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Her Fathers Daughter

Chapter 8: The Clan

"Tsunade-sama." Tsunade looked up from her paperwork. "Two foreign ninja are here to see you. They're not from any of the major powers."

Tsunade sighed. "Send them in."

A few minuets later, two tall men entered the office. They both wore black billowing robes trimmed with silver, and Hitai-ites on black cloth, bearing a mark that looked like a diagonal claw slash. They both had long silver hair in a low ponytail, and had a large silver symbol sewn into the back fabric of the cloth. It was of a full moon with a silhouette of a howling wolf head. Underneath their robes were standard jonin uniforms, only completely black. They looked like twins.

"Godaime Hokage-sama." They greeted with a bow. She nodded to them and asked what they wanted. The first stepped forward.

"Hokage-sama, my name is Kosenjou, and this is my brother, Karasu. We are here to visit a relative who resides in this village. Or, with your permission, bring him and his daughter back to the clan compound in our village." Tsunade's eyebrow rose.

"And who might this relative be?"


At that moment, the four-man Echo two recon team was walking to the Hokage's office, ready to hand in their latest report. They had hoped that she was in a good mood, but their hopes were quickly dashed when they came into hearing distance.

"SHIZUNE! I NEED SAKE!" This meant she had already run out of her 'secret' stock.

'Shit' was the best word to describe what was going to happen.


Tsunade looked behind the two foreign ninja to see four Anbu (which I recently found out is an actual word that means 'the dark side') enter the office. She sighed and rubbed her eyes.

"This saves me a bit of trouble. Copperhead, Nike, (not the sports brand. Nike is the winged goddess of victory in Greek mythology.) you can go and rest. Blood wolf, Foxtail, stay." Confused, Kakashi got a good look at the men in the office, and stiffened. "Masks off." Noriko and Kakashi removed the porcelain masks. "Do you recognize these two, Kakashi?" The two looked him full in the eye. He snarled.

"Hatake Karasu, and Hatake Kosenjou. Their members of the main Hatake." He growled out. Noriko was looking around like she didn't know why she was here. "What are they doing here?" He spat, with copious amounts of venom. Tsunade took a long draught from a new Sake bottle.

"These two want to take you ang your alleged daughter to the clan compound in Ookamigakure." Kakashi scowled. "But what I want to know is, one, how there are any Hatake out of this village, and two, is Noriko really your daughter?" Kakashi rubbed his eyes.

"Yes, she is my daughter. But you should really be asking how there can be any Hatake out of Ookamigakure. My Great Grandfather took his wife and children out of the village because of a disagreement with the rest of the clan."

Karasu spoke up. "That doesn't mean you have to hate us. It was really a little spat, Mikaeri overreacted." Kakashi gave a bitter laugh.

"Ovvereacted? You tried to have him executed for denying the clan. And, by the way, I have every right to hold a grudge. When me and my team visited the compound over twenty years ago, you told me to get out, only in more words, and not as nicely."

"You can't possibly hold a grudge…"

"And you can't possibly claim to know me, in any way." He snarled. The others in the room felt the temperature drop a few degrees. "Noriko, out." Noriko looked up, confused.

"But… Tou-san…" The temp dropped a few more degrees.

"Now, Noriko." But she wasn't giving up yet.

"Tou-san, I'm not…"

"Noriko!" He snapped. He glared at her, sharingan spinning. "Do. Not. Question. Me." Returning the glare, she huffed and stomped out of the room.


Sasuke and Sakura watched Noriko fume her was down the hallway. "What's up with her?" Sakura asked.

"No clue."


Back in the office, the temp was slowly decreasing with the amount of anger Kakashi was broadcasting. Tsunade, however, was slowly trying to piece things together. A sudden question struck her.

"Kakashi, aren't you a little young to have a daughter as old as Noriko?" Kakashi rubbed his eyes again.

"That was the one thing I didn't want to talk about." He walked over to a blank stretch of wall, and pressed a seemingly random point. Instantly, a small safe appeared. With a few different seals, he said "Kai." The safe opened, to reveal a small stack of papers. He pulled them out and handed them to Tsunade. "These are medical reports from around seventeen years ago. Read the signature at the bottom of each one." Tsunade did. She did so, and gasped.



The tem sat in the Ichiruka ramen stand, waiting for Kakashi to arrive. Noriko was still in a foul mood, and she wasn't even touching her ramen. A puff of smoke appeared next to them.

"Pack your things. Were going to Ookamigakure." Kakashi disappeared again. Noriko soon followed.

"I still don't know what's going on." Sakura said blandly.


The team sat by the gate, waiting for the two foreign ninja. They both were two hours late.

Poof. "Yo." They were glared at. Quailing under the intense glares, they mumbled. "Lets get going."

Near the end of the day, they all decided to set up camp. The two wolf nins offered to take first and second watch.


Karasu had just woken up Kosenjou for his watch when a large chakra signature approached. The got into defensive positions before realizing who it was.

"How did it go?" he asked.

"Perfectly. The girl is distancing herself from her father. When we get to the compound, we can further the difference. Then, you will get the Uchiha, and we will get the girl. And to top it off, we get rid of our final obstacle in eliminating the rebellion."

"Kukuku, we all win, in the end."

Unbeknownst to them, a certain pink-haired kunochi had heard the entire conversation.


Sakura had still not told anyone of the nighttime meeting. She was too scared of whit might happen if she did.

It took them another two days to reach the gates of Ookamigakure. The village was nowhere near as large as Konoha, but held its own beauty. It was peaceful, and the people walked with dignity. The small group walked straight past the main area of the village, and kept walking until they came to a large circular gate, painted with the Hatake clan symbol. When they entered, Sasuke and Sakura realized something.

Kakashi and Noriko hand not spoken once since they left Konoha.

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