks that floated lazily down around the spectators.

"As this day is blessed, may you also be. We are here to witness the day when love becomes something more. It is not only a feeling, but a commitment between two people who have found happiness and peace with one another. Today we celebrate the union of Draco Malfoy and Emilia Snape."

Rabastan looked from his sister to his mother and then to his wife, Lily Genevra Potter Snape. Their first born, Severus James, sat on her hip firmly gripping his mother's auburn hair that ran like a waterfall over her growing stomach. Molly Mione was due to arrive very soon. He saw the love that was strong there behind her emerald eyes. He remembered the ceremony like it was yesterday. The same words were said, the same people were there, except for one. His father was able to see the day he was married. It took him quite sometime to come to terms with his son falling for a Potter-Weasley offspring, but acquiesced when Harry took him aside and gave him the apology he had been longing to hear.

He looked back to his sister, wondering if she resented that he was able to have their father with him on his special day. He caught her eyes looking back with a love and caring that told him that everything was okay. He then looked to Draco, much older and wiser now approaching his forties. Hermione was hard pressed to allow her daughter to date the man, much less marry him, but her Slytherin raised daughter used her own age difference with Severus against her in the battle. Slytherin, indeed.

Rabastan looked to his mother now. She was standing regally with her hands in front of her clasped together. It was a ruse of hers to use when she didn't want anyone to see her fragile. He could see in her eyes that she so longingly wished Severus was with them. She stood proud though, never faltering when it came her cue to conjure the fine thread that connected her to her daughter, which she was to cut marking her consent, her words barely audible.

"I cut this thread knowing that you are now severed from me, but nothing will ever…." she stammered. Hermione stopped and took a long breath trying desperately not to lose it. She had to say the words. She had to say the two words in the whole ceremony that meant more than anything to her daughter, to her, to her son, and to her unborn child. She then held her chin high like her husband would have been proud to have seen and spoke again. "But nothing will ever…Sever us."

AN: sniff Writing this little ending, little being the key word, kept me in tears. I got to where Hermione stammered and stammered myself writing it. I just couldn't write it. I put the dots in to hold my place, never intending for them to stay. It was just a powerful moment and I cannot put into words how moving it was for me. I cannot thank everyone enough for all the support, criticism, cheers, and jeers throughout this endeavor of mine. This had been my best work so far, and I am very proud to share it with you all. May you keep this in your favorites and one day in the future find it again and relive with me how Hermione Granger found love after hate, found peace after turmoil, and found happiness after hell. Thank you for taking this journey with me in Mrs. Malfoy.