Her Father's Daughter

Chapter 1: Enter; Uzumaki Noriko!

Uzumaki Noriko was you average, twelve-year-old girl; sweet, caring, and cute as a button. Her body was well-shaped for her age, a slim figure with a hint of underlying muscle. She wore figure-accenting black no-sleeve shirts with black miniskirts overtop a fishnet bodysuit. The bodysuit ended at her calves and the middle of her forearms, and the shirt ended to show her entire midsection. Two short swords were held in sheathes on her back, but no one knew what they looked like; she had never drawn them near anyone. Her Sky-blue eyes were slanted slightly at the tips, giving her an exotic look. Her blond hair reached her hips and was done in two low pig-tails, looking almost like foxtails. Her tan skin was perfect, only marred by dainty whisker-marks. Not that you could see them. She wore a black facemask that took the place of her shirt collar, making it impossible to read her emotions. Many wondered what was under that mask, but that was very far down on their lists of things to find out, right after finding out what was behind the 'copy-nin's' mask. Currently, said nin was walking down the hallway to the classroom were he was too meet his soon-to-be-back-at-the-academy team of genins. Sandaime-sama had not informed him as to who was on his team, but he had a sneaking suspicion that the Uchiha was to be on his team. Which meant he was also to get the dead-last, and a mid-ranked genin. Perfect. Walking into the room, he was immediately yelled at for being late. Looking over the room, he started making observations.

Kakashi POV

I walked in to an eraser from the door and the slight snickers of a girl. Looking over my new students, I noted that I had indeed gotten the Uchiha heir. And he looked like a right stuck-up ass. 'Docking points for being stuck up'. The first girl had long, pink hair, and was probably the head of the Uchiha's fanclub. She was busy mumbling apologies for her teammate's actions. He noted that her hair was tied up with her haite-ite. 'dock some from her for turning her haite-ite into a fashion accessory.' He then saw the last team member. 'Ah, shit. I wish Sarutobi-sama had told me I was getting her. Docking points for suggestive attire.'

"Well, my first impression is… I don't like you. Meet me on the roof." I teleported out of there.

Normal POV

Kakashi was reading a questionable orange book. Seeing them come out, he quickly put the book away. "Okay, were going to do some introductions, so we'll start with…" Sakura cut him off.

"Um…ano…sensei, shouldn't…" Then she was cut off.

"Uzumaki Noriko. I like a few things, dislike just as many. Dreams for the future? Hmmmm… I have a lot of hobbies." Kakashi easily made out the smirk behind her mask. 'Why that little… she knew that's whet I was gonna do and beat me to the punch. Now what'll I do?' "And your Hatake Kakashi; the Feared 'Copy-nin' that has a bounty on his head in nearly every shinobi nation. Ranked s-class nin in the bingo book." Kakashi's eye turned into a u.

"And how do you know that?" She smirked. Reaching into her pouch, she pulled out a small brown book. On the front, in big black letters, was 'Bingo Book, 12th edition.' Flipping to the near back, she read out,

"Hatake Kakashi; age, 26. Birth date, September 15th. Official rank; special jonin. Bingo book rank; s-class, number 10. Affiliation; Konoha. Special facts: Called 'copy-nin Kakashi', 'the copy nin', 'Copycat Kakashi', and various other names. Son of Konoha's 'White Fang', Hatake Sukumo. Last student of the…" Sasuke cut her off.



"Shut up."

"Why?" She looked over to see Kakashi with a huge vein mark on his forehead, flipping a kunai suggestively; thinking 'I'm not allowed to kill genins. I'm not allowed to kill genins. I'm not…' like a mantra. Noriko took the hint and put the bingo book away. Kakashi forced himself to put the kunai away and ask.

"Out of curiosity, who beat me out of the ninth position? Last time I checked, I was number nine." Noriko checked the book again.

"No one beat you exactly, but someone beat the number one guy, Orochimaru. Some guy calling himself 'The demon of the swirling leaves.'" Kakashi's eye widened.

"Someone beat Orochimaru? I…" a cough brought him out of his startled musings. He looked over to Sakura.

"Aren't we supposed to be doing introductions, not griping about who lost their position in the bingo book?" Her eye's immediately widened at what she said. Kakashi gave her a hooded look.

'Great. I bet she's from the Haruno clan. They always did have that annoying double-soul bit. Looks like hers wants to take over. Creeeepyyyyy.' "All right, ladies first." After the last introductions, Kakashi did the whole 'terrify them with the 66.6 percent failure-rate test' and told them not to eat breakfast tomorrow. He disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"I'm off." Noriko said. "I'll pass that test no problem! Then I'll finally show you up, Sasuke-teme!" She, too, disappeared in a puff of smoke. Sakura looked at Sasuke, confused.

"Since when can she do that?" Sasuke said nothing and walked away. Sakura screamed for him to wait up and took off after him.


In a large tree next to the academy, two nins watched them go.

"Interesting, ain't they, Tou-san?" The smaller asked.

"Indeed." Said the larger. They both vanished in puffs of smoke.


The next day, the three genin stood waiting (Im)patiently for their jonin sensei. He tells them to get there at 7:00 am and has the nerve to be three hours late! On cue, the lazy jonin puffed in with an infuriating "Yo".


"YOU'RE LATE!" Noriko and Sakura yelled indignantly.

"Sorry, but a black cat crossed my path and I had to take the long way around."

"LIAR!" Ah, it's like coffee.

Kakashi placed an alarm clock on one of the stumps. "Yosh. I've set this clock for noon. If you manage to get one of these bells before then, you pass." He held up a pair of bells. "Ready, begin!" The genin disappeared.

(Same thing happens, but Sakura is tied to the stump because I don't like her.)

Sasuke was walking from the training grounds, hoping to leave Sakura behind. Though he would never say it out loud, He much preferred to be around Noriko. At least she didn't hag on him like a fangirl. Then again, she was cute and nice. And her eyes were amazing and…

Sasuke stopped. Where had that come from? He squashed the thought mercilessly before noticing something black on the ground. Picking it up, he saw it was a wallet. Not just any wallet, Noriko's wallet. He could tell because it had the name 'gama-chan' written under a small, smiling frog. 'I should get this back to her.' He turned around when…

"Sasuke-kuuuuun!" Pink haired bitch. "Wait up!" Sakura came up, waving her hands. She stopped when she saw what was in his hands. "What's that?"

"Noriko-c…Noriko's wallet." DAMMIT! He had almost called her 'Noriko-chan'! What was wrong with him! He was an avenger! Avengers don't care about others!

Sakura looked at him strangly. 'Did he almost call her 'Noriko-chan'! HELL NO! I WILL NOT HAVE SASUKE-KUN BE TAKEN BY THAT WENCH!' "Sasuke-kun, why don't we look through it, to see what kind of girl she is?" Sasuke frowned.

"No, it's her privacy, we should respect it." He took off in the direction of the training ground. He was about to come out of the bushes when he heard voices. Ducking down, he saw Noriko Talking to Kakashi-sensei. Pushing chakra to his ears, he listened in.

"…I'm surprised they got it. This is the first team you passed, right?" Kakashi nodded.

"Hai. You influenced them, didn't you?"

"Actually, no. Sasuke finally pulled his head out of his ass and saw what was going on." As soon as she said this, Sasuke stormed out of the bushes.

"You dropped this, dobe." He stormed off.

"Looks like it went back in." Noriko said flatly, causing Kakashi to chuckle.

"Indeed." They vanished in puffs of smoke.

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